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90' + 3'
Yellow Card
K. Mbappé
Penalty Goal
0 - 4
Á. Di María
0 - 3
L. Messi
K. Mbappé
0 - 2
L. Messi
K. Mbappé
0 - 1

Match Stats

29% 70%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 9
Total Passes 308 736
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 PSG PSG PSG 38 26 8 4 90 36 +54 86 W W D D D
2 Olympique Marseille OM Olympique Marseille 38 21 8 9 63 38 +25 71 W L W L W
3 Monaco ASM Monaco 38 20 9 9 65 40 +25 69 D W W W W
4 Rennes REN Rennes 38 20 6 12 82 40 +42 66 D W L W W
5 Nice NIC Nice 38 20 7 11 52 36 +16 66 W L W W W
6 Strasbourg STR Strasbourg 38 17 12 9 60 43 +17 63 L W W D L
7 Lens RCL Lens 38 17 11 10 62 48 +14 62 D W W D D
8 Olympique Lyonnais OL Olympique Lyonnais 38 17 11 10 66 51 +15 61 W W L W W
9 Nantes NAN Nantes 38 15 10 13 55 48 +7 55 D L W D W
10 Lille LIL Lille 38 14 13 11 48 48 0 55 D W L L W
11 Brest BRE Brest 38 13 9 16 49 57 -8 48 L L L W W
12 Reims SR Reims 38 11 13 14 43 44 -1 46 L W L W L
13 Montpellier MON Montpellier 38 12 7 19 49 61 -12 43 L L L D L
14 Angers SCO SCO Angers SCO 38 10 11 17 44 55 -11 41 W L W L D
15 Troyes TRO Troyes 38 9 11 18 37 53 -16 38 D L D W L
16 Lorient FCL Lorient 38 8 12 18 35 63 -28 36 D D L L L
17 Clermont CLE Clermont 38 9 9 20 38 69 -31 36 L L W L D
18 Saint-Étienne ASS Saint-Étienne 38 7 11 20 42 77 -35 32 D L L L L
19 Metz MET Metz 38 6 13 19 35 69 -34 31 L W W D L
20 Bordeaux GIR Bordeaux 38 6 13 19 52 91 -39 31 W D L L L


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UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League Qualifiers
Relegation Play-off


That's all for today, goodbye!
PSG's run of three draws is over, and they're now unbeaten in their last eight. They'll be rounding off their season at home against Metz before they lift the trophy next week. Montpellier's winless run continues, and Dall-Oglio will be hoping they can finish their season with a win against Angers.
PSG get back to winning ways as they see off Montpellier 4-0. The game was over in the first half, with Messi scoring the first just six minutes in before he coolly slotted into an empty net to double the lead. Di Maria's deflected effort made it 3-0 at the break, though it could've been more, as Mbappe smacked a shot off the bar. The Frenchman, who also set up both of Messi's goals, was brilliant throughout and scored from the spot to round off a convincing win for the French champions.
Yellow Card
90' + 3' The yellow card is out again, this time for Marquinhos, who tugged back Ristic when he got away from him.
90' + 1' Sambia latches onto a loose ball, and when none of the PSG players close him down, he decides to have a go from range. It doesn't trouble Donnarumma though as it flies high over the bar.
D. Gassama
Á. Di María
89' Final change for PSG now as Gassama comes on to replace Di Maria.
J. Ferri
Yellow Card
88' Ferri's layoff was blocked by Marquinhos, and he caught the defender in his attempts to keep hold of it. He was late, and he's shown a yellow card.
87' Messi plays another good throughball into the box and Sambia gets there just ahead of Hakimi to touch it out for a corner. There are some half-hearted penalty shouts from the fans, but a corner is given.
K. Mbappé
Yellow Card
85' Mbappe talks his way into the referee's book.
Nuno Mendes
Juan Bernat
85' And Bernat also makes way, with Mendes on in his place.
A. Hakimi
T. Kehrer
84' PSG are making another double change, and it's to both full-backs. Kehrer is the first to be taken off, with Hakimi on for him.
83' Simons lays it off to Di Maria, who lifts another good ball over the top to Messi. His first touch takes it slightly behind him, so he attempts a bicycle kick which he fires wide. Verratti was coming in behind him and might've been the better option.
81' PSG aren't in any hurry to get upfield at the moment as they try to draw Montpellier out of their shape. The hosts are staying compact though and blocking any way through.
79' Montpellier are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but it's all in their own half. They're trying to push forward, but PSG's high press is making that difficult.
L. Leroy
F. Mollet
76' And Mollet is the other player making way, with Leroy replacing him.
J. Sambia
A. Souquet
76' Montpellier are making their final changes now. Souquet, who is on a booking, is the first to go off, with Sambia on for him.
75' The game has had to be stopped again with the fans behind Bertaud's goal now throwing flares onto the pitch. Everyone is moved away from that end while the situation is sorted.
A. Oyongo
S. Delaye
73' Third change for Montpellier now, and it's Delaye that's going off for Oyongo.
72' Yet again, Mbappe skips past Souquet and brushes the defender aside to get into the box. This time, Cozza gets back across to cover to stop him from getting in on goal.
X. Simons
Yellow Card
70' Just seconds after coming off the bench, Simons slides in with a late challenge on Ristic. It's right in front of the referee and he has his name taken.
X. Simons
G. Wijnaldum
69' And Wijnaldum is also being taken off, with Simons coming on for him.
E. Michut
Ander Herrera
68' PSG are making a double change now. Herrera is the first to go off, with Michut on in his place.
68' SAVE! Ferri has his back to Marquinhos and he cleverly flicks the ball onto Gioacchini on the right of the box. He fires a shot across goal, which is pushed away by Donnarumma just before the flag goes up.
66' Mbappe is away down the left wing again, and he pulls it back to Messi on the edge of the box this time. Cozza is closing him down, so he has to take the shot quickly, but he ends up firing it high over the bar.
64' NO GOAL! Montpellier just can't deal with Mbappe as he gets away down the left again, and he squares it into the box for Di Maria. He's one-on-one with Bertaud and he dinks a lovely finish over him, but it won't count as the flag is up.
63' OFF THE POST! Gioacchini touches it through to Mollet down the right, and he gets a yard on Bernat before he fizzes a low cross into the six-yard box. Donnarumma scrambles back to his line, but it ends up hitting the post.
62' Kehrer is caught on the ball by Gioacchini and he drives to the edge of the box. He can't find a way in, so he takes the shot from range. The substitute slices at it though, sending it high into the stands.
K. Mbappé
Penalty Goal
60' MBAPPE SCORES! Despite having to wait a long time before he could take the penalty, Mbappe didn't let it faze him. He takes a short run-up before hitting his low shot into the bottom right corner, sending Bertaud the wrong way. 4-0 PSG!
59' Mbappe is being made to wait to take the penalty after the fans behind the goal threw something onto the pitch. The referee has just put a halt to the game so that the issue can be sorted.
57' PENALTY TO PSG! It's a lovely lifted cross from Di Maria to the Mbappe, and he brings it under control before Souquet clatters into the back of him, leaving the referee no choice but to point to the spot.
55' Mbappe is sprinting into the box from the left again, and he gets the better of Souquet. He gets a slight nudge from the defender before going down and the PSG players are asking for a penalty. The referee says no, and VAR agrees after a quick check.
N. Gioacchini
53' And Thuler is also taken off, with Gioacchini replacing him.
V. Germain
S. Mavididi
53' Montpellier are finally ready to make that change, and it's going to be a double. Mavididi has made it back to the bench, and Germain is on in his place.
51' Montpellier are currently playing with 10 men due to Mavididi's injury, and PSG are keeping the hosts penned back. Di Maria tries to play a reverse pass into Verratti, but it's cut out by Esteve.
49' As Mavididi was chasing back to help his midfielders, he pulled up holding his hamstring. The physio quickly gestures to the bench and it looks like his game is over.
48' PSG have picked up where they left off in the first half; they're keeping possession well and patiently playing it out from the back. It's worked out to Messi on the right, but he puts it out when he spots Mavididi's down.
46' Montpellier get us back underway for the second half!
It's exactly the first half Pochettino would've wanted after last week's game and his side are in total control here. It looks more like a question of how many they'll finish with. Montpellier have still looked a threat on the break, with Donnarumma having a couple of nervy moments to help out. Dall-Oglio will be hoping for a much better performance in the second half though.
PSG are cruising with a 3-0 lead over Montpellier at the break. The visitors made a quick start to the game with Messi firing a low shot into the bottom corner just six minutes into the first half. The Argentinian then doubled their advantage with a cool finish when he rounded the keeper to slot into an empty net. Di Maria's deflected effort then beat Bertaud to make it 3-0 before Mbappe, who set up both of Messi's goal, smacked an effort off the bar.
44' Di Maria lifts a lovely cross into the middle and Ramos peels away to glance a header towards goal from the middle. It hits Esteve and drops for the defender again, but this time he lifts his shot over the bar.
43' Mbappe has just stayed down to get some treatment on his ankle after that challenge from Souquet. He's quickly back on his feet though and he'll be able to carry on.
A. Souquet
Yellow Card
41' Mbappe left Souquet behind with a clever bit of skill and the defender ends up clipping his heels when he attempts to get back into position. It's clumsy and he's booked for it.
40' Montpellier are being penned back even deeper in their own half now as PSG come forward again. Di Maria goes for a rabona cross into the middle of the box for Messi, but it's cut out ahead of him by Cozza.
38' Mbappe has been involved in 56 goals in all competitions this season (35 goals, 21 assists), his highest tally in a single season at club level in his career.
36' Mbappe can't find a way through down the left this time, so it's worked back to Ramos on the edge of the D. Nobody closes him down, so he chooses to have a go from range, but Bertaud keeps his low shot out at the near bottom corner.
Ander Herrera
Yellow Card
34' Herrera just clips the back of Mavididi's heels to stop his run, and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
34' OFF THE BAR! Mbappe checks back to his right foot on the edge of the box, wrongfooting Cozza, and decides to have a go when the space opens up. His shot sails over Bertaud, who can only watch as it smacks back off his crossbar.
32' It's another good switch of play out to Ristic, who touches it into Mollet. Di Maria clips his heels to give away a free-kick, and the midfielder steps up to take it but hits his shot straight at Donnarumma.
30' Mollet gets away from Bernat down the right and floats a good cross into the far post. Ristic gets goalside of Marquinhos to nod it down, but it's behind Mavididi and it bounces harmlessly out of play.
28' Montpellier are still giving this a good go as Ristic goes long for Delaye down the right again. He spins out of trouble when three PSG players close him down, but a belated offside flag stops him from picking out a team-mate.
Á. Di María
26' DI MARIA SCORES! It's wonderful footwork from Mbappe down the left to leave two Montpellier defenders behind and he lifts a cross in when he spots Messi's late run. It's glanced away by Esteve to Di Maria, who brings it down on the right of the box. His low shot takes a big deflection off Thuler which lifts it over Bertaud. 3-0 PSG!
24' Delaye's cross is cut out by Ramos, but his clearance goes straight back to the hosts. Chotard touches it into Souquet on the edge of the box, but he blazes his shot high over the bar.
22' Di Maria's bursting run is cut out by Ristic and he tries to set Montpellier away with another quick break. It's a poor pass through to Chotard from him though and PSG easily intercept.
K. Mbappé
20' It's a wonderful cross into the box from Mbappe, as he curls it in with the outside of his right boot. For the second time in this game, he's set up Messi for a goal.
L. Messi
20' MESSI SCORES AGAIN! It starts with the goalkeeper and PSG work it nicely down the left with Mbappe whipping a great cross into the box. Messi brings it down in the middle and, cool as you like, takes it around Bertaud when he rushed off his line and slotted it into the empty net. 2-0 PSG!
19' Donnarumma gets away with another one! This time he rushes out of his box to head Ferri's long ball away, but he ends up nodding it straight into Mavididi's path. The forward takes the shot quickly from a tight angle, but it's tamely into the keeper's gloves.
18' A long throughball from Ferri looks to have cut open PSG's defence, with Mavididi chasing it down, but Marquinhos recovers well to intercept it. The forward keeps it alive, fizzing a low cross into the middle, but Donnarumma holds it.
16' CHANCE! It's a poor clearance from Donnarumma as Chotard chests it down to Mavididi on the edge of the box. He takes the shot quickly with Ramos closing him down, but he curls it just wide of the far side.
14' CLOSE! Bernat plays a one-two with Mbappe before clipping a great cross back from the byline when it looked like he wasn't going to reach it. Wijnaldum rises highest to nod it towards goal, but it lands on the roof of the net.
12' Bertaud takes a goal-kick short and is instantly put under pressure by Di Maria when it's played back to him. A heavy first touch almost takes it away from him as the winger slides in, but Bertaud manages to hook it away in time.
10' SAVE! Messi goes long and Mbappe bursts past Souquet down the left. He takes on the shot from a tight angle in the box and Bertaud gets down to push it away, but the Frenchman feels he should've done better.
8' Montpellier just can't get out of their own half at the moment as PSG push again. Di Maria whips a cross in from the right this time, but it's cut out by Cozza ahead of Mbappe.
K. Mbappé
6' Mbappe just drags it away from Esteve in the box to open up the space he needed to play the pullback.
L. Messi
6' MESSI SCORES! The corner is taken short by PSG and worked to Mbappe on the left of the box. After a quick glance up, he pulls it back into the middle and Di Maria lets it run. Messi comes in behind him to hit it first time, firing low into the far bottom corner. 1-0 PSG!
5' GOOD SAVE! Di Maria cuts inside from the right before drilling a low cross into Mbappe, who helps it on to Messi on the edge of the box. He fires his shot towards the near corner, and Bartaud pushes it over.
4' Mavididi is set off on a quick break through the middle and there are shouts for a free-kick when Marquinhos bundles him over. Nothing is given though, much to the home fans' frustration.
2' PSG are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening exchanges here and patiently working it forward. They switch it from right to left where Mbappe tries a drive from range, but it's held by Bertaud at his near post.
1' Messi gets the game underway for PSG!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
PSG have only won two of their last 11 Ligue 1 games played when they were sure to be French champions (D6 L3), with their last such win coming back in May 2019 against Dijon (4-0).
Mauricio Pochettino makes six changes from the draw with Troyes on Sunday. Donnarumma starts in goal, with Kehrer, Ramos, Bernat, Wijnaldum and Herrera also coming in. Navas, Hakimi, Mendes and Pereira start on the bench, while Presnel Kimpembe and Neymar miss out through suspension.
Olivier Dall-Oglio makes just three changes to the side that lost to Clermont Foot last time out. Thuler, Delaye, and Ferri, who returns after recovering from an injury, are all brought in. Leroy and Germain drop to the bench, where Oyongo is also named after serving a suspension. Mamadou Sakho misses out with a back problem.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: Keylor Navas, Danilo Pereira, Edouard Michut, Eric Ebimbe, Nuno Mendes, Ismael Gharbi, Achraf Hakimi, Djeidi Gassama, Xavi Simons.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Thilo Kehrer, Marquinhos, Sergio Ramos, Juan Bernat; Ander Herrera, Georginio Wijnaldum, Marco Verratti; Angel Di Maria, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe.
MONTPELLIER SUBS: Ambroise Oyongo, Valere Germain, Leo Leroy, Junior Sambia, Pedro Mendes, Matis Carvalho, Nicholas Gioacchini.
MONTPELLIER STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Dimitriy Bertaud; Nicolas Cozza, Thuler, Maxime Esteve; Arnaud Souquet, Jordan Ferri, Joris Chotard, Mihailo Ristic; Florent Mollet; Sacha Delaye, Stephy Mavididi.
PSG wrapped up the title three weeks ago, and are coasting to the end of their season. They're unbeaten in their last seven games (W4 D3), though they've drawn their last three on the bounce, blowing a 2-0 lead to Troyes in their most recent outing. As for Montpellier, they're winless in their last seven outings (D2 L5) and have collected just 12 points in the league so far in 2022, with only bottom-placed Bordeaux picking up less. Their most recent win in the competition actually came against Bordeaux, with a 2-0 back in March.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Ligue 1 meeting between Montpellier and Paris Saint-Germain at the Stade de la Mosson!