Official: Bimal Ghosh Out, Yusuf Ansari In At Air India

It’s official now...
Air India management have sent a letter to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) on Friday wherein they mentioned of Yusuf Ansari taking over the reins of the  Mumbai club for the rest of the season which implies that Bimal Ghosh shall no longer continue in the capacity of the head coach of Air India. exclusively mentioned of the letter to the Indian FA earlier and it brings an end to the Bimal Ghosh era, which saw several young talents coming through the club. The experienced coach turned Air India into one of the most tactically astute sides in Indian football, whom even the top sides would fear playing at the Cooperage Stadium where they were the kings.

Several former players had found certain discrepancies at Air India under Ghosh's reign and had intimated the management about seven months ago about the same. Following several round of discussions, the club decided to back the claims of the former players instead of supporting their longest serving coach.

It is learnt that Air India stated that Bimal Ghosh is not a healthy condition and will not be able to continue as the head coach and named Yusuf Ansari as the replacement. Meanwhile, the club’s request to allow Godfred Pereira and Jacinto D’Silva on the bench has been cast aside by the AIFF as the club has already registered five officials for the season, which included Bimal Ghosh, Yusuf Ansari, Subair Sinha, T.K.Singh and Joe Lobo.

The club would have to request for removal of at least one or two officials to the Indian FA in order to get Godfred and Jacinto in.

Rahul Bali.

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