Nehru Cup: Probably I Won't Play - Sunil Chhetri

Indian international Sunil Chhetri is disappointed over the fact that he woudn't be able to play a key role in the Nehru Cup which kicks-off later this evening when the hosts take on Lebanon...
Chhetri has been injured and there have been doubts over the Delhi star's participation in the prestigious tournament. While he did play some part in India's final two friendlies at Barcelona, the striker injured himself again to the disappointment of many Indian fans.

"I have been having this injury for quite sometime. I did recover once in Barcelona but once again injured myself. In all probability, I will not play any part in the Nehru Cup and I am disappointed with it," said Chhetri.

The AFC Challenge Cup hero believes that the standard of teams participating in the Nehru Cup are good and shall make the tournament exciting.

"The standard of teams is very good. Syria are ranked in the 90's, Lebanon have beaten us in 2007 while Kyrgyzstan are a good side," said Chhetri.

While there was a lot of drama with regards to the participating teams, which saw the format of the event change almost a week before the kick-off, Chhetri feels that the new draw gives his side a chance to play an "extra" game.

"Now, we can play an extra game provided we reach the finals," pointed the striker.

India have won two tournaments from August 2007, but are lying in the 156th position in the FIFA rankings.

"Not many people think this but the fact is that we don't play enough. Countries like Syria, China, North Korea all play very often. I feel we must get a chance to improve our rankings by playing more."

Amoy Ghoshal.