Bochum-Gladbach Bundesliga official suffering from concussion and whiplash after being hit with pint of beer

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Assistant referee Christian Gittelmann has a mild concussion and whiplash after being hit on the head with a pint cup during Vfl Bochum and Borussia Monchenglabach's Bundesliga match on Friday, it has been confirmed.

Play was halted and subsequently abandoned after the linesman was pelted with the plastic glass midway through the second half of the match.

Now, DFB referee commitee member Lutz Wagner has revealed the extent of the injuries sustained, while adding that such actions are not conductive to the performance of match officials.

What has been said?

"Luckily he's doing well again," Wagner told GOAL and SPOX. "I spoke to him: he has a mild concussion, a contused skull and whiplash. I am sure that he will put up with the physical damage in the next few days.

"It will be important that he also processes everything emotionally. You have to imagine that as an assistant you are standing to the side again and have the feeling: "Something is about to come flying from behind again.".

"It's not conducive to concentration. But Christian Gittelmann is a great guy. He'll be able to handle it and he'll come back."

What happened?

Gittelmann was hit by a flying plastic pint glass in the 71st minute, with Gladbach up 2-0, forcing referee Benjamin Cortus to bring play to a halt to inspect his colleague.

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Though the former did not appear to be seriously hurt, the decision to suspend the match was made, with the game subsequently cancelled entirely.

The DFB will now make a decision over the coming days on whether the game will be awarded to Gladbach.

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