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  • 25 January 2013
  • • 19:00
  • • Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune, Mahārāṣṭra

Live Commentary

  • What a game this has been. Stay tuned for the match report. This is Anselm Noronha signing out from the Live Commentary. Hope you enjoyed yourselves. Follow India on twitter @Goal_India and me @apnoronha
  • FULL TIME: Pune FC 1-2 East Bengal
  • 90' + 8'
    Is there any more?
  • 90' + 7'
    PFC still fighting
  • 90' + 6'
    Corner averted
  • 90' + 6'
    Off the wall and over for a corner
  • 90' + 6'
    Moga standing over the ball
  • 90' + 5'
    Free-kick for Pune FC in the dying moments
  • 90' + 4'
    Izumi with a long try.. above the bar
  • 90' + 3'
    Moga fighting for the header again. Abhijit Mondal claims the ball again
  • 90' + 2'
    The PFC players are furious to see how the EB players are staying on the ground
  • 90'
    Five minutes added time
  • 89'
    Pierre's cross.. it's the goalkeeper's
  • 87'
    SubstitutionEdeh Chidi Reisangmi Vashum
  • 87'
    A lot of huff and a puff in the East Bengal box as Abhijit Mondal struggles to get hold of the ball against the challenge of Moga, and eventually does
  • 86'
    SubstitutionChika Wali D. Nishiguchi
  • 86'
    What could these final minutes of the game define for us tonight?
  • 86'
    Daisuke comes in place of Wali
  • 85'
    Chidi is down, Mehtab is comes the stretcher
  • 84'
    Jeje trying hard to make himself available in the PFC attack, but the striker takes the ball out for a goal-kick
  • 82'
    BALL POSSESSION: Pune FC 54% - 48% East Bengal. Not the same story with the goals however
  • 81'
    Chidi off-side
  • 79'
    SubstitutionKarma Tsewang Jeje Lalpekhlua
  • 79'
    Return of the hero..can this be? Jeje walks on to the pitch
  • 78'
    SubstitutionPenn Orji Gurwinder Singh
  • 78'
    Penn Orji doesn't seem pleased with his replacement, but the move is evidently a tactical one by Trevor Morgan in order to restore their lead
  • 77'
    Sitting back is no known option for Pune FC
  • 75'
    Penalty Goal Edeh Chidi
    GOOAALLL!!!! Chidi blasts that one at the back of the net from the 12-yards marking
  • 73'
    PENALTY!!! Chidi goes to ground in the Pune FC area as Subhash Singh got contact against the East Bengal striker
  • 72'
    Yellow Card Subhash Singh
  • 72'
    MISS!!!! Moga's header comes off the post
  • 70'
    No changes as yet for Pune FC
  • 67'
    It's the right shift employed by both sides so far in this match. Absolutely no room for complacency
  • 65'
    CHANCE!!! Khabra tried to find the far post from the right, but wide. If only the shot was on target, Pune FC keeper Abhra Mondal was nowhere close to saving that
  • 63'
    Moga. Again he's off-side
  • 62'
    Penn Orji yet with a massive role to play here in the match, as far as the East Bengal defender's capabilities go
  • 61'
    Moga is off-side again. For the second time of what I can recall, Arata was also off-side once for the home side
  • 60'
    East Bengal's new signing makes his way in
  • 59'
    SubstitutionManandeep Singh Andrew Barisic
  • 59'
    The moment we've been waiting for.. Andrew Barisic gets in the action. For us to see what the Australian striker has to offer now
  • 57'
    CLOSE!!! Pierre with a cross towards Arata on the far side, but the Japanese-Indian found himself too outstretched to reach the length of the ball as the Pune FC striker tried to backheel the ball in
  • 56'
    Everything is going on well for both sides at the moment. Shows that it can be anyone's game
  • 54'
    Wali gets a whack on the nose as Manandeep was trying to move his arms in the air for leverage
  • 53'
    CHANCE!!! Moga played clear on the right. Abhijit Mondal comes out to get in the line of the shot as the ball flies towards Pierre who shoots wide
  • 53'
    Almost too long this time by Gaikwad
  • 52'
    Brilliant work from Penn Orji now, releases Chidi who takes the shot. Well blocked by Abhra Mondal for one more of those dreaded Gaikwad throw-ins
  • 50'
    Moga on the left, crosses to Karma Tsewang on the far side, who in turn passes to Pierre in front of goal. GOOD TACKLE coming in from Arnab Mondal
  • 47'
    Just as exciting - well, we want it that way!
  • 46'
    Second half resumes
  • HALF-TIME: Pune FC 1-1 East Bengal
  • 45' + 2'
    Who knows where this match is headed? Definitely not an easy one to make the predictions today!
  • 45' + 1'
    Two minutes added on time
  • 45'
    Moga's flick again, Arata to it, but lands safely to the keeper
  • 45'
    It's been a very good battle between Moga and Arnab in this contest
  • 44'
    Hussain apologises and the game resumes
  • 43'
    Pierre falls down to a challenge by Hussain. Pause in play for a while
  • 42'
    Closing in to half-time
  • 41'
    It just took 11 minutes for East Bengal to equalise against Pune FC earlier, but we're awaiting more goals, aren't we?
  • 40'
    SAVE! Gaikwad's long delivery, flick header by Manadeep, Abhra Mondal saves
  • 39'
    East Bengal are beginning to build up some pressure earning constant throw-ins from either sides
  • 38'
    Subhash on the other end. Goalkeeper Abhijit Mondal comes off his line to collect the ball
  • 37'
    Gaikwad's flat and long throws continue and so does Pune FC's defensive alertness
  • 36'
    Saumik's cross, Wali clears just in front of Chidi
  • 35'
    Churchill Brothers will be hoping for a draw here, while Dempo will also be watching this match closely
  • 34'
    Pune FC also hold most of the possession so far
  • 33'
    Pune FC are still attacking and tiring the East Bengal. A slip could be dangerous
  • 32'
    Obviously the home crowd with more of the support
  • 31'
    It's a loud crowd at the Balewadi stadium in Pune. Just the atmosphere one would love for football
  • 30'
    Half-hour mark: 1-1 is the scoreline
  • 29'
    There have been a coupleof verbal cautions by the referee for players on either sides.
  • 28'
    East Bengal are looking very active with Ishfaq on the left side
  • 28'
    FOULS COMMITTED: Pune FC 2-3 East Bengal
  • 27'
    Okpara misses the game due to picking four yellow cards until his previous match BTW
  • 26'
    With the amount of runs that Moga is making in the East Bengal box, it clearly shows how much Trevor Morgan misses Uga Okpara
  • 25'
    Moga again... Off-side this time
  • 24'
    Penn Orji will have to do more of the spadework earlier than it's too much to absorb for the visitors meanwhile
  • 23'
    Moga released again. His shot diverted
  • 22'
    A beautiful evening of football so far and I bet you're loving it. I sure am!
  • 21'
    This game is never going to slow down!
  • 20'
    Another of those long throws.. this time right in the Pune FC block hole, but somehow lands in the hands of Abhra Mondal
  • 19'
    Gaikwad's long throw-in to be re-introduced. Wali gets a hold of this one
  • 18'
    It's a new beginning to the game yet again!
  • 17'
    Goal Arata Izumi
    GOOAALL!!! It all started from Douhou Pierre winning the free-kick and taking the same towards Moga, who heads it towards Izumi Arata to finish
  • 17'
    Assist James Moga
  • 16'
    It's a game both teams must win this! The advantage Pune FC have is a game in hand, but three points count on any given day
  • 15'
    Chika Wali doing very well to win the ball in his area to another delivery sent in by Khabra
  • 14'
    Quite expectedly, everything is aimed at Moga
  • 13'
    James Moga seems to have won everything in the Pune FC attacks so far, his header falls easily for Abhijit Mondal however
  • 12'
    This encounter is about to get exciting by the minute. So don't even think of moving away for a bit
  • 11'
    Moga on the counter, inside the East Bengal box as he tries to cut the last line of defense and eventually crosses the ball too far from Arata on the left side
  • 10'
    It's like a basketball match at the moment, with the ball moving from end to end as easily as one may see. Manandeep not getting his pass right
  • 9'
    Pune FC is having a little bit of a get-away here, but a timely tackle by Arnab Mondal stops him in his tracks
  • 8'
    Harmanjot Khabra was spot on with the assist of the goal scored two minutes ago
  • 7'
    Interestingly, East Bengal won the reverse fixture 1-0 thanks to a Chidi Edeh goal. Can it be the same case tonight?
  • 6'
    Goal Edeh Chidi
    GOOOAALL!!!! East Bengal's top scorer is on target as the Nigerian receives the ball from the right side and blasts it past Abhra Mondal
  • 6'
    Assist Harmanjot Khabra
  • 5'
    A boost for Derrick Pereira could be that Pune are unbeaten in three games at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex against East Bengal
  • 4'
    You could always interact with us during the match via twitter @Goal_India or with me (Anselm Noronha) directly too @apnoronha
  • 3'
    Raju Gaikwad is back in the side for East Bengal, who takes the long throw-in... A little bit of a problem for the home defense to clear..eventually averted
  • 2'
    East Bengal lead the head-to head between the two sides by 3 wins to Pune’s two, while two games have ended in stalemate
  • 1'
    Long ball to Moga straight away, but the Pune striker has no place to turn
  • 1'
    Pune FC have us underway here...
  • Pune FC: Abhra (gk), Tabia, Wali, Gurjinder. Arata, Moga, Pierre, Subhash, Karma, Anas, Mumtaz

    Meloly (gk), Shanmugam, Daisuke, Jeje, Ralte, Ramu, Mohanraj

    East Bengal: Abhijit (gk), Gaikwad, Arnab, Khabra, Chidi,, Hussain, Penn, Manandeep, Saumik, Ishfaq

    Subs: Sandhu (gk), Vashum, Gurwinder, Robert, Cavin, Barisic, Subodh