Premier Futsal - Kannada actor Rajkumar acquires Bengaluru franchise

Kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar has been announced as the owner of the Bengaluru franchise of Premier Futsal.

Premier Futsal have revealed that Kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar has taken over the Bengaluru franchise of the multi-national futsal league, soon to head into its inaugural season.

Keeping in line with the nomenclature practised by the other franchises sold so far - Kolkata and Chennai, Rajkumar's new acquisition will be called 'Bengaluru 5s' in the inaugural season. Team owners are allowed to change the team names from the subsequent seasons.

The league which has attracted big names in futsal like Falcao, and also footballing legends such as Michel Salgado and Paul Scholes, is set to take place from 15th July.

In a press release by the league, Rajkumar hailed the opportunity to be a part of the league an honour, while also calling out the people of Bengaluru to come in numbers and cheer their team on.

“Bengaluru is consuming new sports with much curiosity. A fast paced sport like Futsal is certain to catch the imagination of the youth in Bengaluru. It is an honour to be a part of something that is happening for the first time in our country and I am certain the people from Bengaluru will come forth and support our venture to lead the Bengaluru franchise of Premier Futsal," he said.

Dinesh Raj, the Managing Director of Premier Futsal. also expressed their delight in tying up a deal with Rajkumar, whilst stating that the other owners will be announced on the 12th of July.

“We are delighted to announce one of Kannada cinema’s most decorated families picking up our Bengaluru franchise. It is a great opportunity for us to introduce a new sport to Karnataka. The response we have received from prospective owners across all cities validates our decision to get behind Futsal as sport. We will unveil owners of the other franchises on July 12.”