Milan Ultras Leader Explains Decision To Whistle Maldini

The Rossoneri's hardcore supporters are being accused of grossly disrespecting their retiring captain, but they say it's nothing more than tit for tat...

Last Sunday, not many expected to see Milan's Paolo Maldini being hurled abuse by his own fans in his farewell match at San Siro.

However, that is what happened and many could not believe how ungrateful the Curva Sud Ultras could be to a footballer many consider as an all-time great.

Giancarlo Capelli, known better as 'Il Barone' (the Baron), historical leader of the Curva Sud, decided to comment this incident and give the Ultras' point of view on this situation.

"The Curva has a clean conscience on what it did," he explained to "We don't renounce what we did in the times and ways of what we did.

"The Curva did not insult Maldini the player, who was a great champion and made us win everything, the Curva insulted Maldini the person.

"He knows very well what he said about us in the past years, and what did he expect, that we celebrate him?

"The first clashes occurred after Milan-Rosenborg of 1996, but the highlight was after Istanbul, when he defined us, as reported by the banner, as mercenaries and tramps."

This Sunday will mark Maldini's final Serie A outing and the Fiorentina fans have already declared that they will prepare the right tribute for him, something which the Rossoneri's Ultras failed to do.

Glenn Debattista

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