Fanview: What Did The Indian Fans Think Of India's Performance Against UAE And The Referee's Decisions?

India lost 3-0 to UAE after going down to nine men. finds out what the fans thought of India's display last night and the referee's decision to award two penalties...

It is advantage UAE after the first leg of the second round 2014 World Cup Qualifiers against India given that they have a 3-0 victory to bask upon when the opposition were reduced to nine men thanks to some allegedly controversial decisions by the Qatari referee at the Khalifa Stadium, Abu Dhabi on Saturday evening. caught up with fans across the country to find out their opinion on India’s performance as well as some of the referee’s dubious decisions.

A Spirited Showing By The Team....

Moonmoon Ghosh, a journalist from Delhi was happy with India’s display last night but was furious at the referee. She said “What stands out from the match is the shambolic performance from the referee. Two cards in the space of 4-5 minutes turned out to signal India's doom. The second red card was one of the softest in the game. Penalty agreed, but that wasn't a red card.

India put up a spirited game even with nine men though the chasm in midfield was evident, after Steven Dias had to be substituted to bring on the new keeper Karanjit. That was the best India could do. Disappointed, to say the least, and officiating didn't help either.”

UAE Were An Average Team...

Kamlesh Chinchkar, a local football club owner fron Pune also felt that if key decision’s had gone India’s way then they would have emerged triumphant. 

He stated, “I would say we played well, it’s just bad luck that we lost as they were an average team. As for the referee I would like to say much, I have seen worse officiating but in a 2014 World Cup Qualifier you expect better standards.

What The Followers Tweeted:

@Prince_gupta – I’m so upset watching this match. It’s almost over but still optimistic.

@AbhishekPRIDE – Referee 2-0 India

@an1k3t – This game has really dampened a good Saturday. Not the quality of the game, the caliber of officiating. Disgracefu

Sharad Holani, an engineering student from Howrah feels that India’s gameplan went for a toss once the team got reduced to nine men. He told “The match should be viewed in two parts. Before the sending offs Indians were playing well. They adapted well to the possessional play tactics. After the red cards it was game over. But credit to the team, conceding just one goal with two men down. Indians found a new wonderboy - Karanjit Singh who was exceptional. I expect a major upset in the return leg.”

Bhavik Saglani, an aspiring doctor from Mumbai, was scathing in his criticism of the Qatari referee Banjar Al Dosari, he quipped “Imagine getting your dessert even before the main course starts? That is what UAE experienced yesterday, thanks to the poor refereeing decisions by the Qatar referee. The red cards shown to the Indians and the resultant penalties should never have been given. 29 minutes into the game and we were 2 men and 2 goals down.”

Could Make A Comeback At Delhi....

“I am falling short of words to describe the fighting spirit and the guts shown by the 9 Indian players, to let just one goal in with 9 men on the field, against a team that is ranked 37 places above them in the FIFA rankings. If Karanjit Singh and co. can repeat their heroics at Delhi, then we really could still upset them” Bhavik added.

India Were The Architects Of Their Own Downfall...

Faiz Dholkawala though, felt that India were the makers of their own downfall. He explained “Debabrata Roy was stupid to pull down the last striker when the keeper was clearly going to get to the ball first. That foul was completely unnecessary. Then similarly Subrata Paul needlessly raised his knee after collecting the ball and hit the UAE player. Agreed Ismail Hammadi made a meal of it but it was Subrata’s fault. Our overall game play too wasn’t impressive

While after the match, Facebook went viral with distraught Indian fans condemning the referee’s performance and hoping for a fight back in the return leg.

Opinions on Message Boxes:

Mike, India: ‘The way India reacted to Subrata’s sending off was unnecessary. The entire team was clamoring around the fourth referee and Subrata refused to leave the field. Bad decisions happen all the time, India should have taken them in their stride and made a game of it. You have to act responsible if you want to be taken seriously

Skand, Delhi: “Well I have watched the highlight several times and I can’t get how the second one was a penalty. Subrata already had possession of the ball, he could have been given a yellow for an off the ball incident but how could the referee give a penalt

One such fan, Vikas Shetty commented that “The best way to respond to this setback  is by winning the next match. Our boys have it in them to win it. We need to get Bhaichung back, his experience will be of great use here. Unfortunately our 1st choice goalie will not be available now but we can still do it”

Similarly Elvin Nampui couldn’t hold back his anger at the referee and said “F*#k you Qatari referee. You will never be a successful referee in future, mark my words. Anyways well done guys. You have played really well; Indian football team is improving a lot. Thumbs up to them and lets teach UAE a lesson in Delhi”

Elnino Bza though looked forward to the game in Delhi and stated “I was hoping for a 0-0 scoreline before the match. Anyways I am so proud of you India. I thnk the 2nd leg will be tough. Hopefully we can play against 11 against 11 and come away with a win

What Did YOU think of India's performance against UAE ? Do YOU think the referee spoiled the game? Have YOUR say by commenting below...

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