What are the nicknames of the Brazil national team?

Brazil 2002 World Cup

Almost every national football team have got unique nicknames that reflect the art, culture, or a distinct and dominant characteristic of that particular nation. There is usually a story behind each of these monikers that also resonate well with the fans at large.

Brazil, the most successful nation in World Cup history have also got their set of nicknames. In fact, they have got six nicknames, one more than their number of World Cup wins.

Nicknames of the Brazil national team

The Seleção

Selecao is a pretty common term in the Portuguese language which means the selected players. Brazilians call every football team 'selecao'. However, the national team is distinguished and is known as 'The Selecao'.

Brazil Copa America win


Canarinho means the 'Little Canary'. It refers to a species of bird that is very common in Brazil and is vividly yellow in colour. Renowned cartoonist Fernando Mangabeira Pieruccetti popularised this term before the 1950 World Cup.

Little Canary


Amarelinha means the 'little yellow'. It is directly associated with the colour of the jersey won by Brazil. Brazilians often say that 'the player should fit the amarelinha', which means a player is ready to wear the national team jersey.

Vinicius Brazil


This is another reference to the green and yellow colour of the jersey. It simply means green and yellow.

Neymar Vinicius Brazil

Esquadrão de Ouro

It is a commonly used term in South America as it means 'The Golden Squad'.

Brazil 2002 squad


Brazil became the first nation to win the World Cup five times and from 2002 the term is being used to refer to them as 'five-time champions'.