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'Khel Khel Mein' football league ends on a high

The Khel Khel Mein Football League, a Teach For India led initiative supported by the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation witnessed a grand culmination on the 14th of December, 2014 at the historic Thyagraj Stadium.

In the second edition of the competition, 511 boys and girls in 50 teams from 29 Delhi NCR schools took part. The 50 participating teams were divided in four age and gender categories: Under 10 boys – Under 10 girls – Under 14 boys – Under 14 girls Teams. They met twice in the first round in a round-robin format and the top teams qualified for the play-offs which was also played in a round-robin format.

“The Paris Saint-Germain Foundation is very happy to support the Khel Khel Mein League. We wish to reach out to children in need, in Paris, its region and around the world. By using the motivational power of sports, our aim is to help them grow, and share with them positive values like respect, teamwork and desire to succeed. Initiatives like the Khel Khel Mein League are a great step in that direction", Christine Le Gal, Director of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation said

A total of 8 teams qualified for the finals on 14 December, two in each age-gender category.

In the under-10 boys category, MCD- Kote Kale Kha defeated MCD Saidullajab and in the under-10 girls category MCD Sangam Vihar C-Block defeated MCD Sangam Vihar I-Block.

The winners of the Under-14 boys competition were MCD Chattarpur defeated Lord Krishna Public School, Sangam Vihar. In the same age group for girls, MCD Sangam Vihar I-Block defeated Doe Public School, Sangam Vihar C Block.

All teams playing in the Finals had received special training at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy in Gurgaon, under the direction of Sacha Lizambard, the Academy’s Head Coach.

Beyond the footballing aspect, Khel Khel Mein League’s (KKML) mission is to inculcate the value of fair-play and help in the holistic development of underprivileged kids.

Using the expert input of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, the structure of the league was drafted in a way that each team would gain extra points for being fair and playing in accordance to the spirit of football. The points were rewarded on the basis of good behaviour, positive play and discipline. The rankings took into account both the score on the field and the Fair Play Score of each team.

After a 6-week long tournament of high-spirited matches, the KKLM was a great opportunity for the children to experience the joy of playing as well as develop their skills, positive spirit and fair behaviour.

 "Khel Khel Mein has contributed immensely in providing opportunities to children in Teach for India schools, and the project’s tremendous impact is visible both within and outside our classrooms. Khel Khel Mein’s emphasis on building positive values and leadership in children through extracurricular activities resonates with Teach for India’s vision of a providing a holistic education to all children", Shaheen Mistri, CEO, Teach For India said.