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M. Schneiderlin
Yellow Card
K. Mirallas
Sandro Ramírez
P. Crouch
S. Berahino
45' + 1'
W. Rooney
D. Calvert-Lewin
1 - 0
J. Allen
Yellow Card

Match Stats

61% 38%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 1
Total Passes 497 292
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Stoke, meanwhile, enjoyed a few good moments on the break but lacked that cutting edge in front of goal. They improved after introducing Choupo-Moting and Crouch, but by that time it was too little too late and Everton were able to sit back and defend their slender lead.
The referee blows his whistle for the final time and brings an end to Goodison Park's first game of the game. Everton were certainly the better team throughout, and they deserve to leave with all three points thanks to an excellent all-round performance from Ronald Koeman's men.
90' + 4' Brilliant save by Pickford! Shaqiri charges through the middle of the pitch before unleashing a rocket of a shot from 25 yards out, but Pickford somehow manages to push the ball round the post with an absolutely excellent diving stop.
90' + 3' Rooney does well to force Pieters into fouling him from behind, resulting in a free-kick for Everton that they don't look to be in a hurry to take. It's eventually sent down to Mirallas, who fires a low cross in towards the near post and off Shawcross.
90' + 2' Crouch and Choupo-Moting link up well over on the left wing before the latter whips a cross towards the near post. It looks set to find Allen, but it flies just over the head of the onrushing midfielder.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
89' Choupo-Moting does well to put Keane under pressure and forces the defender into poking the ball behind for a late corner. It's fired into a dangerous area and causes problems for the home side, but, once again, Pickford is there to deal with the danger when required.
88' It's all Everton at the moment as they try to hold onto possession deep inside the Stoke half of the pitch. Calvert-Lewin is unable to stop himself from drifting offside, however, allowing the Potters to push forward once again.
86' Crouch muscles his way into the Everton box and shoots, but his tame effort deflects behind for a corner. The set-piece is dealt with by the home side before a scuffed attempted clearance by Martina flies up into the air. Luckily for the full-back, Pickford is there to collect the ball under pressure.
M. Schneiderlin
Yellow Card
85' Martina cynically drags back Choupo-Moting as the winger tries to break forward, and he becomes the latest player to be booked.
84' Rooney bursts down the right wing and then whips a cross into the middle of the penalty area, where it flies towards Calvert-Lewin. The youngster rises high and takes on Cameron, but it's the American defender who just about manages to come out on top.
83' Stoke push plenty of bodies forward as they desperately try to find a late equaliser, but Fletcher can only send an overhit cross straight into the hands of Pickford.
81' Mirallas fires a low cross off Shawcross and behind for a corner. The set-piece doesn't initially result in a chance on goal but Everton quickly push forward once again, and Schneiderlin is almost able to latch onto a pass ahead of Butland but ends up losing out to the goalkeeper.
79' Huge block by Schneiderlin! Shaqiri dinks a lovely cross into the middle of the penalty area, where it finds Choupo-Moting. He chests the ball down to Allen, who then looks to shoot, but Schneiderlin is there to knock the ball away from the Welsh midfielder.
K. Mirallas
Sandro Ramírez
77' Sandro receives a rousing round of applause from the Everton fans as he's replaced by Kevin Mirallas.
76' Crouch almost equalises for Stoke! The ball bounces around dangerously inside the Everton box before Diouf tries to unleash an audacious overhead kick. It isn't hit well but is scuffed over to Crouch, who quickly gets a shot away but is flagged offside as soon as his effort is saved by Pickford.
74' Gueye battles his way towards the Stoke penalty area and then squares a clever pass to Sandro. The new signing takes a quick touch and shoots, but his effort is quickly closed down and fails to trouble Butland.
E. Choupo-Moting
72' And the second is Bojan, with new signing Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting coming on to take his place.
P. Crouch
S. Berahino
72' Stoke have decided to make a double substitution as they try to get back into the game. The first player to make way is Berahino, who is replaced by Peter Crouch.
71' Everton do well to keep the danger firmly on the Stoke defence as another good cross is fired into the box. This one finds Keane, who does well to meet the ball before getting whacked in the nose by Shawcross, leaving him in need of medical attention.
70' The resulting corner is fired in by Rooney and picks out Martina at the far post, and the Dutchman's heavy firs touch denies him the opportunity to get a shot away from close range.
69' Big chance for Calvert-Lewin! Zouma tries to play out from the back but is caught in possession by Calvert-Lewin, who then bursts forward. He heads into the box and shoots, but his thumping strike is well stopped by Butland at the near post.
68' An attempted Stoke attacking move comes to an end and Everton counter quickly, but they're held up over on the left wing and have to switch the play to the opposite flank. Martina then launches a cross into the penalty area, where it's well met by Zouma.
66' Schneiderlin catches Allen as the Welshman tries to get the better of him out wide, and Stoke are presented with a good opportunity to curl a cross into the penalty area. Shaqiri's cross in is a relatively decent one but Pickford is there to deal with the danger.
64' It's been a tough second half for Stoke, who are struggling to get into the game and have caused very few problems for the Everton back line. The home side are comfortably dominating possession, with Calvert-Lewin and Davies both doing well in advanced areas.
62' Martina is left in a pocket of space over on the right wing and quickly whips a cross into the middle of the penalty area. Calvert-Lewin rises high and meets it well but Zouma is there to put him off and force the youngster into sending his header wide of the goal.
T. Davies
D. Klaassen
60' Everton have made their first substitution of the game, with Tom Davies coming on to replace Klaassen.
59' Fletcher goes close! Berahino and Allen battle hard on the edge of the Everton penalty area before the latter is finally able to set up Fletcher. The midfielder is in a pocket of space and quickly shoots, and his effort flies just a yard or so wide of the near post.
57' More good play by Everton sets up Klaassen to get a shot away from the edge of the box, but his eventual effort is neither a strike nor a cross and is chipped straight into the hands of Butland in the middle of the goal.
55' Martina is bundled over on the right flank, and Everton are awarded a free-kick in a dangerous area. It's whipped in by Rooney, whose cross is underhit and fails to find a team-mate in front of goal.
54' Brilliant block by Zouma! Rooney threads a wonderful pass into the penalty area and towards Calvert-Lewin. The youngster takes a quick touch and then looks to shoot, but Zouma is there to make sure he can't.
53' Shaqiri wriggles away from Jagielka deep down the right flank and then lifts a clever cross into the box, but Berahino can't get a head on the ball and loses out to Keane on the edge of the six-yard box.
51' Calvert-Lewin charges into the Stoke penalty area as he tries to latch on to a long ball forward, but Butland is just about able to deal with the danger before clattering into the youngster.
49' What a chance for Stoke! Pieters curls a beautiful bouncing cross into the heart of the Everton box and towards a group of white and red shirts, but, somehow, they all miss the ball and let it roll out for a goal-kick. The Dutchman looks absolutely disgusted!
48' Diouf battles his way down the right flank and does well to win a free-kick for Stoke in a promising position. They can't do much with the opportunity, however, and Everton easily hold on.
46' Berahino does well to immediately win the ball for Stoke before getting a shot away from the edge of the penalty area, but there isn't enough curl behind his effort and it sails comfortably wide of the far post.
C. Martina
A. Williams
46' Everton started the game with a back five but have switched to a four-man defence, with Williams making way for Cuco Martina.
46' We're underway once again!
As for Stoke, they have enjoyed themselves on the counter-attack on a few occasions but, overall, look to be missing something up front. Berahino has barely had a sniff on goal, whilst Bojan has drifted in and out of the game.
It hasn't been the best of games so far, but Everton arguably just about deserve to be in front. They've created better chances than their opponents and have played some nice football in advanced areas, with Sandro slowly but surely getting into the game.
D. Calvert-Lewin
45' + 1' That was a great cross in from Calvert-Lewin, who picked out Rooney perfectly. The youngster has had a few problems defensively so far but has looked much bette when pushing forward.
W. Rooney
45' + 1' GOAL! Rooney scores on his return to Everton! The home side work the ball around really well as they hit Stoke on a quick counter-attack. Sandro does well on the edge of the penalty area before teeing up Calvert-Lewin, who then whips a great cross over to Rooney. The striker rises high and meets the ball brilliantly, and he doesn't have any problems beating Butland from eight yards out.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
43' Stoke win themselves a free-kick over on the left flank, but they can't do much with it and eventually have to settle for a corner. It fails to result in a chance on goal, however, and the linesman's flag is then raised.
41' Calvert-Lewin darts down the right flank and towards the byline, where he forces Pieters into poking the ball behind for a corner. A looping cross is sent in by Rooney, but Everton can't get a shot away as Williams quickly ends up giving away a free-kick.
39' Sandro cuts inside from the left wing and then tries to set up Davy Klaassen, who has seen very little of the ball so far. The Dutchman is unable to meet it though, as Fletcher is then to cut out the danger at the vital moment.
37' Everton lose the ball inside the Stoke half of the pitch, allowing the visitors to counter quickly. Fletcher fires a lofted pass over the top of the hosts' back line and towards Pieters, who then tries to pick out Berahino. He's unable to find the striker, however, as he low pass trickles straight into Keane's feet.
36' A bit of space opens up for Bojan as he breaks down the left flank on a quick run. He forces Keane into backtracking into his own penalty area and then shoots, but his looping effort fails to cause any problems for Pickford.
35' Fletcher fires in a low cross from the right flank that's poked behind by Morgan Schneiderlin. The resulting corner is a good one but fails to result in a chance on goal, and Diouf then blasts the ball out for a goal-kick as he searches for Berahino.
33' Another mistimed Allen challenge results in a free-kick for Everton midway inside the Stoke half of the pitch. It's sent in by Rooney, but it's horrendously hit by the striker and sails behind for a goal-kick.
31' Everton keep controlling the game as they patiently work their way forward. Gueye then fires a hopeful ball up towards Sandro, but Shawcross is there to easily deal with the danger on the edge of the penalty area.
J. Allen
Yellow Card
29' Rooney gets the better of Allen on the break and is cynically clipped from behind by the Welshman, resulting in the first yellow card of the game being produced.
28' A poor pass from Baines can only find Darren Fletcher, who then kick-starts a quick counter-attack. Shaqiri darts towards the box and is taken down by Keane, but the referee waves away the Stoke midfielder's protests and waves play on.
26' After a slow start to the game, Everton are starting to get into the contest and cause some problems. They're moving the ball around pretty nicely, with Stoke starting to drop slightly deep into their own half of the pitch.
24' Sandro does really well to win a corner for the home side after showcasing good skill on the left-hand side of the Stoke box. The set-piece causes problems for the visitors and then bounces out to Gueye, who quickly shoots but can't hit the target with his first-time effort.
23' Everton move the ball around nicely deep down the right flank as Calvert-Lewin links up with Michael Keane. The defender then blasts a cross into the penalty area, but it's completely overhit and fails to pick out a team-mate.
21' For the first time this afternoon, a pocket of space opens up for Everton in the middle of the pitch. Idrissa darts towards the penalty area and then shoots from 25 yards out, but his low effort is easily stopped by Butland.
19' Everton initially move the ball around nicely deep inside the Stoke half of the pitch before Rooney takes on Diouf, but it's the wing-back that comes out on top with a hefty tackle before blasting the ball back up towards the halfway line.
17' Another mistimed challenge results in a free-kick for Stoke, and it's one the visitors take quickly. Kurt Zouma finds himself on the right wing and does a series of step-overs before unleashing a cross. It's poorly hit, however, and sails out for a goal-kick.
15' Another free-kick for Stoke, this time after a foul conceded by Dominic Calvert-Lewin, is whipped in by Shaqiri. Ryan Shawcross can't make decent contact with the ball but Joe Allen gets a shot away, and it's one that's well blocked by Williams inside the penalty area.
14' Ashley Williams clatters into Saido Berahino and gives away a free-kick just inside his own half of the pitch. It's fired up towards the box and back towards Berahino, but Williams is there and this time wins the ball fairly.
12' A poor back pass puts Jack Butland under pressure, forcing him into thumping the ball out for a throw-in. It's sent short and eventually worked to Sandro, who gets a shot away from the edge of the penalty area that scuffs well wide of the goal.
10' Another decent delivery from Shaqiri is stopped by Rooney, who dives in front of the ball at the near post once again to stop Stoke from having an early attempt on goal.
9' Mame Biram Diouf makes a great run into the right-hand side of the box as he gets the better of Leighton Baines, and he then forces Pickford into pushing the ball behind for a corner. The set-piece is well hit by Shaqiri and causes problems at the near post, where Rooney is just about able to deal with the danger.
7' Geoff Cameron pushes into the Everton half of the pitch and then launches a lovely pass into the Everton penalty area. It manages to pick out Erik Pieters, but the Dutchman's run forward is slightly mistimed and he's flagged offside.
5' Sandro Ramirez picks up the ball on the halfway line and is quickly dispossessed, but Everton do well to immediately win back possession. Phil Jagielka then tries to pick out Wayne Rooney with a long pass down the left flank, but it's poorly hit and bounces out for a goal-kick.
3' Almost an early chance for Bojan Krkic! Xherdan Shaqiri cuts in from the right flank and fires a thumping pass into the penalty area and towards Bojan. The Spaniard rushes towards the ball, but Michael Keane is there to knock it back to Jordan Pickford.
1' We're off! Stoke get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
As for Stoke, Mark Hughes has also decided to hand starting roles to some new faces. Kurt Zouma and Darren Fletcher will both feature from the start, with Josh Tymon and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting options on the bench. There’s also a first Premier League start since last December for Bojan Krkic, who spent the second half of last season out on loan.
Five new signings have been handed starts by Ronald Koeman, with Jordan Pickford, Michael Keane, Davy Klaassen, Sandro Ramirez and the returning Wayne Rooney all being thrust straight into the team. There’s also a place on the substitutes’ bench for Cuco Martina, who has signed from Southampton.
Stoke City substitutes: Grant, Tymon, Johnson, Adam, Choupo-Moting, Sobhi, Crouch.
Stoke City XI (3-4-2-1): Butland; Zouma, Shawcross, Cameron; Diouf, Fletcher, Allen, Pieters; Shaqiri, Bojan; Berahino.
Everton substitutes: Stekelenburg, Holgate, Martina, Besic, Davies, Mirallas, Lookman.
Everton XI (3-5-2): Pickford; Calvert-Lewin, Williams, Keane, Jagielka, Baines; Schneiderlin, Klaassen, Gueye; Sandro Ramirez, Rooney.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
Despite bringing in several new signings, Stoke remain light up front in in need of a proven goalscorer. Saido Berahino is set to start this afternoon, with Peter Crouch waiting on the substitutes' bench, and new winger Choupo-Moting will be hoping to hit the ground running with a positive performance if he's called on to make his first outing for the Potters since signing on a free from Schalke.
Like their opponents today, Stoke have also been busy in the transfer market this summer, with new signings Josh Tymon, Kurt Zouma, Darren Fletcher and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting all in the matchday squad this afternoon. They’ll be looking to improve on what was a disappointing 13th-place finish last season - a result of their second-lowest points tally since coming up to the Premier League.
There were plenty of positives for the Everton fans to enjoy last season, and a solid pre-season campaign should have filled them with even more excitement for the new campaign. Ronald Koeman’s men have already had two competitive games under their belts after seeing off Ruzomberok in the third qualifying round of the Europa League, whilst only Genk and Sevilla managed to hold them to draws this summer.
All eyes will be on Wayne Rooney as he makes his first Premier League start for Everton in 13 years, but plenty of new faces will also be on show during what should be a fascinating season opener. Jordan Pickford, Michael Keane, Davy Klaassen and Sandro Ramirez all joined during the summer and will start this afternoon, and the Toffees will be looking to start the new campaign with a win as they try to break into the top six of the Premier League for the first time since the 2013-14 season.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today's Premier League game between Everton and Stoke City at Goodison Park.