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Vinícius Júnior
K. Benzema
3 - 3
3 - 2
Vinícius Júnior
2 - 2
Jorge de Frutos
2 - 1
Roger Martí
1 - 1

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38% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 5
Total Passes 350 560
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Madrid drop two early points in the LaLiga title race then. It's a long season, of course. Only time will tell whether this is a result they will live to regret. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Madrid leave Valencia with four points from their first two games of the season. They're second in LaLiga, two points behind Atletico who beat Elche 1-0 and level on points with Barcelona. They won't win the league this season if they defend like they did here too often. Levante are eighth. They're yet to win this season but they'll surely have a decent campaign.
Levante hold Real Madrid to a draw after a breathless second half! Madrid will be disappointed to have let the win slip after going in with a half-time lead. Levante roared back after the break, going 2-1 and 3-2 up and missing the chance to finish the game off. In the end Vinicius spared Madrid's blushes and Levante clung on after their goalkeeper Fernandez's late dismissal for handball.
90' + 6' Madrid's corner comes to nothing and Cantero earns Levante a crucial free-kick from Carvajal's challenge. That's it!
90' + 5' Levante resort to last-ditch defending to keep Madrid at bay! Pier desperately blocks Asensio's shot from range and Madrid have a corner which Rodrygo takes. Nacho's header from inside the six-yard box is blocked, as is Jovic's follow-up shot by Miramon! Madrid get one last corner.
90' + 3' This time it's Benzema who attracts the wrath of the linesman's flag. Madrid are running out of time to win this. They don't deserve to win this, in total honesty.
Yellow Card
90' + 2' The Madrid substitute Rodrygo is shown a yellow card for his reaction to Franquesa fouling Carvajal.
90' + 1' Vinicius strays offside as Benzema looks to see him free again. Benzema has easily been Madrid's best player in this match.
90' There'll be six minutes more of this farce. You imagine Levante will be content to hold onto what they've got now.
89' Levante don't appear to have a specialist goalkeeper on their bench so their centre-back Vezo will go between the sticks. What fun this is!
Aitor Fernández
Red Card
87' RED CARD FOR FERNANDEZ! Levante waste a corner and Madrid counter quickly. Fernandez slides out of his box to sweep up a throughball and handles the ball while doing so. It's accidental but it's an obvious red card, and Levante will have to see out the last few minutes of this game with 10 men.
Enric Franquesa
Jorge de Frutos
86' Levante make a defensive change. Franquesa, a left-back, comes on for de Frutos.
K. Benzema
85' Benzema was coolness personified there. Despite the situation, he knew Vinicius was better placed and Vinicius made the pass count. Anything could happen in the next five minutes!
Vinícius Júnior
85' GOAL! LEVANTE 3-3 REAL MADRID! Madrid equalise again from the corner! The visitors take it short and Benzema lays off to Vinicius who's running towards the byline. The angle looks too tight to score from but Vinicius fizzes a shot across goal which hits the opposite post and goes in!
84' Madrid are pushing for another equaliser. Jovic gets caught offside from Benzema's pass before Jovic forces a smart save from Fernandez from Rodrygo's cross. The Levante keeper had to dive low to his left to keep it out. Carvajal's follow-up from a tight angle is blocked and Madrid have a corner.
82' Cantero hits the post and Levante miss the chance to put this game to bed! Malsa sends the substitute scampering down the right and Cantero fires towards the left-hand corner. The shot kisses the outside of the post and rebounds back into play!
L. Jović
F. Valverde
82' Madrid are going for broke. Their Serbian forward Jovic replaces Valverde.
81' Ancelotti does not look impressed. After looking in control for most of the first half, the quality of Madrid's defending has deteriorated rapidly. There's still time for them to salvage something from this game though.
79' GOAL! LEVANTE 3-2 REAL MADRID! Pier restores Levante's lead! Bardi floats the free-kick into Madrid's box and the visitors don't deal with the second ball. Madrid's defenders are nowhere to be seen and Pier bundles the ball home from very close range.
79' Morales also heads off. Cantero will assume his role on the wing for Levante.
E. Bardhi
78' Levante make two more changes. Campana's game is over. The Macedonia midfielder Bardhi is his replacement.
77' Before the free-kick is taken, there'll be another cooling break. That's what's happening at the moment.
75' Casemiro smiles sheepishly as he sticks out a leg to bring Morales' run to a halt. It's a free-kick.
73' Casemiro spotted the way to punish Levante right away there and wasted no time in doing so. Either team could still win this game.
Vinícius Júnior
73' GOAL! LEVANTE 2-2 REAL MADRID! Vinicius races through on goal from Casemiro's straight throughball and rolls the ball clinically past Fernandez into the far bottom corner. Levante's back line was far too high there.
72' Levante manage to play their way out as Clerc tangles with Carvajal near Madrid's corner flag. Madrid break upfield quickly and it isn't good for Levante...
71' Madrid are back on top again for now. Levante have been pinned in front of their own box for the last few minutes.
69' The game is taking a while to tighten up again after all those changes by both teams. Carvajal sends a dangerous cross into Levante's six-yard box. Miramon hooks it clear at the far post.
M. Malsa
Roger Martí
67' Marti, who scored Levante's equaliser, goes off. Malsa, a midfielder, replaces him.
Pablo Martínez
66' Levante make substitutions of their own. The players must be struggling to cope in this heat. Martinez takes Melero's place in central midfield.
Lucas Vázquez
65' Here's another Madrid change. Carvajal replaces Vazquez who struggled with Morales earlier and didn't spot Campana's run.
63' Levante are working hard to defend their lead having expended so much energy to gain it. Marti gives away another foul, this time on Alaba.
61' We'll have to see how Ancelotti's change affect Madrid's shape. Vinicius gets involved right away as he's impeded by Marti, earning a free-kick.
G. Bale
59' Madrid's goalscorer Bale is last to go. Rodrygo takes his place.
Vinícius Júnior
E. Hazard
59' Hazard is the next Madrid player to go off. He's less unfortunate. Vinicius takes his place on the left wing.
59' Madrid ring the changes right away. Asensio comes on first for Isco, who's unlucky to get hooked.
Éder Militão
Yellow Card
58' Militao also receives a yellow card in the aftermath of the goal for what looks like dissent. Unsure what he's complaining about.
Yellow Card
58' Campana is booked for his excessive celebration. Most of us would go wild after scoring a goal like that, to be fair.
Jorge de Frutos
57' That cross by de Frutos was a peach as Alaba switched off. Madrid have serious work to do now after letting Levante get back into this game.
57' GOAL! LEVANTE 2-1 REAL MADRID! Campana completes Levante's turnaround! What a goal it is too, as de Frutos darts down the right and sends a high cross into the box. Campana arrives unmarked to spank it on the volley into the top left corner. Courtois could do nothing about it.
56' Levante have had three shots in the opening 10 minutes of this half. That's already more than they managed in all of the first half.
54' Isco jinks past his man and cuts back for Casemiro. The Brazilian's snap shot briefly threatens to creep into the bottom right-hand corner, sending Fernandez scrambling across to cover it. In the end it's heading wide.
52' Morales goes on the run and tempts Militao into giving away a corner. It falls for Levante's goalscorer Marti on the edge of the box and his shot trickles kindly though to Courtois. Up the other end, Hazard gets a similar tune out of Fernandez.
50' Levante are streaming forward again at every opportunity. Madrid don't completely deal with a high cross and Melero clatters the ball into a crowd of bodies.
48' Levante have been reinvigorated by that goal. Madrid might rue not achieving more with their spell of superiority later in the first half.
46' That's an untidy goal for Madrid to concede so early in the second half. Melero's pass was a simple one but it cut Madrid open and Marti made them pay.
Roger Martí
46' GOAL! LEVANTE 1-1 REAL MADRID! Levante pull things level within seconds of the kick-off! Melero slips Marti into the box. Courtois makes the save but can't get a strong enough hand to it, causing the ball to roll agonisingly over the line.
45' Levante get the second half started. No changes at the break.
Madrid have had 11 shots to Levante's two so far, even if the only one on target has been Bale's goal. Madrid have plenty of reason to feel they can put this game beyond Levante in the second half. They still need to be careful though as Levante's captain Morales has been a handful.
Madrid lead Levante at the break thanks to Bale's early conversion. Levante started this game the better side but faded as the first half went on. Madrid look in the mood to score more goals with Benzema and Bale looking particularly sharp.
45' + 2' Levante mount one more attack before half-time as Courtois claims a cross into the box. That'll be that for now.
45' There'll be three minutes added onto the end of this half. No doubt Levante will appreciate the break.
44' Levante will welcome half-time as a chance to regroup. Benzema slips in the box but still manages to pass the ball on. When it comes back to him for a shot a Levante defender gets themselves in the way. Casemiro also has a shot blocked from range. Benzema eventually strays offside as another Madrid cross comes in.
43' The offside flag goes up against Benzema as he darts into the box from the right and has a cross-cum-shot cut out.
Yellow Card
41' Melero is booked for a poor challenge on Isco. Levante have had to do more defending as the half has gone on.
40' Isco tries to chip Fernandez from the edge of the box despite being too close to goal. Ancelotti throws his hand up in frustration as the effort sails over the crossbar. Isco does the same in apology.
39' Madrid keep the pressure on and earn a corner which they take short. Valverde blasts two shots against Levante defenders and the second goes out for another corner kick.
38' The free-kick is from more than 35 yards out but that doesn't prevent Bale from having a crack. The Welshman takes a long run-up and goes for the knuckleball. It dips just wide of the left-hand post, hitting the side netting.
37' Madrid are starting to gain a foothold in the game and have a free-kick in a central position. Isco sees off the challenge of Radoja but gets pulled down by Melero.
36' Isco's corner is powerfully cleared but Madrid still have possession. Militao finds himself in an unfamiliar left-back position and skies his attempted cross.
34' Morales, on the right for Levante for now, teases two Madrid players but eventually loses the ball. Isco smashes a shot against a defender and Clerc plays it safe by putting it out for a Madrid corner.
32' Play resumes. Alaba charges out to close down Miramon and prevent him from getting in behind.
30' Levante clear Isco's free-kick. Alaba receives a pass from Hazard and fires off-target from distance. The game stops for a cooling break as it's extremely warm in Valencia at the moment.
Yellow Card
28' Clerc picks up the game's first yellow card for steaming into a defensive header and leading with his elbow on Vazquez. Clerc protests his innocence but the referee is unconvinced. Vasquez rubs his head.
27' Benzema buys Madrid a free-kick in midfield. Meanwhile Militao leaves the field of play to change his shirt. There's blood on it from somewhere.
25' Bale rises high for an aerial challenge with Clerc and nudges the left-back over. Bale's face betrays his bemusement as a free-kick is given against him.
23' Levante's formation is changing all the time with their players taking turns to close down Casemiro. The tactic seems to be working so far as Madrid haven't yet managed to gain control of the game despite the scoreline.
21' Levante now look to be playing more of a 4-4-2 with Morales pushed up alongside Marti. Bale leaps up to reach Valverde's cross from the right and prods wide.
19' Madrid construct their first attack for a while, creating a shooting opportunity for Valverde from outside the box. The midfielder's effort bobbles well wide of the left-hand post.
17' Morales catches Nacho with a high foot and ends up giving away a free-kick. The Levante winger has been in the thick of the action in the opening 15 minutes or so of this game.
15' Benzema is penalised for handball as Alaba nods a cross down to the Frenchman near Levante's six-yard box.
13' It's been a very even start with both sides enjoying 50 per cent of possession each. Levante have looked the more threatening though even though they're already behind.
11' Almost everything Levante are doing is coming down their left-hand side. Morales has been giving Vazquez a torrid time so far. On the opposite side, Miramon flings a cross into Madrid's box and Marti heads wide.
9' Levante get a corner as Militao heads away Morales' dangerous cross into the box. The eventually ball in doesn't worry Madrid too much.
7' Madrid may have the lead but it's Levante who have more zip early on. Morales tries to beat Vazquez to cross from the byline but is unable to squeak the ball through.
K. Benzema
5' Benzema has been a worthy successor to Ramos as Madrid captain so far after his brace against Alaves. He's a clinical finisher, but he's also a selfless teammate as his pass to Bale there proved.
G. Bale
5' GOAL! LEVANTE 0-1 REAL MADRID! That didn't take long! Benzema darts down the left-hand channel to burst into the box. The Madrid captain shifts the ball onto his right foot and finds Bale who slots confidently past Fernandez.
4' From the corner Campana finds Morale hovering outside the box. Morales goes for goal and isn't far from finding the top right corner. It's been a positive start by Levante.
3' Levante force an early corner, conceded by Militao. Madrid manage to deal with it comfortably.
1' And we're off!
The teams are out on the pitch here in Valencia. Levante are wearing their Barcelona-esque blue and red home colours. Madrid are in their iconic all-white strip.
Since Lopez took charge in 2018, Levante have fared well against Madrid, winning three of their six league meetings overall. Madrid have won just two of their last four visits here, having won nine of their previous 11 before that. Will Levante's good recent form against Madrid continue or is Lopez's luck starting to run out?
There are three changes to Levante from their draw with Cadiz as they switch to a 4-3-3 formation. Ancelotti makes just one change to Madrid from their win over Alaves. Isco comes in to replace the injured Modric in midfield.
SUBS: Antonio Blanco, Luka Jovic, Toni Fuidias, Miguel Gutierrez, Alvaro Odriozola, Andriy Lunin, Daniel Carvajal, Rodrygo, Marco Asensio, Jesus Vallejo, Vinicius Junior.
REAL MADRID (4-3-3): Thibaut Courtois; Lucas Vazquez, Nacho, Eder Militao, David Alaba; Isco, Casemiro, Federico Valverde; Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema (c), Eden Hazard.
SUBS: Nikola Vukcevic, Pablo Martinez, Oscar Duarte, Hernani, Enis Bardhi, Mickael Malsa, Coke, Son, Enric Franquesa, Jose Manuel, Daniel Cardenas, Alejandro Cantero.
LEVANTE (4-3-3): Aitor Fernandez; Jorge Miramon, Rober Pier, Ruben Vezo, Carlos Clerc; Gonzalo Melero, Nemanja Radoja, Jose Campana; Jorge de Frutos, Roger Marti, Jose Luis Morales (c).
Fresh from thumping Alaves 4-1 last week, Madrid are in fine fettle. They're unbeaten in their last 19 games in LaLiga, the league's best current unbeaten run, and Carlo Ancelotti has slotted back into life as Madrid boss quickly. They'll be confident of a victory here to keep pace with their cross-city rivals Atletico Madrid early on.
Levante are off the mark this season after drawing 1-1 with Cadiz in their opening game, but they're in a bit of a funk. Paco Lopez's team have failed to win in nine league games now harking back to the end of last season and will be keen to get back to winning ways.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this LaLiga match between Levante and Real Madrid at Estadi Ciutat de Valencia.