Salauddin laments India’s lack of initiative towards SAFF Club Championship

The SAFF President stressed that all possible efforts were under way to have the club championships...

Mohammed Salauddin, President of the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF), has said that it was one of his biggest dreams to have a Club Championship in the region.

Goal had earlier revealed back in September last year, Alberto Colaco, the general secretary of SAFF, had stated that since the competitions calendar of each country in the south Asian region is different, the chances of the said Club Championship seeing the light of the day would be difficult.

Answering a question put forward, at the recently concluded SAFF Championship draw, Salauddin specified that all efforts were made and that he would leave no stone unturned to realize his dream.

“The club championship is one of my biggest dreams. In Europe, it is the most popular competition. But I have a problem. Everybody has time (for it) except India. India are not comfortable to find the time,” were his complaints about Indian obstinance, while also pointing out the UEFA Champions League and Europa Leagues as examples of success of the same format.

Doling out his problems to an eager crowd Salauddin specified the two problems, “Sponsorship - that can be arranged and the timing from India. There are my two problems.”

He did have words of optimism and encouragement by stating, “I will request Indian FA president (Praful Patel) so that we can work around their schedule to arrange for the club championship to be held.”

It seems nothing had been done so far to uplift the doom and gloom surrounding the issue.