Rubin Kazan Star Sergey Semak Names Daughter 'Barcelona'

The midfielder came up with a remarkable name for his newly born daughter...
Rubin Kazan captain Sergey Semak will not forget his side's spectacular 2-1 Champions League win against Barcelona after the midfielder decided to name his daughter after the Spanish club.

The 33-year-old gave his newly born daughter the name 'Barcelona' to honour his side's surprising performance against the Champions League titleholders.

"This is a nice way to make sure I never forget that memorable win. Additionally, it's a bit of a tribute to the beautiful football they play," Semak was quoted as saying by Sowjetski Sport.

It's not uncommon in Russia to name a child after a famous person or an important event. Barcelona is Semak's fourth child with his current wife. Their other three kids are named Maja, Semjon and Iwan.

Stefan Coerts,