AFC Challenge Cup '08: Anwar: It Wasn't A match

Indian defender Anwar Ali said that the ground conditions did not permit football to be played....

The Indian defender was overjoyed with the result of the match, but felt that the match was played in very bad conditions.

 When asked to comment on the conditions at the Gachchibowli stadium, he said, "What should I say? It wasn't a match". "Everytime I had to clear the ball, lifting the leg itself was a problem. It was getting stuck in the ground".

"While clearing, I was kicking it somewhere, and it was going somewhere else. The conditions were very heavy, and plaing football on such a surface is very difficult".

He doesn't remember the last time he played football in such conditions. "I don't even remember the last time I played in such bad conditions", said the centre-half.

Reported By: Rahul Bali

Written By: Sarath Pendyala