Inter Are Not Yet Ready For Financial Fair Play - Massimo Moratti

The club's president has stated that there's work to do if they are to be ready for the new regulations and added that they have no choice but to follow Uefa guidelines
Inter president Massimo Moratti has warned that the Italian powerhouse aren't ready for the introduction of Financial Fair Play (FFP) just yet.

However, Moratti added that Inter are determined to be prepared in time as they have no intention of getting caught out.

"We don't know yet when and if they will actually be applied, but to give you an idea, at the moment we wouldn't be within the limits, so we have to get ready for them. We can't allow ourselves to be caught out on the counter-attack," Moratti was quoted as saying on the club's official website.

"And I do believe they will go ahead with it so you can't pretend it's not happening. Football weighs the same as it did ten years ago: the running costs are the same and so are the values, so in that sense it doesn't respect the rest of the world economy."

The Inter president then went on to underline that FFP is a serious matter and that they have no other choice but to follow Uefa's guidelines.

"It's a very serious matter. In other countries there might be clubs that can balance the books through a sponsorship deal, but that doesn't happen in Italy, so there is little option than to follow Uefa's guidelines."

Uefa's Executive Committee unanimously approved a financial fair play concept for the game's well-being in September 2009. The concept's principal objectives are to introduce more discipline and rationality in club football finances and to decrease pressure on salaries and transfer fees and limit inflationary effect.

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