Eze Must Be Punished For Cheating - Sporting Clube De Goa

A day after Goal.com reported of FIFA asking Sporting Clube De Goa to pay up Rs.9, 60, 000 to their former Nigerian recruit, Eze Isiocha for wrongful termination of the three year contract and non payment of salary, the Flaming Oranje have stuck to their grounds that the player is guilty of cheating and misleading the world governing body...
Sporting Clube De Goa signed Eze for a period of three years and after not being satisfied with his performances, they relieved him of his duties and thereby, paid the sum for the time he donned the club colours. However, according to Sporting Clube De Goa, Eze filed a complaint to FIFA that he “was not paid a single penny” for his services by the Goan club, which they have out rightly denied.

“It is implausible that a professional, that too a foreign one, will commence playing in India without advance money, let alone without salary. And here, we have a player who has made the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) of FIFA believe that he was not paid a penny for the period spent at our Club,” said Sporting vice-president, Victor Fernandes to Goal.com.

The Flaming Oranje claim to have the money receipts wherein the player signed while accepting his wages, which Eze has disagreed with. 

“Eze has defamed our club by denying his signatures on the money receipts and claiming that he was not paid for the period of time he spent with the club. He was paid money, and he signed the receipts in my presence. And a scrutiny by a handwriting expert will easily prove that the receipts were signed by him. In fact, at the time of leaving the club, Eze had an advance payment to the tune of Rs. 1,57,129 after taking into account his salary,” explained Fernandes.

Sporting have asked for the reasoning behind the decision by the DRC and are yet to hear from them in the past two months or so. However, they are firm in their stand and are ready to take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), an international institution which provides for services related to sports-related disputes through arbitration or mediation by means of procedural rules adapted to the­ specific needs of the sports world.

“We are still awaiting the grounds of the decision taken by the DRC. No sooner we receive the grounds of the DRC decision; we will challenge the same before the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS),” said a determined Fernandes.

Since, the club believes that their image has been tarnished by the player with his “false” claims; they feel that he must be punished for the same and also for misleading FIFA.

“He has to be punished for cheating and misleading FIFA, and for tarnishing the image of our club. We are confident that we will be able to nail the lies of Eze before the CAS and clear the reputation of our club which he has spoilt,” added Fernandes.         

Rahul Bali.