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Bollywood star Arijit Singh wants to sing the anthem for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

4:17 PM IST 21/01/19
Arijit Singh
The Bollywood hit machine also revealed that he is a Manchester United fan...

Arijit Singh became a household name back in 2005 when he participated in the reality show Fame Gurukul (2005) at the age of 18. Although he finished sixth in the competition he impressed several industry stalwarts and later won another reality show 10 Ke 10 Le Gaye Dil.

Since then the West Bengal-born playback singer has churned out several hits and has bagged the prestigious Filmfare Award thrice. In a chat with Goal, Singh revealed his journey as a football fan and what it is to be a fan in India.

"Honestly, we have an environment for cricket in India. So, to be a football fan is a bit different. I started following football in school. There were not many matches on television back then. But now I actually get to follow football more as it is easier to get informed," stated the 31-year old vocalist during a visit to Qatar which incidentally hosts the 2022 World Cup.

Theme songs are an integral part of any World Cup and Singh feels that it would be an 'honour' to lend his voice to the 2022 anthem. 

"I would love to sing the 2022 WC anthem. It is not every day that you get to do those things. It will be my honour to do that."

The superstar went on to reveal how impressed he was with the facilities at Qatar for the World Cup and thinks the event will be a unprecedented success.

"Fans will love it (World Cup) in Qatar. The culture is fantastic. Qatar has football in its blood. The stadiums are super cool. More than anything, the fans will enjoy the game and the players," added the versatile songster.

He is an avid follower of Indian football and a self-proclaimed Manchester United fan. He strongly believes that Indian football is on the right track and will become a recognizable force in world football in the next decade.

"We understand that Indian football is progressing. The infrastructure is improving so our development is also taking place. We have good players and now we need more challenges so that they can recognise their mistakes and improve.

"I am always a Manchester United  fan. I am not from Kolkata but from Murshidabad. In Bengal, the derby match is called the Bangal vs Ghoti battle. But personally, I don't get it because my dad is a Punjabi. So, I never had a football jhamela in my family," signed off Singh.