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VIDEO: Lloris ignores Giroud as he predicts exactly where David Silva penalty is going

3:23 PM IST 29/03/17
David Silva Spain France 2017
The Tottenham goalkeeper dived the wrong way despite the Arsenal star pointing to the correct corner for the spot-kick that opened the scoring

Never take advice from an Arsenal striker.

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That may well be exactly what Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was thinking when he dived the wrong way and failed to save David Silva's penalty on Tuesday night.

He probably should have paid attention to Olivier Giroud on this occasion, though, with the Gunners forward correctly predicting where the Manchester City star would place his spot-kick for Spain.

As evidenced by the above clip, Giroud actually points to the side that Silva would go to convert his penalty, with Lloris, who, in fairness, probably wasn't looking at his team-mate's hand at the time, haplessly diving the other way.

Spain would go on to win Tuesday's glamour friendly at the Stade de France 2-0, with Gerard Deulofeu wrapping up the victory in the second half to add to Silva's opener.