Fracas in the aftermath of Dempo-Mumbai game

Haroon Amiri was at the centre of the brawl which ensured the Dempo versus Mumbai game…

Major brawl took place outside the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium after the Dempo – Mumbai FC game as Haroon Amiri and his friends played a significant role.

It all started with Dempo SC coach Arthur Papas and his counterpart Khalid Jamil being involved in a verbal spat during the game.  After the final whistle, the Dempo fans chanted ‘Pack your bag and go home’ as they were disappointed with their team’s performance.

Two individuals wearing Dempo shirts, later identified as Amiri’s close confidantes, began abusing the miffed fans. However, peace was restored though Papas refused to turn up for the media briefing without stating a valid reason, as informed by the club’s media officer.

As Jamil made his way to enter the bus, Amiri’s friend in blue Dempo jersey abused him which saw the Mumbai FC players close him down. Jamil asked the assembled police to take action immediately on the said instigator.

But several players then got involved in the tussle before police had to intervene. The commotion was such that more police personnel had to be called in.

“There were some arguments between the players and we sorted it out. The police were deployed for match duty and FOR the security of the players, but they had to sort the commotion,” informed Chandrakant Vileep from Margao Police Station.

Amiri launched a foul mouthed tirade directed at Jamil and even went to hit his former coach. He used provocative language and hurled abuses of the worst kind.

“As a follower and supporter of Indian football, I must say it is very disheartening to witness such an act by top level professionals which certainly was not professional. Amiri was behaving just like the people fighting in slums using profane languages of the lowest possible kind.

“This is bad for Indian football as top professionals should work to flourish the sport in India and not degrade it with such third class acts. People are watching you,” said an eyewitness who claimed to be a Dempo fan.

When Jamil was contacted, he chose to stay mum on the matter while Amiri directed the questions to Papas.

Interestingly Papas denied that the fracas even took place, unlike what the police, an eyewitness and our reporter had to state.

“Well that's impossible bc (because) I left within 20 minutes of full time and I give him (Amiri) lift (back) home,” said Papas.

Dempo fans present at the venue were upset with the result and more so with the unprofessional behaviour of their team, something which has never been witnessed in the past.

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