AIFF flexes disciplinary muscle against Salgaocar

The Indian FA's decision to dock points from the Greens comes as the title race heats up, Salgaocar livid as they explain rules were abided by...

Goan I-League table toppers Salgaocar FC and the All India Football Federation (AIFF) were at war as the Indian FA decided to dock a point from Salgaocar’s total for apparently fielding players who hadn’t been given the all-clear to participate in the ties against Bengaluru FC and Pune FC, thus being ineligible.

It all began when Mathew Foschini and Fulgancio Cardozo were fielded by Salgaocar in their successive matches against Bengaluru and Pune on the 22nd and 26th of November respectively. The Indian FA have claimed that the necessary player registration formalities hadn’t been cleared in total, which renders the players ineligible to partake in the on-field play.

As per AIFF dictum, Bengaluru FC and Pune FC will be awarded 3-0 victories and three points each for the games played against the Greens. While Bengaluru stand to gain nothing from this decision (owing to their 1-0 victory over their rivals), Pune FC will be jubilant as they now move atop of the I-League, having originally drawn their game against Salgaocar, with a game in hand. Salgaocar on the other hand will not be hit hard as only a point will be deducted.

Elucidating the governing body’s stand on the matter, I-League CEO Sunando Dhar told The Times of India, “Salgaocar are guilty of fielding ineligible players. They will be deemed to have lost both the games 0-3 and their opponents will get all three points.”

Salgaocar have been sent a separate notice, demanding why stricter action shouldn’t be taken against them. The matter has been referred to the AIFF disciplinary committee, with a letter being sent by I-League to the club’s secretary Raj Gomes in this regard. The Greens from Goa meanwhile were said to be fuming, with them protesting innocence.

 “The match commissioner has checked the player cards himself and he found nothing wrong. How are we at fault,” questioned a club official.

The governing body has clarified however that even if registration cards were made available to the players, it doesn’t mean their registration process is complete.


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