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90' + 6'
R. Mason
Yellow Card
E. Hazard
Diego Costa
2 - 2
G. Cahill
1 - 2
Son Heung-Min
C. Eriksen
0 - 2
H. Kane
E. Lamela
0 - 1

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Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 366 408
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It's heartbreak for Tottenham, who battled hard this evening but just couldn't find a way past Chelsea, who pulled off a great second-half comeback to end their rivals' chances of winning the Premier League title. In the end, the visitors lost their defensive discipline and were far too open at the back, allowing the hosts to find too much space inside the final third of the pitch time and time again.
The referee blows his whistle for the final time and Leicester are champions! What an amazing achievement for a club that have impressed all season long!
R. Mason
Yellow Card
A determined Tottenham attacking move comes to an end, allowing Chelsea to fly forward on a blisteringly quick counter-attack. Hazard charges towards the edge of the visitors' penalty area before being brought crashing to the ground by a poor sliding challenge from Mason, who receives a late yellow card as a result.
M. Dembélé
Yellow Card
Dembele has slightly too much to say about Kane's yellow card and is also shown a yellow card for his behaviour.
H. Kane
Yellow Card
And now Kane has been shown a yellow card for a cynical sliding challenge in the middle of the pitch. The Tottenham players look incredibly frustrated and are showing it with their hefty, late tackles.
Chelsea come back once again and move the ball around well before Hazard, who has been excellent since coming on to the pitch, receives it in a pocket of space. He takes a quick touch before unleashing a curling strike from just outside of the penalty area, but it deflects off the back of Oscar and out for a goal-kick.
It's all Chelsea at the moment as they patiently hold on to possession inside the Tottenham half of the pitch. The visitors are finding it difficult to get near the ball, and when they do they're finding themselves quickly closed down by blue shirts.
N. Chadli
T. Alderweireld
Alderweireld will play no further part in the game and limps off he pitch to be replaced by Chadli for the final few minutes. Can the Belgian make the difference for his side?
The fourth official has indicated that there will be six minutes of added time.
Things don't look good for Alderweireld, who goes crashing to the ground whilst battling with Costa on the left-hand side of the Tottenham penalty area and looks to have picked up an injury after falling awkwardly. It seems as if his game, and possibly his season, might now be at an end.
M. Obi
Yellow Card
A huge fracas erupts as soon as Dier gets back to his feet, and it involves almost every single player. Mikel ends up receiving a yellow card for his part in the pushing and shoving, but it easly could have been awarded to any of the players from either side.
E. Dier
Yellow Card
It's kicking off once again! Dier flies into Hazard and brings the Belgian crashing to the ground with an incredibly cynical sliding challenge, leaving the referee with no choice but to show him a yellow card.
Tottenham immediately throw as many bodies many bodies forward as possible as they desperately try to find a way back into the game, but they just can't seem to find a way through the sea of blue shirts camped in front of them. Chelsea do well to deal with the initial danger before trying to break away on a quick counter-attack down the left wing, which fails to result in anything.
E. Hazard
GOAL! Chelsea have equalised and surely wrapped up the Premier League title for Leicester! Hazard flies towards the edge of the Tottenham penalty area before finding Costa, who takes a touch and beats Alderweireld before teeing up the Belgian once again. He sprints past Dembele with ease before unleashing a beautiful curling shot that flies past the outstretched hands of Lloris and into the top right-hand corner of the net. That's a goal that will be celebrated just as passionately in the East Midlands as it currently is inside Stamford Bridge!
Diego Costa
Assist Diego Da Silva Costa
B. Davies
D. Rose
Rose looks to have picked up a nasty looking injury after going to the ground off the ball, and he limps off the pitch to be replaced by Davies for the final eight minutes of the game.
Kane gets himself into a good position on the right-hand side of the Chelsea penalty area before trying to pick out Mason with a rocket of a cross over to the far post, but there's slightly too much power on the pass and it ends up flying just a yard or two past the midfielder's outstretched head. Any sort of contact and the net surely would have been rippling.
N. Matić
Chelsea have made their second change of the night, and it's an attacking one, with Matic making way for Oscar.
It's end to end stuff at the moment as both sides desperately try to find a goal that will completely change the feel of the game. Chelsea are currently on the front foot but only just, and the amount of bodies they're pushing forward is starting to leave them open to the counter at the back, a fact that Tottenham are trying to take advantage of.
Two great chances for Tottenham! Walker cuts inside and sends a great pass straight into the feet of Mason, but the midfielder's first-time shot is brilliantly saved by Begovic. The Bosnian can only push the ball out to Eriksen, however, but Ivanovic is there to throw his body in the way of the Dane's follow-up strike.
So close from Hazard! The hosts move the ball around quickly just outside of the Tottenham penalty area before Fabregas sends a lovely pass out to the Belgian on the left wing. He's completely unmarked and cuts into the box before firing a low cross-cum-shot off the thigh of Walker and agonisingly wide of the far post.
B. Ivanović
Yellow Card
And now it's Ivanovic who is shown a yellow card after clipping Eriksen in an advanced position. The Dane whips the resulting free-kick straight into the heart of the penalty area, but Azpilicueta is there to nod the ball out for a corner, which is also dealt with well by the Chelsea defenders.
C. Eriksen
Yellow Card
Hazard sprints down the right wing on a great run before being cynically dragged back by Eriksen, resulting in a free-kic for Chelsea and a yellow card for the Danish midfielder. The set-piece is flung into the box, where it finds Ivanovic, but the Serbian's header ends up looping well wide of the goal.
Tottenham come back quickly once again through Vertonghen, who is still in an advanced position after coming up for the previous corner. The Belgian picks up the ball in space and sends a lovely cross right on to the head of Alderweireld, but the defender is unable to tee up Lamela and instead sees his header sail into the hands of Begovic at the near post.
Eriksen charges towards the edge of the Chelsea penalty area before finding Mason, who holds on to the ball for far too long instead of teeing up Rose, resulting in his half-hearted shot deflected off the outstretched foot of Matic. The ball then rolls out to Kane, but the striker's follow-up is deflected out for a corner that fails to result in a chance on goal.
R. Mason
Son Heung-Min
Tottenham have made their first change of the evening, and it's a slightly defensive one, with Son making way for the more defence-minded Mason.
Another great chance for Chelsea! The Blues are constantly putting the Tottenham defence under plenty of pressure, and the visitors are really struggling to deal with it. This time it's Hazard who breaks forward before finding Costa, who twists and turns just outside of the box before teeing up Willian. The Brazilian takes a touch before unleashing a curling shot, but it's underhit and sails straight into the hands of Lloris.
Ivanovic breaks down the right flank before curling a great cross straight to Costa. However, the striker is unable to control the ball well enough and ends up doing so with his outstretched arm, resulting in the referee awarding a free-kick to Tottenham just as Hazard is about to unleash a close-range shot.
Tottenham sense danger, and straight from the restart they immediately fly forward in search of a third goal. As a result, they're left exposed at the back, which allows Costa to break forward on a great run. He flies towards the penalty area before penetrating the left-hand side of it, but as soon as he does so he slips and ends up losing possession at the worst possible moment.
G. Cahill
GOAL! Chelsea have pulled one back! Costa battles down the right wing before forcing Alderweireld into poking the ball out for a corner. Willian curls a lovely cross from the set-piece right on to the foot of Cahill, who controls it well before sending a thumping strike past Lloris and into the back of the net. Game on!
Assist Willian Borges Da Silva
A lovely flick from Hazard deep down the left wing finds Fabregas, and the Spaniard immediately attempts to pick out the Belgian once again with a quick through-ball. It's unable to find a way past Alderweireld, however, as the centre-back sticks out a foot to stop the ball from finding the Blues' attacking midfielder.
Great opportunity for Son! Hazard muscles his way down the right wing before cutting inside and sending a lovely cross-field pass right into the feet of Rose. The left-back penetrates the Chelsea penalty area before going down under a challenge from Willian, but play goes on and the ball rolls over to Son. The South Korean immediately fires a curling low shot towards the bottom left-hand corner of the net, but it rolls past the far post before beating the outstretched arms of Begovic.
Hazard goes close! The Belgian twists and turns on the edge of the Tottenham penalty area and skips past Walker before trying to beat Lloris with a low strike towards the bottom left-hand corner of the net, but it's sent too near to the Frenchman and, as a result, he's easily able to stop the Belgian's first effort of the game.
E. Lamela
Yellow Card
Fabregas picks up the ball near to the halfway line and is immediately clattered into by a hefty sliding challenge from Lamela, who becomes the latest player to pick up a yellow card as a result.
Chance for Kane! Tottenham move the ball around really well deep inside the Chelsea half of the pitch before Lamela finds himself in a pocket of space in a dangerous position. The Argentine then picks out the English striker with a lovely through-ball, but the number 10's quick strike is well saved by Begovic at the near post.
After dealing with Kane's header, Chelsea quickly break away on a counter-attack through Willian. The Brazilian flies forward before finding Hazard, who then sends a lovely cross-field pass over to Azpilicueta, but the Spaniard's low cross is blocked by Walker before it can pick out Costa in the middle of the penalty area.
Kane battles with Ivanovic down the left wing before fring a low cross off the Serbian and out for a corner. Lamela steps up and whips it straight on to the head of the Tottenham striker, but his headed effort lacks the power needed to beat Begovic in the Chelsea goal.
E. Hazard
Chelsea have made one substitution during the break, with Hazard coming on to replace Pedro.
And we're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out onto the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
It's certainly been a fiery and action-packed first half, but it's one that has definitely gone to plan for Tottenham, whose chances of winning the Premier League title are still alive and well thanks to goals from Kane and Son. The Chelsea defence haven't looked entirely comfortable when dealing with quick runs from the visitors' front line, whilst sloppiness in possession inside their own half of the pitch has hurt them dearly. At the other end, Fabregas has looked particularly lively, but Costa is finding it hard to get into the game and has so far managed just one shot on target.
Yellow Card
Willian also receives a yellow card for his reaction to Rose's late challenge.
D. Rose
Yellow Card
Rose is finally shown a yellow card for his part in the fracas, and he really doesn't seem happy with the referee's decision.
It's kicking off once again! This time it's Willian who isn't at all happy with a Rose challenge, resulting in him reacting angrily by pushing the left-back. An almighty row kicks off, and it's one that sees Pochettino rush on to the pitch to confront the Brazilian. Everyone other player gets involved before, finally, a combination of the referee and security team are able to calm down the unsavoury situation.
Son Heung-Min
GOAL! Tottenham have doubled their lead! A terrible attempted pass from Ivanovic sends the ball straight to Kane, who spins quickly before finding Eriksen. The Dane then pokes a lovely through-ball past Terry and straight to Son, who is completely unmarked just inside the penalty area and is able to slot a lovely shot past Begovic and into the back of the net.
C. Eriksen
Assist Christian Dannemann Eriksen
A poor final touch from Rose results in him sending the ball to Pedro, who is immediately clattered into by a late challenge from the left-back and wins his side a free-kick as a result. Fabregas steps up and chips a cross right on to the chest of Costa, but the striker is flagged offside as soon as he tries to pull off an overhead kick that he scuffs completely wide of the Tottenham goal.
Fantastic opportunity for Tottenham to make it 2-0! A wonderful low cross from Walker finds Lamela, who immediately unleashes a shot that is blocked just a few yards off the line. The ball then bounces over to Son, but the South Korean's poked strike doesn't have enough power behind it and ends up rolling around the six-yard box before finally being cleared away from danger by the under-pressure Chelsea defenders.
J. Vertonghen
Yellow Card
Vertonghen receives a stern talking to from the referee before being shown a yellow card for his part in the clash with Costa.
Vertonghen completely switches off after receiving the yellow card and allows Fabregas to fly past him with ease, but the Spaniard takes too long to shoot and is eventually put under pressure by the Belgian, who forces him into firing his close-range shot comfortably wide of the near post.
It's hotting up once again! Costa is in an absolutely fiery mood, and Vertonghen looks to be in a pretty angry mood as well. Both of the players clash whilst battling for the ball midway inside the Tottenham half of the pitch, resulting in the striker claiming that the defender had tried to rip his shirt off his back. This could be a battle that continues for the rest of the evening, and determines the outcome of the game.
E. Lamela
That was a wonderful pass from Lamela, who did brilliantly to pick out Kane, but the Chelsea centre-backs really should have done better to deal with the run of the striker, who completely left them for dead.
H. Kane
GOAL! Tottenham have taken the lead! The visitors come back once again, with Dier playing an important role in the middle of the pitch. He finds Eriksen, who then quickly tees up Lamela on the edge of the Chelsea penalty area, and the Argentine is able to poke a lovely through-ball into the path of Kane. The striker completely tears apart the Blues' back line with his extra run, and he then easily rounds Begovic before tapping the ball into the back of an empty net to give his side a one-goal lead.
Tottenham patiently pass the ball around inside the Chelsea half of the pitch as they attempt to find a way through the sea of blue shirts camped in front of them. After failing to do so, Dier ends up curling a cross towards Son, who had made a good run into the penalty area, but it's slightly overhit and can only find the safe hands of Begovic.
A poor pass from Walker sends the ball straight into the feet of Costa, who twists and turns on the edge of the Tottenham box before forcing Lloris into tipping a thumping strike over the top of the crossbar and out for a corner. The set-piece is flung right on to the head of Cahill, but the centre-back is unable to direct his header towards goal and it's easily collected by Lamela over on the left flank.
Mikel commits a clumsy challenge midway inside the Chelsea half of the pitch, and Tottenham are awarded a free-kick as a result. Despite it being 40 yards away from goal, Kane decides to unleash a rocket of a shot from the set-piece, but there's slightly too much power on the effort and it ends up clearing the top of the crossbar by a yard or two.
And now Son goes close! Lamela does well to out-muscle two Chelsea players on the edge of the hosts' box before bringing the ball down and teeing up the South Korean. He's in far too much space and is allowed to take four touches before unleashing a shot, but it's poorly hit and ends up flying several yards wide of the goal.
K. Walker
Yellow Card
As soon as Fabregas' shot ends up flying past the post, the referee immediately turns to Walker and shows him the first yellow card of the game for his challenge on Pedro.
So close from Fabregas! Pedro is clattered into by Walker down the left wing, but the Spaniard does well to release the ball before falling to the ground. Azpilicueta immediately flies forward before teeing up Costa, who then works the ball over to Fabregas, but the midfielder's low shot from the edge of the penalty area ends up rolling just wide of the far post after beating the outstretched limbs of Lloris.
Kane is fouled by Ivanovic on the left flank but the ball rolls over to Eriksen, allowing Tottenham to play on. The Dane quickly sends a lovely pass through the middle of the Chelsea back line and into the path of Son, who breaks into the left-hand side of the box before firing a low shot off the outstretched leg of Terry and out of play for a corner. The set-piece bounces around the penalty area before finding Eriksen once again, but this time he ends up firing a first-time half-volley well wide of the goal.
Tottenham move the ball from one flank to the other before Walker cuts the ball back to Dier. The defensive midfielder is in a pocket of space and immediately tries to pick out Kane with a swinging cross, but Cahill is able to get down low to send the ball away from danger with a diving header in the middle of the penalty area.
Dembele is sloppy in possession and is dispossessed by a strong sliding tackle from Fabregas, allowing Chelsea to break forward on a blisteringly quick counter-attack. Costa charges into the Tottenham half of the pitch before earning his side a corner, but once again it's easily dealt with by Kane, who beats everyone in the air to meet the ball with his head.
Son does well to hold up the ball deep down the right wing before forcing Azpilicueta to poke the ball out for a throw-in. It's taken short and sent to Walker, who then fouls Pedro before seemingly kicking out at the Spanish midfielder, which results in all of the Chelsea players in the area reacting incredibly angrily. Once again, the referee gives the defender a talking to before play resumes once again.
Chelsea quickly win back possession and push forward once again before Willian wins his side a corner on the right flank. The Brazilian quickly whips a curling cross towards the near post, where it meets Fabregas, but the Spaniard is unable to direct his first-time shot towards goal and ends up sending it flying comfortably wide of the Tottenham goal.
Costa is clumsily brought down just outside of the Tottenham box, and once again the hosts are awarded a free-kick in a very advantageous position. Fabregas takes his time eyeing up his target before curling a cross over towards the far post, but it misses the heads of both Terry and Matic before Kane can deal with the danger with a glancing header out to left wing.
Rose does well to get down the left flank and get himself into a good position before curling a cross into the Chelsea penalty area, but it's underhit and is easily dealt with by Ivanovic. The ball then bounces out to Willian, who is immediately clattered into by the Tottenham left-back and left in a heap on the floor. The referee initially waves play on before awarding the home side a free-kick after giving the offender a stern talking to.
Lamela breaks down the left flank on a quick run before swinging in a cross to the far post, where it's picked up by Azpilicueta before the Spaniard thumps the ball out of play for a throw-in. Walker sends it short before the ball is worked over to Rose, and the left-back then unleashes an almighty shot from 25 yards out that ends up flying just a yard or two over the top of the crossbar.
Ivanovic and Lamela tangle down the right wing, resulting in a free-kick for Chelsea in a dangerous position. Willian steps up and curls a lovely cross into the Tottenham box, but just as Matic is about to make contact with the ball he's seemingly pushed from behind by Walker. The home fans behind the goal all scream for a penalty, but the referee isn't interested and waves play on.
It's already hotting up on the pitch, with plenty of strong tackles flying in all over the place. After Alderweireld's on Fabregas it's Dembele and Mikel who clash in the middle of the pitch, resulting in an angry exchange of words between the two before the referee is just about able to calm down the situation.
Chelsea patiently work their way down the left wing once again before Fabregas cuts inside and muscles his way towards the edge of the Tottenham penalty area, but just as he's about to penetrate the box he's dispossessed by a firm but fair tackle from Alderweireld, which sends the ball rolling straight into the feet of Lamela in the middle of the pitch.
Azpilicueta and Fabregas link up well deep down the left flank before the latter is dispossessed by Walker, resulting in a corner for Chelsea. It's curled into the heart of the penalty area and finds the head of Cahill, who does well to rise high above Alderweireld, but the centre-back's effort on goal ends up bouncing the wrong side of the near post and out for a goal-kick.
Costa has the ball poked away from under his feet near to the halfway line, and Tottenham immediately break down the right flank on a quick counter-attack through Eriksen. The Dane sprints towards the corner flag before trying to curl a cross over to Kane, but Matic is there to cut out the danger before Azpilicueta blasts the ball into the visitors' half of the pitch.
And we're off! Chelsea get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has made just one alteration to the side that were held to a draw by West Brom, with Heung-Min Son replacing Dele Alli, who is suspended for the rest of the season as a result of an off the ball incident with Claudio Yacob in last week’s game.
Guus Hiddink has decided to make two changes to the Chelsea side that won 4-1 away to Bournemouth last weekend, with John Terry and Gary Cahill returning to the starting line-up to replace Baba Rahman and Eden Hazard, both of whom drop to the substitutes’ bench.
Tottenham Hotspur substitutes: Vorm, Wimmer, Davies, Carroll, Mason, Chadli, N’Jie.
Tottenham Hotspur XI (4-2-3-1): Lloris; Walker, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose; Dier, Dembele; Lamela, Eriksen, Son; Kane.
Chelsea substitutes: Amelia, Rahman, Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Oscar, Hazard, Traore.
Chelsea XI (4-2-3-1): Begovic; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta; Mikel, Matic; Willian, Fabregas, Pedro; Costa.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
As for Chelsea, the impressive Premier League unbeaten run that they embarked on in the immediate aftermath of Guus Hiddink’s return was finally brought to an end by Swansea City at the start of last month, and it was immediately followed by a comfortable 3-0 victory for Manchester City at Stamford Bridge. As a result, the Blues head into tonight’s game in danger of losing back-to-back home league clashes for the first time since November 2011. A season to forget for the West London club means that it has already been confirmed that they will be finishing outside of the top six for the first time since 1996, but they will still no doubt be motivated to put in a strong performance against their rivals, if only to stop them from being the team to pick up the Premier League title that they so impressively won last season. Asmir Begovic and Eden Hazard both said as much in the buildup to tonight’s encounter, with Mousa Dembele hitting back at his Belgium teammate by claiming that he is “envious of Tottenham’s success” because Chelsea “failed to rise to the occasion” this season. As a result, tonight’s clash is expected to be an incredibly feisty one, with both sides desperately wanting to come away as victors.
It’s now or never for Tottenham, whose chances of winning the Premier League title are slim but still a possibility if they are able to win all of their remaining three games. Anything but all three points in any of those clashes will automatically hand the crown to league leaders Leicester, so tonight’s London derby is one that has had an extra amount of spice added to it. Last week’s 1-1 draw at home to West Bromwich Albion was a thoroughly disappointing one, but there is no denying that Mauricio Pochettino’s men have been in fine form throughout the season and head to Stamford Bridge with a great chance of finally getting one over their rivals, who have consistently frustrated the North London club over the past two and a half decades. Tottenham haven’t won in West London since 1990, a 25-game run in which they’ve been on the losing end 17 times, whilst they haven’t managed to score a single goal in their previous three games on this ground. However, not only will they be buoyed by the seven-game domestic unbeaten run that they currently find themselves on, but they have also lost just one of their last 10 London derbies, with that defeat coming against West Ham United exactly two months ago.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Premier League game between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge.