Special: Ten Of The Funniest Names In Football!

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Pele, Maradona, Beckenbauer, etc are some of the greatest names to have ever graced the pitch. However, we at Goal would like to literally list out some of the greatest 'names' ever to grace a football pitch. Here we go!

Stefan Kuntz (Germany) –
Gareth Southgate’s missed penalty in 1996 broke the hearts of a nation, and yet it was all a bit more bearable because Germany had Kuntz in their team!

Milan Fukal (Czech Republic) -
He was once linked with a move to Manchester City, but that never materialized and his career since has pretty much lived up to his surname.

Neville Neville (England) -
Neville has achieved somewhat of a cult status among football fans, not least because of his unusual name but also because of his raucous partying with the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of the England players that took place in Germany at the 2006 World Cup. Neville stood on a couch at a local restaurant and bar and proceeded to lead the WAGs in singing the national anthem and smashing their champagne glasses.

Danger Fourpence (Zimbabwe) –
Named thus as he demonstrated from an early age that he had the capacity to play 'on the turn', frequently spinning in even less space than a sixpence would take up!

Ars Bandeet (Algeria) -
Back in the '70s the legendary Ars Bandeet played for Algeria. I'm not too sure he was that legendary a player, but his name is a classic that time will never forget, or at least the inter-web. Now we all know what Wenger means when he says - "Arsenal were robbed".

Danny Olusola Shittu (Nigeria) -
Great second name, made all the better when you realise that "Olusola" means "God creates wealthy" Shittu..

Bernt Haas (Switzerland) - 
Haas made his name at Grasshoppers Zurich before moving to England with Sunderland and West Brom, where he earned the nickname 'Vindaloo' amongst both fans and team-mates.

Jakub Blaszczykowski (Poland) -
Pronounce that!

Chiqui Arce (Paraguay) –
The surname Arce is good enough. But to give yourself the moniker 'Chiqui' is inspired. I wonder if that’s Wenger's pet name too?

Argelico Fucks (Brazil) - 
Brazilian who carved out a half-decent career for himself as a central defender, but who is always going to be best remembered as the source of one of football's greatest football headlines: "Fucks off to Benfica", a popular website's famous description of his transfer from Palmeiras to Benfica!

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