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90' + 7'
Bruno Fernandes
P. Pogba
2 - 0
90' + 5'
S. McTominay
Yellow Card
A. Mac Allister
Yellow Card
L. Dunk
Red Card
Cristiano Ronaldo
S. McTominay
1 - 0

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50% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 3
Total Passes 512 516
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United have shrugged off their recent stuttering run to secure a valuable win then. With several teams below them boasting games in hand, though, they need to keep their standards up if they want to play in the Champions League again next season. That's all for now. Goodbye!
United's victory lifts them to fourth in the Premier League table for now, two points ahead of West Ham United. Rangnick's men weren't great in the first half but took full advantage of Dunk's dismissal. They had 16 shots on goal to Brighton's two in the second half. Brighton stay ninth. They'll rue their bad luck but they'll move on quickly.
United have secured a victory that looks more comfortable than the game was for them at half-time. Brighton played well in the first half and no doubt fancied their chances of getting something, until Ronaldo rifled home early in the second half. Dunk's red card swung the game decisively away from Brighton, and United spurned several chances to extend their lead before Fernandes finally put a gloss on the result.
P. Pogba
90' + 7' Fernandes spotted that the counter-attack was on as soon as handball was given against Mac Allister, and Pogba wasted no time in finding him. Fernandes deserves his reward from an influential second half.
Bruno Fernandes
90' + 7' GOAL! MANCHESTER UNITED 2-0 BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION! Fernandes seals the win for United right at the death. United earn a free-kick deep in their own half which Pogba takes quickly. The Portuguese midfielder scampers forward into the box and slots calmly past Sanchez.
S. McTominay
Yellow Card
90' + 5' McTominay picks up a late yellow card for one niggly foul too many. United are starting to get slightly nervy.
90' + 4' Mac Allister dinks the ball into United's box from deep. United head it out. Lamptey looks to skip back into the penalty area but finds his path to goal peppered with United defenders. Welbeck's offside from Cucurella's pass.
90' + 3' McTominay brings down Bissouma some way out from goal. This might be Brighton's chance. They send players forward for the free-kick.
90' + 2' Rashford is beaten to a pass by Webster. Brighton circulate the ball, looking for one good shooting opportunity. They haven't given up hope yet.
90' The officials indicate that there'll be a minimum of six minutes of added time. Brighton will be happier with that than United.
89' Cucurella's cross from the left is headed out by Shaw. Brighton keep pushing and Lamptey's ball in is headed over by Welbeck! De Gea shouts at his defenders. United almost let a third consecutive 1-0 lead slip there.
87' United's latest corner doesn't lead to anything other than a blocked shot by Ronaldo, but they don't need it to. They're well in control of this game at this stage.
86' Bissouma hands United another corner down their right. Fernandes swings it in. Bissouma nods it out at the near post to give United another try.
A. Mac Allister
Yellow Card
85' Mac Allister hauls Rashford down as the substitute bursts forward on the counter-attack for United. A yellow card is the Argentine's reward.
84' Alzate blocks Telles' shot from the left of the box after the Brazilian latches onto Rashford's low cross. From the corner, Fernandes lays off to McTominay who skies his effort from outside the box.
83' Welbeck very nearly gets on the end of Moder's ball over the top, beating United's centre-backs to it. De Gea reads the situation well though and rushes off his line to get to it first.
81' Fernandes manages to get a shot away from the left of the box, forcing Sanchez to concede another corner. The ball comes to Maguire on the edge of the box. The England defender shifts the ball onto his left foot and inspires a routine save from the Brighton keeper.
Alex Telles
J. Sancho
80' Sancho also gets the last 10 minutes off. United bring on their left-back Telles.
M. Rashford
A. Elanga
79' Elanga's game is over for United. The Swede has worked hard for the hosts and has played a key role by getting Dunk sent off. Rashford comes on for him.
77' United are preparing Rashford to come on. Meanwhile, Brighton hit the crossbar! Moder cuts inside from the left and takes aim for the top right corner. De Gea is stranded and the effort cracks against the woodwork and back into play! Welbeck can't do anything with Bissouma's follow-up pass.
76' Bissouma goes down holding his head after taking an accidental kick from Fernandes as they went for a high ball. The Brighton man soon gets to his feet and accepts Fernandes' apology.
74' Pogba gets involved in the game straight away, blasting against a defender after Sancho beats Veltman down the left. United keep the pressure on following the corner, and Ronaldo nods wide from Fernandes' cross! The forward yells in frustration. For a forward of his quality, that's a very good chance.
P. Pogba
73' United substitution. Pogba wanders onto the pitch to replace Fred.
73' Brighton are handed a corner by Maguire. The visitors can't do anything with Cucurella's delivery though.
L. Shaw
Yellow Card
72' Shaw's booked for a strong, and unfair, challenge on Lamptey.
71' United almost put the game to bed! Sanchez passes straight to Ronaldo, who generously lays off to his countryman Fernandes. The Portuguese midfielder blasts straight at Sanchez from the centre of the box. The rebound falls to Ronaldo who can't pick out his teammate again.
D. Welbeck
N. Maupay
70' Brighton substitution. Welbeck takes Maupay's place up front for the Seagulls.
69' Brighton are still looking tidy on the ball, as Lamptey just fails to keep a pass in play, but they're hardly seeing it anymore. That red card really has taken away their tailwind.
67' Ronaldo, who's growing in influence, chests down a direct pass. He's pickpocketed by Lamptey, but the offside flag goes up against him anyway.
65' Lamptey blocks Shaw's cross, giving United a corner. They take it short to Fernandes, who dips a lovely cross towards Ronaldo who's hovering at the far post. Sanchez tips the United's man header over the crossbar! United get another a corner which is less eventful as Dalot's shot is blocked, but they're suddenly on the prowl.
64' Brighton have switched to a flat 4-4-1 formation. United will be glad to enjoy more time in central midfield.
62' Elanga fires over after getting a distant sight of goal before McTominay does the same shortly after. Veltman has slotted in at centre-back for Brighton since Lamptey's introduction.
S. Alzate
P. Groß
60' Gross, one of Brighton's quieter players, also heads off. Alzate is his replacement.
T. Lamptey
L. Trossard
60' Brighton decide to switch things up now they have to play with 10 men. Trossard is sacrificed to bring Lamptey on.
58' United can take control of this game now. McTominay drops to the turf to receive treatment after taking a knock in a 50/50 challenge with Maupay. Lamptey is warming up for Brighton down on the touchline.
56' United prepare to take the free-kick. Brighton get in the way of it, blocking Fernandes' and Fred's shot from outside the box, but they'll be disappointed to be a man and a goal down after playing so well in the first half.
L. Dunk
Red Card
54' RED CARD FOR BRIGHTON! After taking a second look at the incident, the referee wipes out Dunk's yellow card and replaces it with a straight red! Dunk did land himself in trouble there, and denied Elanga an obvious goalscoring opportunity.
Bruno Fernandes
Yellow Card
53' Fernandes is shown the yellow card for protesting the decision with the referee. He's convinced Dunk should be sent off! After some discussion, Bankes heads over to look at the pitchside monitor...
52' Dunk misjudges how much time he has on the ball at the back. Elanga nips in, forcing the Brighton centre-back to bring him down! He's booked for the indiscretion. VAR will have to take a look at that.
S. McTominay
51' Bissouma's been one of Brighton's better players, but McTominay caught him out there. The Scot wasted no time in finding Ronaldo who did the rest. United will be relieved to be ahead.
Cristiano Ronaldo
51' GOAL! MANCHESTER UNITED 1-0 BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION! Ronaldo gives United the lead with a thunderous strike! Bissouma's closed down in midfield by McTominay who finds United's talisman on the edge of the box. The 37-year-old skips over a challenge and blasts the ball past Sanchez into the bottom right corner.
49' Fernandes' corner isn't the best, and Brighton come away with the ball. Moder fizzes in a low cross from the right that's not too far from finding Maupay.
47' Fernandes spots Ronaldo waiting in the box and curls the ball towards the forward. Brighton get to it first, at the cost of giving away a corner.
46' United get things going again. Neither team has seen fit to make changes at half-time.
Brighton had eight shots to United's three in the opening 45 minutes and have marginally been the better team. They've never won an away league match against either of the two Manchester clubs in 19 attempts, but they could nick a win here if they play this right. Rangnick will want to see United take more initiative in the second half.
The referee blows for half-time at the end of an intriguing first half. United spent a lot of it chasing after Brighton, who have been typically polite in possession. The visitors have also had the best chances to score, particularly Moder's header which inspired a good save from De Gea. More to come!
45' Bissouma catches Fernandes with a clever waft of the arm to stop the United man from bursting into the box. It's subtle enough not to be deemed as a foul.
43' Ronaldo stutters his run up to the free-kick and smashes it into Brighton's defensive wall. United are awarded a corner which Fernandes takes. Maguire connects with a header, but it's too weak to test Sanchez. Brighton clear.
42' Dalot shrugs off a challenge to find Elanga, who's nudged over by Mac Allister right on the edge of Brighton's box. Elanga cunningly waited until he entered the penalty area to go down, but a free-kick is all United will get.
40' United survive the corner, but quickly find themselves in trouble again. Bissouma races onto Moder's throughball into the box and gets a rush of blood to the head, blasting wide of the left-hand post. Brighton could easily be ahead.
39' De Gea denies Moder with a typically great save! Veltman is in tons of space down the right and fires in first-time. Moder leaps up behind Maupay in the box to nod towards the top left corner, but United's goalkeeper dives to his right to keep the header out. Brighton get a corner.
37' Bissouma shoots well off target from range. He apologises to his teammates, but it was worth a try.
36' Maupay tries to pass back to Bissouma, but Fernandes gets there first. The Malian recovers to cannily take out United's midfielder and give away a free-kick.
35' Brighton nip in to win the ball in midfield, leaving a United player down. Maupay lays off to Cucurella, who fires in from the flank, but it's easily cleared.
34' Sancho beats Veltman and looks to cut inside from the left, but Webster comes across to help his teammate out. United are beginning to enjoy more of the ball now.
32' Shaw runs onto Fernandes' inviting pass and smashes an ambitious effort into a Brighton defender. United are struggling to break Brighton down, but they are getting the odd chance to test the visitors on the counter-attack.
30' Cucurella finds Trossard's run and the Belgian's cross from the left is headed out as far as Gross, who fires well wide from distance.
29' Bissouma nicks the ball from Fred and McTominay is forced to trip Mac Allister. United are having to stay patient at the moment.
27' Brighton have had 58 per cent of the possession so far, even though it's rarely been threatening. It's not often that United are out-passed at Old Trafford.
25' Maupay chests the ball down and lays it off as Brighton neatly maintain possession. Trossard's cross from the left is cut out by Fred.
23' Ronaldo attempts to send Elanga scampering into the box. The Portuguese forward's pass has too much power on it, and the Swede is unable to stop it from going out for a goal-kick.
21' Cucurella anticipates United's hopeful ball forward and nods it safely back to Sanchez. Mac Allister's pass is the wrong one, though, and Fred reaches the byline only to find himself crowded out.
19' The ball changes hands a few times in midfield before Brighton eventually come away with it. Dalot sticks a foot out to block Cucurella's attempted pass down the line for Trossard.
17' Bissouma bundles Ronaldo off the ball fairly. It's easy to see why some big clubs are interested in Brighton's Malian midfielder.
16' Mac Allister finds the space to scoop a shot into the arms of De Gea after ghosting into the box from deep. That could have been worse for United there.
15' Trossard crosses high towards the far post where Gross is lurking. Shaw wins his header, Maupay has a shot blocked from outside the box and United can counter! Cucurella gets back in time to block off Elanga as he tries to connect with Sancho's throughball.
13' Brighton are packing the middle with their diamond midfield, making it difficult for United to play out from the back. The hosts end up lumping the ball forward, prompting a turnover in possession.
12' Trossard gets in behind Dalot and darts down the left. Brighton pass things over to the opposite side, but can't find the right pass to unlock United.
11' United try to smuggle the ball through the middle, but Brighton are staying compact. There's no space there for the hosts, and the visitors intercept.
10' Lindelof carries the ball out from the back and feeds Dalot, who switches the play. Brighton rush back in numbers, so United decide to keep the ball.
8' Brighton are looking very purposeful so far. United can't afford to switch off as they did against Southampton a few days ago.
6' Now United get a chance of their own! Webster's loose take of a United punt forward hands the ball straight to Ronaldo. Sanchez stops Sancho's shot and Dunk intercepts a cross to hand United a corner. Brighton defend it capably.
5' Elanga gives away possession and De Gea has to make an early save! Moder gets slipped into the box down the right and shoots low at the near post as Fernandes tries to block. De Gea gets down to keep the shot out with his feet.
4' United haven't spent much time out of their own half yet. Brighton fire in a cross from the right that gets deflected harmlessly out of play.
2' Brighton start brightly, forcing United's stand-in centre-back Lindelof to put the ball out for a throw-in early on. Cucurella drives forward, but McTominay succeeds in shackling the Spaniard and earning United a goal-kick.
1' The crowd applaud as the players take the knee. The referee Peter Bankes blows his whistle and Brighton get this game underway!
United have won their last five Premier League games against Brighton, who have never won away to the Red Devils in all competitions. The Seagulls have actually never won an away league match against either of the two Manchester clubs in 19 attempts. Now could be the time that record changes if United aren't careful.
There are three changes to Brighton from their win over Watford as the Seagulls switch to a back four. Bissouma, Mac Allister and Trossard start. Lamptey, Lallana and Welbeck drop to the bench.
Ralf Rangnick makes three changes to United from the draw with Southampton three days ago. Fred and Elanga replace Pogba and Rashford in the starting 11, while there's a late change to United's line-up as Varane drops out due to illness. Lindelof steps in, while Heaton comes onto the bench.
SUBS: Steven Alzate, Danny Welbeck, Solly March, Evan Ferguson, Moises Caicedo, Jason Steele, Adam Lallana, Shane Duffy, Tariq Lamptey.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION (4-3-1-2): Robert Sanchez; Joel Veltman, Lewis Dunk (c), Adam Webster, Marc Cucurella; Pascal Gross, Yves Bissouma, Alexis Mac Allister; Jakub Moder; Neal Maupay, Leandro Trossard.
SUBS: Alex Telles, Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Dean Henderson, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard, Tom Heaton, Marcus Rashford.
MANCHESTER UNITED (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Diogo Dalot, Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire (c), Luke Shaw; Scott McTominay, Fred; Jadon Sancho, Bruno Fernandes, Anthony Elanga; Cristiano Ronaldo.
Brighton arrive in Manchester on the back of a comfortable 2-0 away win against Watford as Graham Potter celebrates his 100th Premier League game in charge of the club. No side has lost fewer games on the road than the Seagulls this term, as they have fallen to defeat just once so far. United could be in for another tricky home game.
Manchester United return to action at Old Trafford having slumped to a disappointing 1-1 draw against Southampton here last weekend. The Red Devils have dropped 13 points from winning positions in the Premier League this season, failing to win their last two games despite leading at half-time in both. It's a habit they need to break out of quickly if they want to secure a top-four finish.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League match between Manchester United and Brighton and Hove Albion at Old Trafford.