Mohun Bagan news: IFA approve replay for the Mariner's tainted match against Tollygunge Agragami

The Indian Football Associaton has approved that the Calcutta Football League fixture will be played again as Mohun Bagan demanded...

The Indian Foootball Assocation (IFA), which is the governing body of football in Bengal, has after a director's meeting announced the approval of a replay between Mohun Bagan and Tollygunge Agragami. The sub-committee announced on Wednesday evening that the match would be held on or after 14th September.

The Calcutta Football League (CFL) match was infamously abandoned and later postponed when Mohun Bagan supporters thronged to the field after the referee Dipu Roy and his assistants disallowed three potential goals in favour of the Green and Maroon brigade.

Mohun Bagan hosted Agragami at their home ground on Monday, the 29th of August in a CFL Premier Division A league match. Two goals, one in the fourth minute and another in the second half were deemed offside as Bagan had to do without the two goal cushion.

The match was into injury time and the score was 1-1 when Azharuddin Mallick's goal was disallowed and that aroused the supporters to intrude the pitch in protest of the poor standard of refereeing. Match Commissioner Udayan Halder declared the match as 'abandoned' citing crowd violence.

Mohun Bagan in damage control mode sent a mail to the IFA demanding the match be replayed, complaining on the referees' actions. Earlier it had been reported that the Federation Cup champions could pull out of the CFL but the Mariners only demanded the rescheduling of the match.

Goal reached out to Anjan Mitra, the club's General Secretary and he was satisfied with the approval of the replay but was left bemused on IFA's decision to play the match after the 14th. "IFA rules clearly state that any abandoned match has to be played within seven days and we are going to follow the rules," he said.

"We have clearly mentioned in our mail to the IFA that the sequence of the matches has to be kept intact and we will not be playing Tollygunge after all our scheduled matches are done. We will have to think about this situation."

"In this regard, the club has called an emergency meeting at 5 pm on Thursday." Mitra added. 

However, the IFA Secretary Utpal Ganguli reassured Goal of no such clause in the CFL charter of an abandoned match being replayed within seven days. "Nowhere it is written that the (abandoned) match has to be played within seven days. It is mentioned that it may be played within seven days," claimed Ganguli.

The second team involved in this whole saga, Tollygunge Agragami have reportedly decided to not partake in any replay and are hopeful of gaining the solitary point from Monday's besmirch encounter at the Kolkata Maidan.

"I have sent a communication to both the clubs regarding our decision and I will await their reply. It is too soon to be commenting on their actions. Let us wait and see," Ganguli expressed after coming to know of the recent events surrounding both clubs.

This is not the first time such a hullabaloo has been created in the CFL involving 'poor' refereeing and subsequent crowd violence. In 2007, Bagan's cross town rivals East Bengal were taken out of their misery from a 0-2 loss at the hands of Peerless SC in the 68th minute.

The CFL match got abandoned when East Bengal players complained of 'poor light' and the spectators started pelting stones towards the field. Referee Dilip Ghosh called off the match citing 'unplayable conditions'.

In conclusion, the picture surrounding this controversy still remains hazy until and unless Mohun Bagan and IFA come to an understanding of the logistical improbability of rescheduling of the fixtures. Moreover, Tollygunge Agragami also has to agree to participate in the proposed replay.