Guardiola hits out at Wenger claims: 'Win more games yourself'

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The Catalan says he has never seen a player who does not want to win a match and insists his Arsenal counterpart should focus on his own results
Pep Guardiola has dismissed Arsene Wenger's concerns that "some teams are on holiday" ahead of Manchester City's remaining fixtures against West Brom and Watford.

Wenger seemingly hit out at West Ham, who lost 4-0 to Arsenal's rivals for the top four, Liverpool, on Sunday.

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But the Manchester City boss, who can secure a third-placed finish by recording two victories this week, says managers should do their own jobs better rather than complain about other teams.

"I never saw one player in my life go to the pitch and don’t try to win the game and when the target is done, it’s done," Guardiola said on Monday. "But if you don’t want that, win more games yourself, or qualify before or win the Champions League, and after we don’t have the problems with the other ones.

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"He [Wenger] plays against Everton and Sunderland, no? Both teams are done, no? One is relegated and one is in the Europa League, so it’s the same situation. If you don’t want to complain, do it better during in the season and you will not have this problem.

"I would like to be Chelsea right now. If I were Chelsea, they don’t have to qualify for the Champions League, so it’s our fault, it's not because of the opponents. They play the way they want to play, so if teams of Tony Pulis want to play that way, perfect. We have to adapt to that, so every manager and every team makes whatever he wants."