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90' + 3'
B. Bereszyński
Yellow Card
N. Murru
Yellow Card
S. Kjær
Yellow Card
M. Gabbiadini
Yellow Card
Brahim Díaz
D. Calabria
0 - 1

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49% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 4
Total Passes 395 409
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Milan put their first points on the board with that win, and join the seven other teams who won their opening game. Next up for them is Cagliari on Sunday. Sampdoria couldn't find a way through and D'Aversa will be hoping they can turn things around and get his first win against Sassuolo next time out.
Milan get their season off to a winning start with a 1-0 victory over Sampdoria. Diaz scored the winning goal just nine minutes in after Calabria's hard work to win the ball back. His close-range shot was helped over the line by Audero. The hosts pushed for an equaliser and Maignan made a couple of good saves to protect his clean sheet before Rebic curled a very late effort just wide of Audero's goal.
90' + 4' CLOSE! The Sampdoria defenders all leave it to each other to clear the danger and Rebic walks through to nick the ball. He tries to curl it into the far bottom corner from the edge of the box, but it bounces inches wide of the target.
B. Bereszyński
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Bereszynski slides in on Hernandez and although he gets the ball, he catches the left-back with his studs. It's not a great challenge and the referee goes straight to his pocket for the yellow card.
90' + 1' Still, Sampdoria push for a late equaliser and they're throwing a lot of bodies forward as we head into four minutes of stoppage time. It's switched out to Candreva, but it's a poor ball from him this time as his cross sails over everyone and straight out at the far post.
N. Murru
Yellow Card
89' The yellow card is out again, this time for Murru after he caught Krunic with a late tackle.
A. Romagnoli
D. Calabria
88' Milan are making their fourth change now and it's Calabria that's making way for Romagnoli.
87' Again, Milan only half-clear their lines and it bounces back out to Candreva on the right. He volleys his cross into the six-yard box, but Damsgaard can't get the contact on it he needs to turn it back towards goal.
S. Kjær
Yellow Card
86' Kjaer catches Verre with a late challenge and has his name taken by the referee.
Adrien Silva
A. Ekdal
86' The hosts are making their third change now as Ekdal is taken off for Silva.
85' The corner is cleared by Milan, but it comes back to Candreva, who whips a good cross into the far post. Thorsby heads it back across goal and it's looping towards Verre, but Maignan comes out to collect it.
83' Bennacer is caught on the ball by Damsgaard and he drives into the box before trying to square it to Quagliarella. Tonali reads the danger well though and stretches to put it out for a corner.
A. Florenzi
A. Saelemaekers
81' Third change for Milan now and Florenzi comes on to make his debut for the club, in place of Saelemaekers.
79' None of the Sampdoria defenders close down Bennacer and he floats a lovely cross into the far post. Giroud is hovering as he waits for it, but Yoshida quickly gets across to flick it out for a corner ahead of him.
77' Thorsby and Maignan are both going for the ball as Ekdal loops a cross in and there's a coming together between the two. The free-kick goes the way of the goalkeeper, and the fans are making it clear that they're not happy with that decision.
75' Damsgaard is closed down by two Milan defenders, so he's forced to switch play back to Bereszynski. Hernandez chases it down all the way, but the right-back does well to keep his cool and knock it back to Audero to clear.
73' It's well worked down the left by Sampdoria as they take Calabria out of the game, but when it comes back to Verre, he plays his low cross behind everyone in the middle and it's an easy one for Milan to clear.
N. Murru
T. Augello
71' Augello is also taken off the field, with Murru coming on for him.
V. Verre
M. Gabbiadini
71' There's a double change for Sampdoria here now as well. Gabbiadini has been receiving treatment on an ankle injury for the last couple of minutes, and he's limped off now, with Verre on to replace him.
I. Bennacer
Brahim Díaz
69' The goal scorer, Diaz, is also going off, with Bennacer on in his place.
A. Rebić
Rafael Leão
69' There's a double change for Milan now, with Leao the first to make way as Rebic replaces him.
68' Saelemaekers pulls away from Augello with some clever footwork down the right and he floats a good cross into the near post for Giroud. The keeper reads it well though and parries it away from the Frenchman before holding it on his second attempt.
66' Yoshida only half-clears his lines after stopping Hernandez's run and Diaz latches onto the loose ball. He's a long way out when he tries to curl his effort into the far bottom corner, and Audero gets down to hold onto it.
64' Sampdoria still can't find a way through Milan's defence as they switch it from right to left again. Augello lets it roll across him instead of hitting the early shot, which gives Kjaer the chance to get across and make the block.
62' Tonali has switched out to the right and he squares the ball to Calabria, who is forward through the middle. He takes a touch before having a go from range, but it's always rising as it sails over the crossbar.
60' Calabria pulls away from Augello down the right and he cuts inside before swinging in a deep cross. It's over everyone in the middle and Hernandez makes a late run to try and reach it, but it bounces out of play just in front of him.
58' Calabria is brought down by Quagliarella on the right and Tonali steps up to swing the free-kick in. His cross picks out Kjaer at the far post, but he can't direct it on goal, and it bounces well wide of the target.
56' It's still the hosts in possession here as Candreva squares it to Ekdal in the middle. He drills a low ball forward for Thorsby to run onto, but there's just too much on it and Maignan rushes off his line to collect it.
54' Sampdoria are trying to get themselves back into this game, but they're still struggling to find a way in behind Milan. Bereszynski plays a low throughball forward for Gabbiadini, but Tomori steps across and shields it back to his goalkeeper.
52' GOOD SAVE! Colley picks out a wonderful pass over the top to Gabbiadini and the forward gets in front of Kjaer before bringing it down. It's a tight angle, but he gets the shot on target, and Maignan bundles it away from his near post.
50' Candreva gets away from Hernandez initially down the right, but the defender gets back well to block his cross. The rebound hits Candreva's arm and the free-kick goes against him, but Gabbiadini goes down off the ball and the home fans aren't happy not to get something for it.
48' Milan are pushing forward from the start here, but Hernandez's cross is cut out by Colley at the near post. The clearance falls for Tonali on the edge of the box and he hits it first time, but it hits the back of Leao.
46' Milan get us back underway for the second half!
Pioli will be pleased with his side's performance so far; they looked a threat going forward and put a stop to Sampdoria's attacks, so he'll be hoping for more of the same. The hosts had a few good moments, but they barely tested Maignan and will need to improve their play in the final third if they want to get back into this game.
Diaz's early goal gives Milan a 1-0 lead over Sampdoria at half-time. It was great work from Calabria to win the ball off Augello and he pulled it back for Diaz, whose shot was helped in by Audero. The keeper also made good saves to deny Hernandez and Leao. At the other end, Maignan had just the one save to make when he tipped Gabbiadini's long-range free-kick over the bar.
45' + 1' Into the first of two added minutes now, and Calabria swings another cross in from the right. Colley's clearance is brought down by Leao on the edge of the box, but he can't tee up Giroud for a shot.
44' There was a lot of power on Ekdal's shot and Krunic has stayed down holding his head after making the block and the medical team are on to give him some treatment. He's quickly back to his feet and will be able to carry on.
42' Colley has travelled a long way with the ball and he's holding it up well as he waits for Ekdal to join him in support. Saelemaekers gets across to nick it off him, and the home fans are asking for a free-kick when the defender goes down, but nothing is given.
40' SAVE! Diaz curls a lovely cross onto the edge of the six-yard box from deep on the right, and Giroud gets between the defenders to bring it down. He pokes it towards goal and Audero gets down quickly to push it away.
39' Candreva pulls away from Hernandez down the right again and he swings another cross into the box. He has four to aim for in the middle, but Maignan comes off his line to collect it.
37' Damsgaard cuts inside this time and tries to float the ball over the top for Quagliarella at the near post. There's too much on it though, and Maignan and Tomori are happy to let it bounce out of play.
35' Damsgaard switches play out to the right when he can't find a way through on the opposite flank and Bereszynski nudges Hernandez away to latch onto it. The left-back goes down heavily and the free-kick is awarded before he can swing a cross into the box.
M. Gabbiadini
Yellow Card
33' Gabbiadini is backtracking quickly to try and stop Diaz's run and he clumsily clips the back of his heels. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
32' Saelemaekers slides a great ball into Leao on the edge of the D and he lays it off to Diaz with his first touch. It looks like he's going to add to his goal as he steps past Colley, but Yoshida slides in with a well-timed tackle to stop him.
30' Sampdoria are still pushing for the equaliser and Ekdal plays a one-two with Thorsby to open up some space through the middle. He tries to pick out Gabbiadini when he gets it back, but Krunic cuts it out.
28' Ekdal lifts a long ball over the top to pick out Quagliarella's run, and the captain does well to hold off Kjaer as he waits for support. He spins to cross it to Gabbiadini, but Tonali puts it out for a corner.
26' SAVE! Sampdoria only half-clear the free-kick into the box and it falls for Hernandez, who has a go from range. It bobbles across goal towards the far corner and Audero gets down to push it away. Krunic follows it in but fires his shot into the side netting.
24' Diaz has scored each of his five Serie A goals in away matches - the Spaniard has been involved in four goals in his last five league appearances (three goals, one assist).
22' Calabria makes a good block on Augello's initial pass, but the left-back curls a good throughball towards Quagliarella on his second attempt. He almost tees up the forward, but Tomori gets there just ahead of him to make an important block.
20' Saelemaekers sweeps the ball out to Hernandez on the left and he whips a great cross into the near post from the byline which Giroud flicks on. Audero gets a strong hand to it, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as the flag is up against the left-back.
18' DOUBLE SAVE! Milan initially cleared the corner into the box, but it was put back into the middle by Damsgaard. It hits Tomori and Maignan has to get down to push it away from the bottom corner, before holding onto Colley's follow-up shot.
17' GOOD SAVE! Damsgaard is clumsily tripped and he wins a free-kick through the middle. It's a long way out, but Gabbiadini goes for goal with his effort and Maignan has to tip it over to stop it nestling in the top corner.
15' Milan switch play out from right to left, with Diaz feeding it out to Leao on the left. He curls a lovely low cross into the six-yard box, but neither Giroud nor Tonali can get a touch on it.
13' It's a lovely bit of play from Candreva as he gets the better of Hernandez down the left before he fizzes a dangerous ball across the face of goal. Gabbiadini is sliding in, but he just can't get there to poke it in on the stretch.
11' Milan are on the attack again here, with Tonali playing another good throughball forward for Giroud. Augello takes a heavy touch as he clears it, which almost lets Calabria in again, but Yoshida gets there first to hook it away.
D. Calabria
9' Calabria didn't give up the chase despite Augello getting in front of him, and his persistence paid off as he was able to set up the goal.
Brahim Díaz
9' DIAZ SCORES! It looks like Augello has dealt with the long ball but it's a poor header that keeps it in play and Calabria pounces. He takes it to the byline before pulling it back to Diaz. He takes the shot first time from the middle of the box and Audero gets a lot on it, but can't stop it from crossing the line. 1-0 Milan!
7' Kjaer and Yoshida are both down after a clash of heads from a corner. Yoshida is quickly back to his feet after treatment, but the Milan defender stays on the ground. He's carefully helped back to his feet, but it looks like he'll be able to carry on after a couple more checks.
5' GOOD SAVE! Maignan picks out Leao's curving run through the middle with his goal-kick and he's one-on-one with the keeper as he sets himself on the left of the box. His shot is fired towards the near post and Audero gets a hand to it to tip it wide.
4' Damsgaard makes a great run down the left before fizzing a dangerous cross in from the left which is just behind Quagliarella. Hernandez thinks he's got it clear until Thorsby wins it back, but he can only win a corner for his side.
2' Candreva links up well down the right with Bereszynski as the hosts have their first opportunity to attack. The right-back drives down the wing, but Tomori is quickly across to him to cut out the run and clear the danger.
1' Gabbiadini gets the game underway for Sampdoria! 
The teams are coming out onto the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away! 
Milan have lost four of their last five Serie A season openers away from home (W1), after going unbeaten in 14 successive such matches before that (W10 D4).
There are some new faces in the Milan team, with Pioli handing debuts to new signings. Maignan starts in goal, with Giroud and loan signing Diaz, also named in the starting line-up. Tomori and Tonali also play after making permanent moves following their loan spells last season. Florenzi and Ballo-Toure are on the bench.
D'Aversa makes three changes to the side that played in the Coppa Italia last week, as he brings in Colley, Yoshida and Damsgaard, who returns after a successful Euros campaign. Candreva makes his league debut for Sampdoria following his move from Inter, while Chabot starts on the bench.
MILAN SUBS: Ismael Bennacer, Daniel Maldini, Alessandro Florenzi, Pierre Kalulu Kyatengwa, Samu Castillejo, Ciprian Tatarusanu, Tommaso Pobega, Matteo Gabbia, Alessio Romagnoli, Alessandro Plizzari, Ante Rebic, Fode Ballo-Toure.
MILAN STARTING XI (4-4-1-1): Mike Maignan; Davide Calabria, Simon Kjaer, Fikayo Tomori, Theo Hernandez; Alexis Saelemaekers, Sandro Tonali, Rade Krunic, Brahim Diaz; Rafael Leao; Olivier Giroud.
SAMPDORIA SUBS: Fabio Depaoli, Nicola Murru, Julian Chabot, Valerio Verre, Alex Ferrari, Simone Trimboli, Nicola Ravaglia, Adrien Silva, Kristoffer Askildsen, Wladimiro Falcone, Lorenzo Tonelli.
SAMPDORIA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Emil Audero; Bartosz Bereszynski, Omar Colley, Maya Yoshida, Tommaso Augello; Morten Thorsby, Albin Ekdal; Antonio Candreva, Manolo Gabbiadini, Mikkel Damsgaard; Fabio Quagliarella.
In the final game of the opening weekend in Serie A, last season's runners-up are looking to make a similar start to a year ago. Their title charge fizzled out at the turn of the year, but Stefano Pioli's men will be looking to challenge for it once again. Sampdoria's competitive campaign is already up and running after they beat Alessandria 3-2 to progress into the second round of the Coppa Italia, and new manager Roberto D'Aversa will be hoping for another good result to start off their season here.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Sampdoria and Milan at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium!