Dempo SC complete signing of Yusuke Kato

Dempo SC have strengthened themselves further in the January transfer window with the addition of a Japanese medio...
Japanese footballer Yusuke Kato has signed a contract with Goan club Dempo SC, with the player confirming the move in his personal blog.

Kato, a midfielder by trade, is also the second Japanese to represent in the top division of Argentine league, where he played for Huracán.

The 25 year old has last played for Japanese club MIO Biwako Kusatsu. Writing in his blog, Kato revealed," I know it's sudden, but today I've signed a contract with India's Dempo SC."

"This all came into being very quickly so I'm pretty surprised as well, but I'm also happy that they thought so highly of me after just a few days of evaluations."

"So from today, I'm an I-Leaguer."

Adding further about the move he wrote," Dempo has a lot of Indian national team players, as well as Nigerian internationals; several have played in the World Cup."

"The level of play isn't the highest, but it's an environment in which I can concentrate on my footballing skills; I want to regain the sense of playing in a match and leave a good result."

The player's agent Mr. Arvind Narayan too expressed his confidence on the player.

"I am confident that Kato will do well in the I-League. Like many Japanese players he is very technical, disciplined and has a good football brain."

"He is smaller in size, but after playing few seasons in very physical Argentinian leagues, he has learned to hold his ground."

Arvind believes that this move could well open the flood-gates for other young Japanese player to feature in the I-League.

He added," It's rare to get a top quality young Japanese player to play in India, and I hope that Kato will open the floodgates for more young Japanese players."

"I was in Japan in September when all the I-League club representatives came to Tokyo and I think they have started to see the value that a Japanese player can bring to an Indian club."

Kato will now head back to Japan to get his employment visa, but will be back in Goa by the end of the week to join his new club.

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