63rd Santosh Trophy To Take Place At Tamil Nadu From Next Month

Tamil Nadu will host the 63rd edition of the Santosh Trophy starting from 24th May with 31 teams from all around the country taking part in this prestigious competition.
 Last year’s winners Punjab, runner up Services and other two semi finalists West Bengal and Karnataka will directly play in the quarter final league round.  

While 27 other teams are divided into eight clusters with each cluster winner playing in the pre quarterfinal knockout round. The four winners from the pre quarterfinal knockout round will qualify for the quarter final league round.  

Other than the Nehru Stadium in Chennai three other stadiums will be used for the cluster rounds- Nehru Stadium (Coimbatore), St Joseph College (Tiruchirappalli) and DBYC/Wisdon town Stadium, Red Hills (Thiruvallore).  

The quarter final league round will be divided into two groups with the winners and runners up from each group qualifying for the semis.  

Chennai’s Nehru Stadium will host all the quarter final league round matches, semis and the final. The final will take place on 14th June.  

Qualifying Round : Matches to be played between 24th and 29th May

Cluster I: Kerala , Chhattisgarh , Chandigarh, Nagaland. (Venue: Nehru Stadium, Coimbatore)
Cluster II : Maharashtra ,Meghalaya , Uttar Pradesh. (Venue: Nehru Stadium, Coimbatore)
Cluster III : Jammu and Kashmir ,Mizoram , Madhya Pradesh, Pondicherry. (Venue: St Joseph College,Tiruchirappalli)
Cluster IV : Goa , Orissa , Jharkhand (Venue: St Joseph College,Tiruchirappalli)
Cluster V : Railways , Delhi , Assam . (Venue: DBYC/Wisdon town Stadium, Red Hills, Thiruvallore)
Cluster VI : Manipur, Uttarakhand & Sikkim . (Venue: DBYC/Wisdon town Stadium, Red Hills, Thiruvallore)
Cluster VII : Haryana ,Gujarat , Bihar . (Venue: Nehru Stadium, Chennai)
Cluster VIII: Tamilnadu , Tripura ,Himachal Pradesh ,Rajasthan. (Venue: Nehru Stadium, Chennai)  

Pre Quarterfinal Round:   All matches to be played on 31st May
PQF 1: Winner Cluster I vs. Winner Cluster II (Venue: Nehru Stadium, Coimbatore)
PQF 2: Winner Cluster III vs. Winner Cluster IV (Venue: St Joseph College,Tiruchirappalli)
PQF 3: Winner Cluster V vs. Winner Cluster VI  (Venue: DBYC/Wisdon town Stadium, Red Hills, Thiruvallore)
PQF 4: Winner Cluster VII vs. Winner Cluster VIII  (Venue: Nehru Stadium, Chennai)

Quarter Final League Round: Matches to be played between 2nd and 7th June

Group A: Punjab ,West Bengal ,Winner PQF 3,Winner PQF 4.
Group B: Services ,Karnataka , Winner PQF 1,Winner PQF 2  

Semi Finals:
SF 1- 10 .06.09 : Winner Group A Vs Runner Up Group B 
SF 2- 11 .06.09 : Winner Group  B Vs Runner Up Group A

Final :
14.06.09 :Winner SF1 Vs Winner SF2.

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