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90' + 4'
A. Mehta
Mahmoud Al Amenah
0 - 1
A. Mehta
Yellow Card
L. Khiangte
Yellow Card
J. Rane
Yellow Card
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That's all from my side, folks. This is Manasi, Goal's Mumbai correspondent, signing off.
The Mumbaikars have been handed a second defeat in a row, courtesy Al Amna's strike in the 79th minute.  
90' + 6' Steven Dias tries the one last attempt to register the equalizer but fails. It's all done and dusted at the Cooperage Football Ground. Mumbai FC 0-1 Aizawl FC.
90' + 5' Mehta is off and Chullova is on for Aizawl. They are moments away from locking the victory.
A. Mehta
90' + 4' Substitution Ashutosh Mehta Lalramchullova
90' + 4' Aizawl need to hold on to their lead for just two more minutes.
90' + 3' As expected, Mehta is taken off on the stretcher. 3 more minutes left in the game.
90' + 2' Mehta is still down and is being received treatment. Looks like a stretcher would be coming on.
90' + 2' Ashutosh Mehta is down on the field, following a knock from the opponents. The Mumbai players are arguing with the referee, who has no interest in hearing their complaints.
90' + 1' There shall be a total of five minutes added.
90' Missed. This was possibly Mumbai's last chance to register the equalizer. All done and dusted for The Mumbaikars? Seems so.
90' Another corner for The Yellows. Steven on the attempt.
89' Hitesh plays a long ball to Thoi but Thoi fails to keep his feet on the delivery.
87' Steven Dias takes the corner and shoots in the middle of the box. Chinta Rao tries a bicycle kick to net the equalizer but misses the target.
86' Corner and a great chance to equalize from, for Mumbai! Dias is the taker.
86' Five minutes of regulation time remaining. It's still 0-1 in the favour of Aizawl.
84' Khalid Jamil making another change in the ending minutes of the game. Kamo Bayi, who had a good game today evening, has made way for Lalnunpuia.
L. Tlau
K. Bayi
83' Substitution Kamo Stephane Bayi T Lalnunpuia
Mahmoud Al Amenah
79' Goal Mahmoud Al Amenah
79' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Aizawl have taken the lead. Lalruatthara passes the ball to Syrian Al Amna who makes no mistake to storm the ball into the net! Kattimani left stun. It's Mumbai 0-1 Aizawl.
78' Alfred passes the ball to Rane who delivers a long ball to Lalruatthara. But the youngster can't connect to the pass and loses the ball.
76' WHAT A CHANCE! Al Amna with an opportunity on the opening goal! Rane passes the ball to Lalruathhara who passes it to Al Amna. The Syrian shoots hard towards the goal but it slightly off target.
75' Substitute Ralte trying to make an impact already- he crosses from the right to the left but doesn't make the most of it as it isn't converted.
74' This half has seen more of injuries than chances. It's all getting dire at the Cooperage Football Ground.
72' Corner for Mumbai! Densill takes the corner but it is a poor effort from the newbie as the shot sways off the ground.
70' Mumbai too have made a change. Their last and final change has come in the ranks of Steven Dias coming on to replace the limping Asheer Akhtar.
70' Aizawl have introduced Laldanmawia Ralte for Albert.
S. Dias
A. Akhtar
69' Substitution Asheer Akhtar Steven Benedic Dias
L. Ralte
A. Zohmingmawia
68' Substitution Albert Zohmingmawia R Laldanmawia
67' Kingsley with a ball to Mehta, who plays it on for Al Amna, who passes it to Ruatthara. The build up is unsuccessful as Mumbai win the ball.
65' Mumbai seemed to be losing their power. Yet again a player is down on the pitch and this time it is Asheer Akhtar.
64' Shirodkar takes a moment to gather his strength and is now back into play! Meanwhile, the attendance at the stadium is 3,426.
63' Pratesh Shirodkar, who has had a scintillating game, is down on the field.
62' We have reached the one hour mark and the deadlock hasn't been broken yet.
61' Santosh Kashyap has brought on new signing Theobald Densill for Siam Hangal.
61' Kamo makes a cross to Albert but missed the chance at a goal as Kattimani collected the ball.
D. Theobald
S. Hanghal
59' Substitution Siam Hanghal Densill Theobald
59' Ashutosh Mehta is booked after a clash of heads with Akhtar.
57' Newbie Asheer Akhtar has gone down inside the box and is receiving treatment.
A. Mehta
Yellow Card
56' Yellow card Ashutosh Mehta
56' We are seeing a stronger Aizawl side in this half of the match. Their attack has stregthened and is causing troubles for the home team.
54' Aizawl are attacking on the counter from the deflection of the corner kick by Mumbai. Score 0-0.
53' First booking for the visiting side as Khiangte enters the referee's book.
52' Mumbai are attacking from the right but failing to convert due to lack of support on the left.
L. Khiangte
Yellow Card
51' Yellow card Lalrinzuala Khiangte
51' Lalruatthara is fed the ball by Mehta who tries to dodge past Mumbai's defenders. But the U-22 player is brought down.
50' Ashutosh Mehta takes a thumping shot but it is blocked and clearly away.
49' Thoi Singh in action! The Manipur-born takes a sprint on the edge, only to fall down towards the end.
48' We have the first change of the match. Reagan Singh has come on for Munmun.
R. Singh
M. Lugun
47' Substitution Munmun Timothy Lugun Reagan Singh
46' We have entered the second half! Let's see how the two sides now perform.
It's half-time. Mumbai FC 0-0 Aizawl FC. Creativity witnessed from both ends but unclear finishing has led to no goals in the first half.
45' + 1' There shall be 2 minutes of added time.
45' Loud cheers from the Aizawl's supporters as Al Amna takes a shot at the goal which goes wide.
44' Khiangte passes the ball to Albert but the latter loses possession of the ball. The game has turned a bit sloppy from Aizawl's end.
43' The 'Aamchi Mumbai' (translates to Our Mumbai) chant is being sung in full volume! Will the home side give a reason to these loud fans to rejoice before the half time whistle?
42' CLOSE! The shot edges past the post as Kattimani is relieved. Score line still 0-0.
42' Aizawl are now in a dangerous position for a free-kick. Will they convert from this?
40' Thoi Singh trying to take the lead in the first half. The ex-Chennaiyin man lays the ball for Hitesh. But the youngster isn't tall to head it in!
J. Rane
Yellow Card
38' Yellow card Jayesh Rane
38' First booking of the game and Jayesh Rane is at the receiving end for his foul on Nikhil Kadam who was storming in to create a chance.
36' Mehta in action again! He makes a fine pass to Koma who takes an overshot. Naturally, it sails over the post.
33' And now Aizawl have an answer to Mumbai's build up! The visiting side storm into the box with Ashutosh Mehta trying to trouble Kattimani. But the skipper for tonight, is alert to stop any attempts entering the goal. SAFE HANDS, INDEED!
32' Nikhil Kadam creating magic from the flanks. The midfielder crosses the ball to Thoi Singh, who can't connect to it successfully. Had there been a tall player, maybe a header would have opened their goal tally!
30' Kamo Bayi is not going to let Mumbai stay in peace. The striker has been on his toes and is testing Mumbai's defence.
30' There score is still 0-0. We have nearly touched the half an hour mark.
27' Ex-Yellow Jayesh Rane looks aimless- his cross from the center has failed miserably.
26' Meanwhile, Shallum Pires of The Mumbaikars takes a free-kick. The attempt is deflected away and Aizawl make the most of this with a counter attack.
25' Thoi Singh's presence not as fruitful today as it has been in the earlier fixtures. Too early to judge? Erm, could be.
20' The match started with Aizawl's dominance and now Mumbai have taken hold of the game. Top stuff from both sides!
19' Nikhil Kadam in spotlight! The 22-year-old crosses the ball for Hitesh Sharma. However, the striker is unable to head it home as the Aizawl defenders block him.
17' CHAOTIC! A lot of confusion inside the box. Mumbai try to shoot but the attempt is cleared by. Meanwhile, Ralte goes down in the box, receives treatment and is back on his feet.
15' Mumbai's mid-berth has been impressive. Flamboyant display of football. Credit to Pratesh Shirodkar, specially. Also, youngster Hitesh Sharma has been invloved actively in the attacking play.
15' The visiting side has kept Mumbai on their feet. Urgency being seen from both the ends.
13' Pratesh Shirodkar takes a mighty shot, a few yards away from the box. Although off target, it was a great attempt from him.
11' Aizawl are showing a quick counter attack but the home side are alert to head away all their attempts, to safety.
7' Hitesh loses the possession of the ball and hereby gifts it to the visitors' midberth forces.
7' Aizawl's Alfred takes a long ranger but swings it far too away from the target.
6' A lot of action seen on both ends of the park. This is going to an action filled 90 minutes!
5' Mumbai with a response to Aizawl's attack- Pratesh Shirodkar plays a long ball to former Chennaiyin midfielder Thoi Singh. The Manipuri takes a shot that goes wide of the post.
4' Yet another chance for the visitor as they storm ahead but Mumbai were quick to deny them of any chance.
2' Aizawl are dominating already. A ball layed off on the flanks for Zohmingmawia to delivers it to team-mate, Kamo, who shoots far too wide.
1' The game has started at the Cooperage Football Ground!
Aizawl kick starting the tie and attempting to hold possesssion of the ball.
The kick-off was scheduled at 7:05PM IST. The match is delayed already!
Blue and yellow flares are off along with the entry of the players on the field. We are a couple of moments away from the whistle.
The players march into the park. Mumbai FC are donning the yellow jersey, whereas Aizawl FC are in white, today evening.
The away team have a good support, too. A stand filled up Aizawl fans can be witnessed. This is going to be an exciting tie!
The home side's supporters have begun their work- loud chants being heard from the 'Yellow Brigade'.
We are less than 15 minutes away from kick-off. The atmosphere is building up. Will Khalid Jamil fly from Mumbai with a victory or shall Kashyap's Yellow army hammer Khalid and co?
Line-ups for the fixture are as follows: Mumbai FC XI: Kattimani (GK); Pratik, Pires, Chintarao, Lugun; Shirodkar, Akhtar; Thoi, Hangal, Kadam; Hitesh. The Mumbaikars have opted for a 4-2-3-1 formation. Hitesh Sharma fulfilling the U-22 quota for the home side.
Aizawl FC Subs: Lalnun, Lalbiak, Lalnunpuia, Laldanmawia, Zothan, Lalthakima, Lalram.
Mumbai FC Subs: Kunal, Reagan, Victorino, Densill, Farukh, Steven, Clyde. Densill Theobald joins The Mumbaikars as the first foreign signing.
Aizawl FC XI: Albino (GK); Khiangte, Kingsley, Zotea, Ruatthara; Albert, Al Amna, Jaryan, Mehta; Kamo Bayi, Rane. Khalid Jamil has decided to kick start in a 4-4-2 shape. Lalruatthara is the U-22 player in the team for the visitors.
It's here a chilly evening here at Mumbai and the players are warming up on the field. The fixture marks the return of former gaffer Khalid Jamil along with ex-Yellows Ashutosh Mehta and Jayesh Rane.
Hello and welcome to Goal's live coverage of the clash between Mumbai FC and Aizawl FC. I, Manasi Pathak, would be providing you all updates live and exclusive from Cooperage Football Ground.