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Boniface Ambani insists he is still a contestant for AFC Leopards chairman's post

2:57 PM IST 01/06/19
AFC Leopards U-20 coach Boniface Ambani.j
Ambani has protested the decision by the Election Management Group to axe his name from the list of contestants

AFC Leopards legend Boniface Ambani has insisted he is still a contestant for the club's chairmanship despite being missing from the list released by the elections body.

Ambani said he is in the process of appealing against Election Management Group's decision to leave his name out.

Dr Shikanda Daniel Akala, Namai Ronald Mukoya, and Waliubah Ben Musundi are the three candidates who have been approved to vie for the chairman's post.

"Some people have corrupted their way into the list and that is very wrong. I am not going to mention names here but how that list was made raises a lot of questions which we have done but no one is listening and ready to answer our questions," Ambani told Goal.

"I am going to follow the process and see that I am on the list. I have seen the list and still wondering because no one from the elections body has reached out to me and at least give an explanation as to why my name was axed.

"If there reasons that might have informed their decision to delist me, let them come and explain them to me and to my satisfaction." 

"I am going to follow all legal avenues to make sure that I am a contestant in the June elections.

"I have started the appeal process already and by the end of the day, I hope everything should have been settled. We have a constitution that has to be followed and the laws are there to guide us. Let us follow the law because one's suggestions cannot supplant the constitution."

Imbenzi Oliver Napali, Choge Maurice Chichi will square it out for the club's treasurer position at the elections slated for June 23. General secretary Oscar Igaida is set to retain the seat as there is no one cleared to challenge him.