FIGC president Abete 'prepared to suspend games' due to racist abuse

The Italian official has pledged the institution's full support to Kevin-Prince Boateng in the wake of the AC Milan midfielder's decision to leave the pitch following racist chants
FIGC president Giancarlo Abete has said that the Italian Football Federation are prepared to suspend matches due to racial abuse.

AC Milan's Kevin-Prince Boateng recently walked off the pitch during a friendly with fourth-tier side Pro Patria following prejudiced chants from fans. And while the Ghanaian has been backed by most, Fifa supremo Sepp Blatter feels that “walking off is not a long-term solution”.

However, Abete is firmly in Boateng's corner, as the official clarified himself after a meeting with the chief of police.

“We must not worry about fixture lists or difficulty in organising a re-match,” the president said.

“That is not the problem. The problem is taking away from the stadiums those people who don’t belong there, because they pollute the civilised coming together for a sporting event.

“If necessary, we are prepared to suspend games on a temporary or permanent basis to fight racist abuse.

“The sporting world strongly supports sending these people away from the stadiums with stronger bans and more capability to expel from the arenas those who do not have the right to stay in a sporting venue.”

Pro Patria have been ordered to play their next fixture behind closed doors as punishment for their fans' involvement in the racial abuse directed at Boateng.