Fanview - Should Wenger stay, or should he leave?

Having crashed out of the FA Cup and practically out of the Champions League as well barring a miracle, we ask some fans whether Wenger's time in London is over..
The last two weeks has not only seen Arsenal's FA Cup campaign come to an end, but also saw a heavy defeat to Bayern Munich at home in the Champions League which has quite literally crushed hopes of a Gunners revival. We ask a few fans on their opinions on whether Arsene Wenger should stay at the North London club or should he leave and spare a thought for the gutted fans?

   Shubanshu Chawla

There is a lot of furore in the media and slowly and steadily, sadly among Arsenal fans, asking for Arsene to be sacked.
The short sightedness of fellow Gooners saddens me. There
have been disappointments of late yes, but many factors
apart from Arsene (the Board, players who left, the players
who are here not doing well and the media) are responsible for it.

The club is going through a bad time but Arsene has earned
the right to correct it. For all his memories, his loyalty and his role in making us a European powerhouse, I am never letting go of him. We may be playing in the Championship but I will still hold up my "In Arsene We Trust" banner!

Ankit Srivastava

This summer will be after 2 seasons I think when Wenger will
not have any major outgoing transfer from the squad, except Bacary Sagna maybe. With assive money from the new sponsorship deal comi
ng in as well this summer should be the prime time for investment and actually strengthening the squad instead of patchwork. "The Wenger Out" brigade can keep the knives in until the end of next season at least.

Wenger should stay, and that's the end of it!

   Shubham Garg

I've said this so many times and I'll say it again. There's no football manager who can come in and deliver instant success as some fans are assuming now. Wenger is the only guy who can utilise our resources, the right way. He can't leave, not now, not like this.

Fans who want Arsene to leave are assuming that the guy who'll take over will manage to deliver success instantly which is a little deluding. Sure, he has made mistakes. Sure, we need changes. Changes in personnel, mentality and tactics. But Arsene can't be included among those who need to be replaced. The quicker the arsenal faithful realise it, the better.

Harsh Vardhan Ballani

Wenger should stay. I've said it earlier and I'll say it again. Two or three games can't change my opinion. He is the man to lead Arsenal for years to come, no other manager can do a better job at the club than Wenger. He knows us, he can use the resources correctly and get us back to where we belong. Believe me, he cares about the club more than anyone else. "In Arsene We Trust."


       Dhruv Chouhan

Wenger has done a lot for us and we are just having a rough patch. He is the reason we are not struggling in mid-table like Liverpool. They changed managers and never finished in the top four. Stability is the key. It's just a matter of time before Arsene gets us back where we belong, fighting for the title.       

Farishta Menon

Well I know Wenger has done a lot for the club and I totally
respect that. But now, change is needed. We were always
challenging for honours not only in England but all across
Europe. Sadly, that has drastically changed and hence the club needs a change. I am tired of this mediocrity and really
hope that something positive happens. Thanks for the
memories, Arsene but please don't ruin all the hard work
you have done for the club by stubbornly hanging around.

     Crispino Santamaria

Arsenal have been without a trophy for almost 8 years now. For a club of Arsenal's stature, going trophyless for so long isn't good. The fans have lost trust in Wenger. We have been fooled by promises to buy players with the biggest example being the solitary signing in the January transfer window of Nacho Monreal. It's time for a change, time for a more dynamic manager who can lead us back to the glory days. When Wenger leaves, Arsenal will begin to rise again. 

Conrad Barreto
The current Arsenal side are just not good enough at the moment. Losing to Bradford on penalties, getting knocked out of the FA Cup by Blackburn and getting hammered at home to Bayern Munich in a string of disappointments. I foresee Arsenal finishing below Tottehnam in the Premier League at the end of the season and not qualifying for the Champions League.

But Arsenal has Arsene built into it. He loves the club more than anyone. He's irreplaceable at Arsenal. To be honest, it's inexcusable that a club of Arsenal's stature hasn't won a trophy for 8 years but I don't think any other manager in the world would have managed to keep Arsenal afloat after all the players that left and with the transfer and salary budgets they have had.

Losing five key first team players since the start of last season would disrupt any squad in the world, not just in quality but with team morale as well, as you can't plan for the future if the present is constantly disrupted.
Wenger cannot be blamed. He should stay.

Ruturaj Agravat

There is absolutely no one who can replicate Wenger's legacy at Arsenal. The man has done it all. However I believe it's the lack of quality players that is hurting us. The team does not need a complete overhaul but just a few world class players can change the fortunes of the club.

That being said, I do feel there are some players in the club who are not good enough to play for Arsenal and if there are good replacements found, I'm sure the club will do well. Arsene can do much better with more financial help to build a strong squad. "In Arsene We Trust !"

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