Nehru Cup Special: What’s In A Name?

William Shakespeare’s quote from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is quite apt in present day Indian football. Here’s why...
Very often, you see a player’s name being written in various ways. I am guilty as well! So here’s a list of some of the names which very often get us!

Bhaichung or Baichung: You’ll have a whole lot of people debating over this one. But according to Jhalak Dikhhla Jha, it’s the latter one!

Big B: The Name Is Bhaichung

Dipak or Deepak Mandal or Mondal: This one I’m sure of, at least of the surname. I had it confirmed from the player himself that it’s Mandal. No idea how he writes his first name.

Time To Ponder: Mon or Man

Subrata Paul or Subroto Pal: In Bengali, Paul is often referred as Pal as well. the player signs off as Paul!

Local Dialect

Renedy or Rennedy: Various spellings for this one are used. His national jersey spells the way he wants it and it's the first option.

The 'Nth' Question

Sur Kumar or Surkumar: It’s the second one which is right.

Separate Or Together

Gouramngi or Gourmangi or Gouramangi: The player chooses the third option but his Indian jersey says the first one for which the Manipuri isn't pleased one bit. 

Which Joker Made This Jersey?

I hope this piece helped! Though some answers are still ‘blowing in the wind,’ as Bob Dylan sings! 

If things continue the way they are, the players shall become Zen followers and say,"Better to see the face than hear the name!"

Rahul Bali.