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FIFA 19 La Liga bargains: Best Ultimate Team cheap buys under 5,000 coins

7:00 PM IST 12/12/18
Rodrigo Dembele GFX
Rodrigo and Ousmane Dembele are among the five La Liga superstars you can buy for cheap on the FUT market.

While FIFA 19 has been out for a couple of months now, many people will have to wait until Christmas to finally get their hands on the game. The market is saturated with in-forms and special cards, so many people will need to find a cheap starter squad for Ultimate Team.

La Liga used to be the premium league in FIFA with both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo but the latter's departure has lowered the prices and focus on the league. La Liga is stocked with sensational players, especially in the attacking department - and players are cheaper than you might expect. 

Whether you’re looking for a fitness squad or you're planning your starter team for when you get FIFA 19, Goal has you covered. Here are the top five FUT bargains in La Liga who all cost under 5,000 coins each.

Geoffrey Kondogbia - 82

While there is a wide variety of phenomenal attackers in La Liga, you need someone to hold down the fort at the back in order to unleash that attacking talent. There is no better defensive option than Valencia's defensive midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia.

You can find the Frenchman on the market for as cheap 1,500 coins and he will be worth every penny. Not only is Kondogbia a mountain of a man, standing at 6ft 2in and with 91 strength, but his defensive ability is excellent. The midfielder will continuously win the ball with 84 interceptions, 82 marking, 85 standing tackle and 82 slide tackle.

And Kondogbia isn't useless going forward either. He can open up play with 80 long passing and 83 short passing or he can even find an unlikely goal with his 80 long-shots and four star weak-foot.

Ousmane Dembele - 82

Another Frenchman on this list, the Barcelona superstar is always a popular pick amongst FIFA fans due to his pace and skills. With 89 pace and 87 dribbling, Dembele is an absolute menace on the right wing - his 89 agility and 91 in-game stats are particularly impressive.

However, what helps Dembele stand out from other wingers is his four-star skills and five star weak-foot. Four-star skills are almost a must have for wingers in FUT as it opens up your attacking options massively. And with the current power of long-range finesse shots in FIFA 19, Dembele's perfect weak-foot makes him especially potent.

The winger costs under 2,000 coins but possess the ability to single-handedly change a game, making him a must-buy.

Quincy Promes - 8

Now for your other wing, you will almost certainly want to pick up Sevilla's Quincy Promes for around 3,300 coins. The Dutch winger is especially quick, possessing 90 pace.

However, there is much more to Promes than just his pace and dribbling ability. For one, he is surprisingly clinical for a winger with 86 finishing and his long-shots are pretty strong too with 83 long shots and 82 shot power. And you'll have no problem getting Promes into scoring positions either with his four-star weak foot and more importantly, his five-star skills.

Whether you want to make a highlight reel of spectacular goals or just a potent winger who you know can get the job done, Promes is the perfect pick-up. The only thing to watch out for his low defensive work-rate but shouldn't be a deal breaker by any means.

Wissam Ben Yedder - 81

The cheapest player on our list, Wissam Ben Yedder is an absolute steal costing just 700 coins. The forward could net you more than that after just a couple of matches.

The third Frenchman on our list, Ben Yedder is yet another pacey player with exceptional dribbling ability. The combination of his 85 pace, 84 dribbling and four-star skills will leave your opponent sweating for 90 minutes.

With a high attacking work-rate and 87 positioning, Ben Yedder will always find space and give you attacking options. Plus with 83 finishing and a five-star weak foot, there are very few situations where the striker can't score.​

Rodrigo - 84

From the cheapest to the most expensive player on this list, it's amazing that you can find an 84-rated striker of Rodrigo's calibre for around 4,500 coins.

The Valencia player is a complete forward. His 90 pace, 82 dribbling and four-star skills make him incredibly difficult to dispossess. His finishing is top-draw with 83 shot-power, 82 finishing and 83 curve.

And Rodrigo is even potent in the air, standing at 6ft tall with 83 heading and 81 volleys. With the the incredible options you have in La Liga, you can feel safe in your FUT squad with the consistent Rodrigo leading the line.