How inability to sign TV deal brought major fall out in KPL

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The first sign of the fall-out was resignation of Ellio Lolli as chairman of marketing committee while Bob Munro also quit

The inability to sign a new broadcast deal has brought with it a major fall-out in the Kenyan Premier League according to documents in Goal possession.

The first sign of the fall-out was the resignation of Ellio Lolli as chairman of the marketing committee. Bob Munro also resigned from all his posts in KPL though it is not clear if this was related to the fall-out over the rights deal.

On January 21, with temperatures boiling, former KPL chairman Dan Aduda took issue with Lolli over an embarrassing email the latter had written to La Liga.

Aduda writes: “It is very disappointing that we have to wash our dirty linen in front of our strategic partners like Laliga for reasons best known to yourself which is completely against KPL protocol and very unprofessional. This has negatively portrayed the KPL in really bad light in the eyes of our partner Laliga.

“It is a seasoned Laliga Media Rights, who managed the Tender Process and took an active role in the negotiations with StarTimes, so for you to report to Laliga that the process was handled by inexperienced parties is completely out of order. Please let's not jeopardize relationship our partner by making such inaccurate statements.”

Aduda then asked Lolli, who had expressed reservations about the entry of MediaPro, to convene a marketing and sponsorship committee meeting where all his concerns would be addressed.

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“Once again am urging you stop these side shows and focus on innovative ways of generating revenue to the league and by extension the clubs.”

On January 20, Lolli had written to KPL CEO Jack Oguda demanding a copy of the Media Pro contract.

He writes: “As marketing Chairman I am being asked by Chairman of clubs what is going on. Can you please kindly provide a copy of the Media Pro contract ASAP? If it is not possible or you don't want to send it be as so kind to let me know so I don't waste your time anymore.”