I-League clubs 'happy' to finally hold a meeting with AIFF President Praful Patel

Praful Patel AIFF President
AIFF Media
Mohun Bagan senior official Debashish Dutta, on behalf of the I-League clubs, thanked Praful Patel for meeting them...

Representatives of I-League clubs met the All India Football Federation (AIFF) president Praful Patel on Wednesday in New Delhi to discuss the future of the league and Indian football.

The AIFF president heard the concerns which were raised by the I-League clubs and the representatives seem to have come out of the meeting satisfied.

Speaking about the meeting with Patel, Mohun Bagan senior official Debashish Dutta on behalf of the I-League clubs, stated, “For the past five months we were trying for this meeting and we are thankful that Mr Praful Patel has given us the time and we appreciate his endeavour to meet all the I-League clubs and here the problems. What we also felt is that he was not totally aware of the problems regarding why we did not play the Super Cup and the other issues. So all those issues were elaborated to him.”

Dutta further mentioned, “Regarding the future of I-League, Indian football and the ISL, we discussed a lot and he also came up with certain suggestions.”

The representatives who came for the meeting have asked for 24 hours to discuss the points with other clubs officials and get back to the Indian FA.

He said, “We are six I-League clubs present here and now we have to go back and discuss with our other officials. We asked for 24 hours to get back to him and we are thankful that Mr Patel gave us the time. We will come back to the AIFF within a span of 24 hours regarding the discussions. Mr Patel will also seek AFC (Asian Football Confederation) and FSDL’s (Football Sports Development Ltd) consent.”

The Mohun Bagan official pointed out that the AIFF president has always been supportive of the I-League and always considered it to be the main league.

Dutta said, “We are happy that he spoke to us. We are always with AIFF and Mr. Praful Patel is personally always with the I-League clubs. Since he became the president of the AIFF, he supported the I-League and he is always stated that this is the main league of the country.”