Real Madrid's Karim Benzema: I Do Not Consider My First Season To Have Been A Disappointment

Benzema feels he has taken an important step this season and looks to further improve next year...
In an interview with Marca, Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has revealed that he does not believe that his first season at the Bernabeu can be branded as a failure. The Frenchman declared: "I do not consider my first season to be a disappointment. On the contrary, I have gotten some experience and I am at a great club."

The former Lyon forward, who has left many observers unconvinced, explained: "I had a great beginning to the season, but did not have the luck of being decisive in two or three matches. I have also had an injury and it has been difficult to play with that, but now I am very happy for having scored and feel much better."

With respect to his critics, Benzema assured that he was well aware of the quality of his performances and said his goal is to "work, work, work" so that he is able to take on a more integral role in the squad next season. Benzema has been linked to Manchester United ahead of the summer, but the Frenchman adamantly declared: "I still have five more years on my contract," as he attempted to negatethe rumour.

Finally, addressing what has been described as an introverted character, Benzema replied that it was simply his nature as an individual. "I am not a guy who likes to talk a lot because what I like doing most is playing football."

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