Yaya Toure charges Fifa, Uefa to ‘do something stronger’ against racism

The Cote d’Ivoire international believes the present measures through fines and stadium closures to curb the discrimination are not working

Former Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure wants football governing bodies Fifa, Uefa to ‘do something stronger’ against racism.

Last Monday, England players were subjected to racist abuse in Montenegro during their Euro 2020 qualifier encounter.

The sport's governing bodies have previously fined affected clubs or countries and closed down their stadia to curb the discrimination.

However, Toure, a victim in the past, believes the measures have not been working and wants the authorities to take stronger action against the ignoble act.

"I think it's Fifa and Uefa have to do something stronger,” Toure said, per Sky Sport.

"They have to give a strong message, maybe to the clubs, or maybe to the fans, because we've been seeing recently these kinds of clubs like CSKA Moscow, or teams in Russia... fans have been banned for I don't know how many games or maybe how many months.

"I don't know, but it's still not working. This surprises me.

"[I have experienced it] a lot, a lot. If I can say that, in Belgium, in Russia, and sometimes when we have to travel with the team and play in... maybe in Italy, in the past.

"It's happening. But mentally, I'm very strong. I know what I can do, because in that time, you can say 'OK, I will try to ignore [it], they are stupid, they don't understand'.

"But it's difficult when you see a child looking, or when you come home and your child has been saying to you, 'father, when you have been touching the ball, we've been hearing on the TV, chanting about monkey things'.

"What do you have, to respond to your kids?

"It's difficult, but as much you can ignore [the chants], as much I think they're going to continue, something has to be done, in my point of view."