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Diego Maradona: My Grandson Is 60% Maradona, 40% Aguero

Diego Maradona has has declared that becoming a grandfather today has, rather than make him feel older, made him feel younger instead.

The Argentine legend was in Madrid when his daughter Giannina gave birth to Benjamin Leonel Aguero Maradona, and spoke about his happiness in Argentina this afternoon.

"I am the most happy that I can be," he told AS.

"I thought that becoming a grandfather would make me old, then I saw 'Benja' and an air of youth came over gave me a beautiful new sensation."

Diego was present in the Spanish capital when Benjamin was born but was not at the birth itself, as he said he was "too nervous".

He did admit though that the boy was "60% Maradona and 40% Aguero" and then went on to talk about what clubs he would be supporting.

The three that he mentioned were Atletico Madrid, Boca Juniors and Independiente, but he acknowledged one shirt comes before any of those.

"He can choose what he wants, it does not depend on who sends the first card or the first card, as first he is Argentinian," he mused.

Maradona declared that he is wanting to "spoil" his grandson and that Kun and Giannina were "fascinated" with the child.

"Kun is very well, he went to Seville and then came back. He wanted to see his son. He is playing in the Champions League tomorrow but he wants to be with his son," he said.

Maradona also told how the boy was born with a lot of hair, and that Giannina will probably not return to Argentina for at least a month.

James Walker-Roberts,