FIFA Fine Sporting Clube De Goa

FIFA has pulled Sporting Clube De Goa for allegedly not paying the salary of Nigerian player, Eze Isiocha and have asked them to pay the dues which approximately amount to $19, 740 US (Rs. 9, 60, 000)...
The Nigerian joined the ranks of Sporting at the start of the 2007-08 season and thereby participated in the Durand Cup and a few games of the Goa league following which he was asked to leave as the club felt that his performances weren’t up to the mark; this was after having signed him on a contract for a period of three years.

Isiocha felt duped and lodged his complaint with the world governing body and following at least a year’s correspondence between FIFA and Sporting, the decision was given in favour of the player in May this year.

The Flaming Oranje have a different story to tell as they feel that they have cleared all the dues and don’t owe Isiocha any money.

Speaking to, Sporting Clube De Goa vice-president, Victor Fernandes said, “We signed Eze for three years at the start of the 2007-08 season and he played for us in the Durand Cup. His performance wasn’t up to the mark and hence, we paid him for whatever months he served us and thereby, released him.

“He went back to his country and filed a complaint against us. We have produced the necessary money receipts to FIFA in our correspondence with them to show that financially, we have remunerated him.

“FIFA had given us 10 days to ask for the reasoning behind the judgement, which we have asked for and are yet to hear from them.”

Under the amended rules, FIFA doesn’t give a reason in their judgement but allows the concerned parties to ask for the rationale within a stipulated time frame of 10 days. Sporting did issue a NOC (non-objection certificate) for Isiocha, as he wanted to move to Hong Kong, to continue his playing career.

“We didn’t want to come in between the player’s career,” explained Fernandes.

“But, if Eze was gainfully employed in the very same year he left, then why should he get compensation?” questioned Fernandes.

Experts believe that since this is a wage dispute and not exactly, a transfer quarrel, the above point made by the Goan club wouldn’t have much weight.

Previously, current I-League champions Churchill Brothers had to shell out $4,800 for not paying John Kingsley back in 2006. Federation Cup winners, Mohun Bagan have been involved in two such cases and had to eventually pay the dues to Abdul Latif Seriki and George Ekka.

Rahul Bali.