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90' + 6'
Cristiano Ronaldo
Yellow Card
90' + 5'
Cristiano Ronaldo
J. Lingard
2 - 1
90' + 1'
Rubén Peña
Yellow Card
Alex Telles
Bruno Fernandes
1 - 1
Paco Alcácer
A. Groeneveld
0 - 1

Match Stats

55% 44%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 7
Total Passes 554 442
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Manchester United MUN Manchester United 5 3 1 1 10 7 +3 10 W D W W L
2 Villarreal VIL Villarreal 5 2 1 2 9 7 +2 7 L W W L D
3 Atalanta ATA Atalanta 5 1 3 1 10 10 0 6 D D L W D
4 Young Boys YBB Young Boys 5 1 1 3 6 11 -5 4 D L L L W


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


That's all for today, goodbye! 
It's an important win for United after a run of poor results and they go third in the group, level with Young Boys. Next up for them, it's back to the Premier League as they host Everton on Saturday. That's Villarreal's first defeat of the season which leaves them bottom of the table. They face Real Betis in LaLiga next time out.
Ronaldo's stoppage-time goal wins it for United as they beat Villarreal 2-1. De Gea played a big part for the hosts in the first half as he made four great saves to keep out Danjuma, Alcacer and Pino. Villarreal took the lead just after the break though when Alcacer flicked it past the keeper. Telles then equalised with a wonderful volley from the edge of the box. De Gea made another important double save late on before Ronaldo fired in the winner deep in stoppage time from a tight angle.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Yellow Card
90' + 6' Ronaldo is booked after taking his shirt off during the goal celebration.
J. Lingard
90' + 5' Lingard has two defenders tight to him when he's played in by Ronaldo, and he does brilliantly to deftly touch it to him and duck out of the way of the shot.
Cristiano Ronaldo
90' + 5' RONALDO SCORES! It's a great cross in from Fred on the left which Ronaldo cushions down for Lingard. He does brilliantly to touch it back towards Ronaldo, and he hits it from a very tight angle on the right of the box. Rulli gets a hand to it, but can't stop it from finding the top corner. 2-1 United! 
90' + 3' GOOD SAVE! Ronaldo has switched out to the right for the moment and he fizzes a good cross into Lingard at the near post. He tries to flick it past the keeper, but he spreads himself to smother the shot.
90' + 1' Fernandes clips the free-kick into the box, but it's headed away just in front of Cavani by Torres. It falls for McTominay, who hits the shot on the volley, but it's straight at Rulli through the middle.
Rubén Peña
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Pena clattered into the back of Matic after he played a pass and he's shown a yellow card.
J. Lingard
M. Greenwood
89' Greenwood is also being taken off, with Lingard on for him.
Alex Telles
89' Another double change for United here, and it looks like Telles was just struggling with an injury, so Fred is on to replace him.
88' BLOCK! United don't deal with the corner into the box and it's pinballing around in the area. Parejo turns away from Matic before hitting a low shot at the near post, but McTominay throws himself in front of it to block the effort.
86' DOUBLE SAVE! Gomez cuts inside from the left and De Gea gets down to push it away, but it bounces back towards goal off Dia. The keeper gets his fingertips to it to keep it out before Telles slides in to block Dia's follow-up shot.
85' It looks like Dalot has dealt with the danger until Danjuma comes away with the ball and cuts inside from the left again. He overruns it this time though and Matic steps in to win it back.
83' It's good defending from Pena to get away from Fernandes, and he switches play out to Danjuma on the left. He pulls away from Dalot again to clip a cross in, but Lindelof gets ahead of Dia to clear it.
81' McTominay breaks up Villarreal's attack before instantly setting the hosts on the counter. Greenwood has acres of space to run into down the right again and curls a deep cross in this time. It's over everyone's head though and Ronaldo can't keep it in at the far post.
79' CAVANI! Dalot stretches to intercept Capoue's pass and touches it out to Greenwood on the right. He whips a great cross in from the right, which is just over Mandi's head at the far post. Cavani is behind him, but he wasn't expecting it, and he nods it just wide.
77' It's a good spell of possession for Villarreal now, but they're struggling to push forward. United have dropped deep to allow them to keep the ball and they're not leaving any space in behind for the visitors to get into.
E. Cavani
P. Pogba
75' Pogba is also coming off, which will see Ronaldo move out onto the left wing so Cavani can play through the middle.
N. Matić
J. Sancho
75' There's a double change for United here. Sancho is the first to go off, with Matic on in his place. 
Rubén Peña
Alberto Moreno
73' And Moreno is also being taken off, with Pena coming on for him.
Moi Gómez
Yeremi Pino
73' Pino is also going off, with Gomez on in his place.
A. Mandi
73' Albiol has just gone down off the ball here, and it looks like his game is over because of a muscle injury. He goes straight off and is replaced by Mandi.
Alex Telles
Yellow Card
71' Telles slides in late on Pino and gets nowhere near the ball as he takes the forward out. He's shown a yellow card.
70' Sancho can't keep hold of the ball and Dia sets Villarreal on the counter by touching it out to Danjuma. He has Pino to aim for in the middle, but Lindelof gets across to block the cross.
Yellow Card
68' The yellow card is out again, this time for Albiol, who kept pulling back Ronaldo to stop the break.
M. Greenwood
Yellow Card
68' Greenwood takes one for the team as he tugs Dia back to stop his run and his name is taken by the referee.
Yeremi Pino
Yellow Card
67' Pino just clips the back of Telles' heels as he closes the left-back down and he's shown a yellow card.
65' The visitors are just trying to slow the pace of the game down a little now as they knock it around in their own half. Parejo tries to feed in Pino down the right, but this time sends his pass straight out of play.
63' The game has opened up following the equaliser. Pogba drives forward through the middle before being stopped by a great tackle from Foyth. He then sets his side on the counter, but Pino can't pick out a cross from the right.
P. Estupiñán
Manu Trigueros
61' Second change for Villarreal now, and it's Trigueros that's making way for Estupinan.
Bruno Fernandes
60' It's a well-worked free-kick from Fernandes and he plays a perfectly weighted cross into Telles from the free-kick.
Alex Telles
60' TELLES SCORES! Fernandes takes the free-kick on the edge of the box on the right and pulls it back for Telles, who is hovering just outside the area. He lets it drop and hits it sweetly on the volley, curling it through the crowd and into the bottom corner. 1-1! 
Alberto Moreno
Yellow Card
59' Greenwood is tripped by Trigueros and Villarreal aren't happy with the free-kick that's given. Moreno kicks the ball away and is booked for dissent.
B. Dia
Paco Alcácer
58' Villarreal are making the first change of the game here as the goal scorer, Alcacer, goes off for Dia.
57' CHANCE! The space just seems to open up in front of Fernandes on the edge of the box as he has a go from distance, and he fires his shot towards the far post. There's no curl on the shot though, and it flies well wide.
55' United are trying to have a quick response to going behind, with Greenwood driving down the right. He spots Fernandes in a pocket of space on the edge of the box, but he plays the pass just behind him.
A. Groeneveld
53' Danjuma has picked up where he left off in the first half and just breezes past Dalot again to get in behind and set up the goal.
Paco Alcácer
53' ALCACER SCORES! Danjuma gets away from Dalot down the left again and the right-back can't intercept the pass into him. He pulls it back for Alcacer, who sticks out a leg to poke it past De Gea and into the back of the net. 1-0 Villarreal! 
52' It's a good tackle from Dalot to nick the ball back and he picks out Ronaldo with the throughball. He knocks it out to Greenwood on the right before continuing his run, but the cross is intercepted by Albiol.
50' Villarreal are keeping the ball well in their own half of the field, but they're in no hurry to move upfield just yet. United are chasing them down high upfield, but can't get close to the visitors at the moment.
48' United are pushing forward in the opening moments here, with Pogba finding the space to slot it through to Telles down the left. He tries to hit the cross first time, but trips over the ball and the attack fizzles out.
46' Villarreal get us back underway for the second half!
The frustration was clear on Villarreal's faces at the half-time whistle and they'll be wondering how they're not out of sight in this game. Emery will be hoping they can manage to convert one of their chances soon. United have struggled for large parts of this game, and Solskjaer may be thinking about making a change to add something different in the final third.
It's goalless at the break between Manchester United and Villarreal. All the big chances fell to the visitors in that first half, with De Gea keeping his side in the game. Danjuma saw two early efforts saved by the Spaniard, with Alcacer and Pino also being denied by smart stops. Alcacer also fired a shot wide from a one-on-one situation, while United's best chance was almost an own goal, with Moreno's clearance bouncing inches past the post.
45' SAVE! Torres is allowed to carry the ball a long way upfield before he lays it off to Pino on the right of the box. He skips past Telles' challenge before hitting a low shot on goal, but De Gea gets down smartly to push it away.
43' WIDE! It's a brilliant cross from Pogba on the left towards Ronaldo, who is making a late run into the box. Rulli rushes off his line to close him down but Moreno sticks out a leg which takes it past the keeper and almost sends it into the back of the net, but it's just wide.
42' Villarreal break quickly on the counter and United only have Dalot back against two attackers. Alcacer overhits the pass out to Pino though and Dalot does well to get across and clear the danger.
41' United are starting to up the pressure a little more now and Pogba plays a perfectly weighted pass out to Telles on the left. He tries to swing an early cross into the box, but it's deflected out for a corner.
39' Fernandes times his run perfectly to stay onside and get on the end of Pogba's throughball. He chips a cross into the far post to pick out Ronaldo, but he scuffs the volley and it's a comfortable one for Rulli at his near post.
37' Sancho is starting to find little pockets of space down the left and he lays it off to Pogba, who pulls away from Foyth to get into the box. He hits the shot from a tight angle, and Rulli holds onto it at his near post.
35' Dalot slides a good throughball into Greenwood and he takes it around Torres with his first touch. He ends up running into the defender which sends him to ground, but the flag has gone up for offside. 
33' Villarreal's high press is causing United some real problems now and the hosts are struggling to get upfield. Dalot swings a hopeful pass out to Sancho on the left and he does well to bring it down and ends up winning a corner, but it comes to nothing.
31' MISS! Dalot's throughball is sloppy and Capoue intercepts it before going long for Alcacer down the middle. Varane completely misses the clearance, leaving the forward through on goal. He drills his shot just wide of the near post though and another chance goes begging for Villarreal.
29' Villarreal look to Danjuma down the left as they try to get in behind United again. He just takes the ball past Dalot again before cutting into the box and having a go. It's a tame effort though that he pokes into the side netting.
27' Sancho leaves Pino on the floor before playing a one-two with Telles down the left. He skips away from Foyth before trying to pick out the left-back again, but they're not on the same wavelength this time as it goes straight to Torres.
25' It's a loose pass out to Telles by McTominay and Pino is quick to latch onto it. He drives into the box, with options to his left, but he goes for goal himself and fires his effort high and wide of the near post.
23' Villarreal are dropping deep into their shape whenever the hosts have possession and United are patiently trying to open up space. Lindelof lifts a good back over the top towards Sancho, but Torres gets there just ahead of him.
21' Parejo keeps his corner low as he hits it low towards the edge of the box and United don't spot the danger. Moreno hits it first time but leans back as he takes it and blazes his effort high into the stands.
19' Trigueros is caught on the ball by Sancho this time, and he sets United on the counter by switching it out to Pogba on the left. He whips an early cross into the box towards Ronaldo, but Rulli is quickly out to intercept it.
17' DE GEA! Danjuma is causing Dalot all sorts of problems down the left and he wrongfoots the right-back again to whip a cross into the near post. Alcacer gets ahead of Lindelof to flick on a header and De Gea tips it over the crossbar.
16' United are quick to get players out to Danjuma on the left this time, but he threads a wonderful throughball into the middle for Alcacer to chase. Varane reads it well though and slides in to get an important touch which helps it back to De Gea.
14' Fernandes drifts out to the right and he's in acres of space in behind Villarreal's defence. Varane spots the run but overhits his long ball over the top and there's nothing the captain can do it keep it in play.
12' Ronaldo is making his 178th Champions League appearance, overtaking Iker Casillas as the player with the most appearances in the competition's history.
10' GREAT SAVE! Danjuma feints to his left which wrongfoots Dalot and opens up the space for a shot. He fires his effort across goal, and De Gea gets his fingertips to the ball to tip it onto his far post.
9' Telles whips a great corner in and Ronaldo rises highest in the crowded box to reach it. He gets caught under it though and his header loops high over the crossbar.
7' SAVE! None of the United defenders spot Danjuma's unmarked run down the left and he's picked out by Capoue. The forward is one-on-one with De Gea, but he drills his shot straight at the keeper, who pushes it away.
6' Villarreal just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment, with Varane going long over the top to Sancho. He brings it down with a great first touch which takes him past Parejo, but his cross is deflected straight into Rulli's gloves.
4' Telles goes long over the top as Pogba floats out into the left, and he manages to head it on. There's no one running in behind him though and Foyth is able to knock it back to Rulli.
2' United have started on the front foot here and McTominay closes down a loose pass from Torres. He feeds it into Ronaldo and he squares it into Fernandes to his left. He hits it first time, but it's always rising high over the bar.
1' Fernandes gets the game underway for United! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
The four Champions League clashes between United and Villarreal have all finished 0-0, making it the most played fixture in the history of the competition to see no goals scored.
Unai Emery makes just one change to his team after the draw with Real Madrid last time out and it's an enforced one. Francis Coquelin is suspended after being sent off against Atalanta, so Trigueros comes in for him.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes four changes to the side that lost to Aston Villa on Saturday, as he brings Dalot, Lindelof, Telles and Sancho into the team. Fred drops to the bench, Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw miss out due to injuries picked up in that match, and Aaron Wan-Bissaka is suspended after a red card against Young Boys.
VILLARREAL SUBS: Mario Gaspar, Aissa Mandi, Vicente Iborra, Nikita Iosifov, Ruben Pena, Filip Jorgensen, Boulaye Dia, Sergio Asenjo, Alfonso Pedraza, Pervis Estupinan, Moi Gomez.
VILLARREAL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Geronimo Rulli; Juan Foyth, Raul Albiol, Pau Torres, Alberto Moreno; Daniel Parejo, Etienne Capoue, Manu Trigueros; Yeremi Pino, Paco Alcacer, Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld. 
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Anthony Elanga, Dean Henderson, Anthony Martial, Eric Bailly, Edinson Cavani, Fred, Donny van de Beek, Juan Mata, Nemanja Matic, Jesse Lingard, Tom Heaton.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Diogo Dalot, Raphael Varane, Victor Lindelof, Alex Telles; Paul Pogba, Scott McTominay; Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, Jadon Sancho; Cristiano Ronaldo.
It's just four months on from these sides' meeting in the Europa League final, which finished 1-1, with Villarreal triumphing 11-10 on penalties to lift the trophy. United started their Champions League campaign with a shock 2-1 defeat to Young Boys, and have won just one of their three games since, losing the last two outings 1-0. Villarreal, on the other hand, drew 2-2 with Atalanta last time out in the competition and remain unbeaten this season. They've won just once in all competitions though (4-1 v Elche), drawing the other seven.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group F meeting between Manchester United and Villarreal at Old Trafford!