World Cup 2010: Gabriel Heinze's Argentina Strike Should Have Been Disallowed - FIFA

Referee's committee criticise Wolfgang Stark's decision not to give a foul for Walter Samuel's obstruction in the build-up to the goal.
Argentina missed several gilt-edged chances on their way to a 1-0 reverse of Nigeria on Saturday. However, according to FIFA the one attack that did finish with the net bulging should have been disallowed by referee Wolfgang Stark.

Ole reports that a FIFA post-match analysis ruled that there was a foul in the build-up to Gabriel Heinze's stunning header, and that Stark should never have allowed the goal.

The FIFA referees' committee released their findings on Tuesday, as a guide for future judgements in this year's tournament. And amongst other rulings, they made it clear to referees that they must watch for infractions at corners and free-kicks - specifically attacking players blocking markers, as happened on Saturday.

As Juan Sebastian Veron's cross floated over Walter, Samuel enveloped Chinedu Obasi and stopped him from moving, thereby giving Heinze all the space he needed to propel the ball home. Stark should have therefore penalised Samuel for obstruction and awarded a free-kick to the Super Eagles - a judgement that could have changed the course of the whole game for Argentina.

Although the ruling comes too late for Nigeria, it has interesting implications for the rest of the tournament; a sign that FIFA will not tolerate the pushing, shoving and holding commonplace on both sides at dead-ball situations, and that in future such offences will be punished with either disallowed goals or penalties in the case of the defence committing an infraction.

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