Bima Sakti warns of overconfidence against Singapore

Indonesia's Bima Sakti is confident of defeating Singapore but warns of overconfidence

A legend back in his native Indonesia Bima Sakti is a highly revered figure within the Indonesian footballing fraternity.

Appointed three weeks ago to take charge of Indonesia’s national team, Bima is confident of Tim Garuda’s chances against Singapore but warns against overconfidence.

“We will try to play like we are at home tomorrow, but I think it is difficult because this is the first game and players may be a little bit nervous,” he said at the pre-match press conference on Thursday evening at the National Stadium

“I think now, the Singapore team is stronger; they have good players, especially the strikers. Also, they have good organisation in defence and attack and in transition, tomorrow, we must prepare for a tough game.”

The 42-year-old also mentioned how the Lions had an advantage given how his Singapore counterpart Fandi Ahmad had good knowledge of Indonesian football and also Alam Shah; part of Singapore’s backroom staff, who won a league title in Indonesia.

“Coach Fandi and Alam Shah played (extensively) in Indonesia thus I am sure they will have important information on us, which is an advantage for Singapore.”

Although he mentioned how Singapore is still a strong side, the 42-year-old’s confidence was at the forefront when talking about Indonesia’s line-up. Bima only brought two strikers in the form of Beto and Dedik Setiawan.

“We looked at their (Beto and Dedik) performances in recent matches and were confident enough to bring only two strikers.”

“We brought more wingers into the squad to have more choices on the wings because that is how we play.”