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S. Duffy
A. Knockaert
1 - 3
A. Westwood
Yellow Card
A. Barnes
Penalty Goal
0 - 3
C. Wood
D. McNeil
0 - 2
C. Wood
A. Barnes
0 - 1

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68% 31%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 5
Total Passes 519 253
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Burnley get a deserved win, then - they look to have the momentum they need to get out of trouble. Just as well, as they play Tottenham, Newcastle and Palace in their next three games. Brighton have the distraction of their FA Cup tie against Derby next weekend. Let's hope it doesn't cost them in the end. That's all for now. Goodbye!
That result has dragged Brighton right into the relegation battle. They lie 15th now, sandwiched between Crystal Palace and Burnley on 27 points, while Newcastle can leapfrog all of them with a win against Wolves on Monday. Southampton replace Burnley in 18th, just inside the drop zone.
Burnley go seven games unbeaten for the first time in their Premier League history with a great result against Brighton in the Seagulls' worst home game since returning to the top flight. Burnley hung onto their narrow lead in the first half and benefited from two mistakes - one by Brighton and a questionable handball decision - to secure the win. Brighton rallied slightly but looked short of ideas. They should be worried.
90' + 3' Brighton are piling men forward now. Tarkowski wins yet another header to see off another cross. The ball comes swiftly back in and Mee heads the ball straight into Tarkowski - it bounces off his fellow defender's face and is saved by Heaton! What a comedy goal that would have been.
90' + 1' Brighton angle another diagonal ball towards Murray at the far post but Bardsley cannily leans into the striker to watch the ball bounce harmlessly out of play.
90' Mee stays on for now - his record of playing every minute for Burnley in the Premier League this season continues. There will be four added minutes at the end of this game.
89' Mee lands awkwardly from that header. The defender looks to be in some pain and needs treatment.
88' It's one-way traffic now. Brighton circulate the ball. Stephens lofts the ball towards Knockaert at the back post but Mee is in the right place to head it clear. 
87' McNeil intercepts another poor Brighton pass from the back. That's a few more precious seconds gone for the home side - they really need to score about now.
86' Bong finds space for a cross from the left. Knockaert rushes in and flashes a header wide of Heaton's right-hand post. He should have at least tested the keeper there.
84' Brighton are still banging on the door but the next big opportunity hasn't arrived yet. Burnley are dropping deeper and deeper, a mistake they made against Manchester United last week. They led by two goals at about this time in the game then too.
82' Brighton have been wasteful today! Knockaert whips a brilliant ball in towards Jahanbakhsh and Propper. Tarkowski dives in and puts both Brighton players off.
80' Brighton have yet another call for handball in Burnley's area but there's little in this one - a close rebound off Westwood that he could do little about.
78' Brighton have the wind beneath their wings at the moment. Jahanbakhsh gets a groan from the fans after his sloppy ball for Bong kills a promising Brighton attack.
77' Burnley win a corner off Dunk. Westwood's corner finds Mee in the six-yard box but Burnley's centre-back heads the ball wide to the right.
A. Knockaert
76' Knockaert has made a visible difference since he came on. His set-piece delivery has really helped Brighton.
S. Duffy
76' GOAL! And Brighton do score! Knockaert whips the central-free kick right into the corridor of uncertainty between defence and goalkeeper and Duffy powers a low header past Heaton! 3-1.
A. Westwood
Yellow Card
76' Westwood is booked for a foul on Bissouma. If Brighton grab a goal now, they may still have a small chance.
A. Barnes
Penalty Goal
74' GOAL! 3-0 Burnley, and this game is done. Wood doesn't get the chance to seal his hat-trick; instead Barnes steps up and slots the ball calmly past Ryan. 
M. Ryan
Yellow Card
72' Ryan is booked for denying that obvious goal-scoring opportunity. Brighton will feel hard down by.
72' Was that handball? Murray flicks the ball into Hendrick who appears to swing a hand at it. Brighton appeal for a penalty, but as play continues Burnley go straight up the other end and Barnes is free on goal! Barnes really should score but Ryan is outnumbered and can only bring him down anyway. Penalty!
70' Burnley's defence is typically well-organised. Brighton just can't find a way through. Tarkowski boots a loose pass out of play.
70' Those two Brighton changes have made little impact so far. Brighton win a succession of throws down their left side but get nowhere.
68' It's the last quarter of the game, and Burnley appear to have gone into defensive mode. All their players are now in their half. Brighton probe but can't break down Burnley's black wall.
Y. Bissouma
P. Groß
66' Secondly, Gross is replaced by Bissouma. Both players go straight down the tunnel - presumably to get themselves dry.
A. Jahanbakhsh
J. Locadia
66' Brighton make two changes. First, Locadia is replaced by Jahanbakhsh.
65' Brighton's fans are willing them on but the home side can't make progress upfield at the moment. Those subs are about to happen now.
63' Brighton are readying further changes in response to that goal. That's Wood's second ever Premier League brace - he previously scored two in a game against West Ham last March.
D. McNeil
61' McNeil may have got away with that penalty claim earlier on but he's been good for Burnley today. He might have helped his team get a vital win here.
C. Wood
61' GOAL! 2-0 BURNLEY! Wood scores again - surely Burnley won't let this lead slip! Brighton hump a long ball towards Tarkowski who can deal with that all day long. McNeil breaks upfield and finds Wood, who opens his body up and passes the ball into the far corner. Lovely goal.
60' McNeil cuts in from the right - his low shot is blocked. While Burnley aren't really threatening right now, Brighton's menace has died down too.
59' Heaton gets a talking-to from the referee for time-wasting. Tarkowski pumps an aimless ball vaguely in the direction of Wood. Burnley haven't really attacked this half.
58' Gross' corner is punched away by Heaton. The ball finds its way back to Gross on the inside-left, but the German can't bend the ball in at the far post.
58' Locadia, who's been peripheral this game, gives away a foul in the centre of the park. Heaton spots a 2v2 situation upfield and boots it forward quickly. Brighton see it out. Bong wins a corner off Bardsley.
56' Knockaert switches the play successfully for Bong who hands the ball to Propper. McNeil, dropping deep, intercepts Propper's attempted slide-rule pass. No way through for Brighton right now.
55' Stephens attempts a deep cross from the right but Mee clears again. The flag eventually goes up as Gross is offside.
54' The rain is really pelting down at the Amex Stadium. It's making the turf wet and slick - exactly what you want for a fast-paced game of football.
52' Knockaert beats Taylor down the right, only for Mee to lump the ball out of trouble. Brighton are in the ascendancy again.
50' Knockaert makes his first contribution to the game, winning a corner for Brighton. Taylor heads it out for another corner on the opposite side. Gross takes this one and it falls to Knockaert, who bursts into the area only to be blocked by Bardsley.
48' Heaton palms an innocuous cross away as if it's a particularly irritating fly. Brighton deliver the ball back in but it's hooked away by Bardsley.
A. Knockaert
S. March
48' An unusually timed change for Brighton - either a clever tactical switch or an injury. Knockaert replaces March.
46' Burnley win an early free-kick after Gross brings down Cork in midfield. Tarkowski makes the delivery; it's behind the run of Wood though and bounces safely through to Ryan.
46' No changes at half-time. The second half is underway.
Burnley are 45 minutes away from doing the league double over Brighton for the third time in their history and leaping out of the relegation zone behind Brighton only on goal difference. Dyche's side let a two goal lead slip against Man United last week; will they hold onto this one?
Somehow, Burnley are leading this one. There's just something about this side - they concede so many chances but Brighton haven't been able to score. Burnley deservedly took the lead with some excellent route-one football while they were on top but have mostly been on the back foot, with Heaton making four great saves and Hendrick making a clearance off the line.
45' + 2' Barnes starts the defensive tactics early, taking the ball towards the corner flag and winning a throw. Burnley keep it there until the referee blows his whistle for half-time.
45' + 1' There will be two added minutes. Barnes wins a timely free-kick off Stephens, giving Burnley a much-needed breather. They should make it to half-time now.
44' Brighton win another corner after Tarkowski heads a free-kick out of play with Murray racing in. Now Hendrick's made a clearance off the line! This is ludicrous.
42' How many chances do Brighton need? Brighton's diagonal ball is flicked inadvertently towards the back post by Tarkowski where March lies in wait. The midfielder tries to chip the ball into the net and Heaton leaps up and pushes the ball away with the tips of his fingers! The corner leads to nothing.
41' Brighton are growing into this. Locadia works the ball inside towards Gross but the German misses his kick. 
39' March takes on Taylor again and Brighton are initially awarded a corner. The referee chats with the assistant and rightly reverses the decision - the ball went out of play off March's foot.
38' Burnley ride their luck again! March teases Taylor on the edge of Burnley's 18-yard box. Thankfully for Heaton, Gross' shot is blocked, taking a lot of power out of it.
36' Burnley waste a counter-attack. Propper slips as he heads towards the Burnley box. Hendrick looks to switch play but Brighton have time to get back and his pass is overcooked.
35' Brighton are still a threat though. Murray's header in the area bounces wide.
34' It's been a better game than expected and Burnley have had the better of it. Barnes gives Ryan something else to do as he pops a dipping left-footer towards goal. Ryan claims it fairly easily.
32' Bardsley should have done better there. Burnley ping the ball around near Brighton's area and it fizzes free towards Bardsley at the far post. He should smack it first time but instead takes a touch. By the time he hits it towards Ryan the shot is tame.
30' Down the other end, McNeil races down the left and cuts the ball back zippily, forcing Stephens to kick it out for a Burnley corner. Ryan is unfairly pinned by Barnes and Brighton get a free-kick.
28' Brighton win a corner down their left. There are claims of handball against McNeil as Duffy tries an overhead kick. There's a bit of a scuffle and play is stopped as McNeil stays down holding his head. The 19-year-old is fortunate not to have given away a penalty there.
A. Barnes
26' That was a fast move by Burnley. It was Barnes' quick pass that caught Dunk off guard and left him vulnerable. 
C. Wood
26' GOAL! 1-0 Burnley, and Wood has scored against his former club! Murray tries a clever back-heel infield towards Gross but Mee sees it off. In two passes Wood is through on goal after Dunk slips and he smashes it past Ryan into the net.
24' Cork looks to slide the ball through towards Wood but it's intercepted and suddenly Brighton are away! Locadia picks it up wide left and elects to pick the pass inside to March, who stings Heaton's hands again!
22' Tarkowski keeps firing balls behind Montoya into Burnley's left-hand channel for Barnes to run onto. That must be a weakness they've identified in training.
20' Burnley are keeping up the pressure, gradually easing their way forward. Tarkowski aims another diagonal ball towards Barnes who keeps it well.
18' Burnley pass their way out of trouble before finding Barnes running down the left-hand channel. The striker whips it in first-time but Wood can't reach it. The delivery was just a fraction too late.
16' How was that not a goal? Burnley hit the crossbar twice in seconds! First, Duffy unwisely sticks a leg out at a McNeil cross and is relieved to see the ball bounce back off the bar. Barnes sticks his head out for the rebound but somehow hits the bar himself! Brighton are lucky to still be level.
14' It's a bit of a stalemate at the moment. A quick word on Brighton's home form - they've only lost seven times at the Amex since returning to the Premier League and only one of those defeats has been by a side outside the top six. They're great at the Amex; less so away from home.
12' Taylor curls the ball in towards the far post. It's cleared by Stephens. Burnley's approach isn't the most subtle but it's certainly done the trick for them recently.
11' Burnley keep the ball for a while, pinging it between their defence. Tarkowski angles a direct ball forward towards Barnes but the striker can't control it. The away side try the same move again and Duffy hands Burnley a free-kick.
9' Both Bardsley and Bong look fine now. That's good to see. Burnley get the ball back and quickly win a throw-in down their left.
7' Bardsley races forward as he tries to get onto the end of a loose ball. Bong slides in and wins the ball but takes a whack on the head by Bardsley's hip as he does. The two players stay down briefly.
5' Mee fouls Gross near the right touchline. Brighton free-kick. Taylor just about sees away the diagonal ball towards the far post. The subsequent corner ends up out of play.
3' Another effort for Brighton! Gross tests Heaton with a stinging volley, forcing the Burnley keeper to push the ball to his right! They look determined to force their home advantage.
2' There's more action at the start of this game than we expected! March pops up at the far post to power a header towards goal for Brighton. Heaton tips it over the bar! Brighton corner.
1' The referee Stuart Atwell gets this match underway! Burnley start brightly as they win a corner down their right. Murray heads it away from danger.
Brighton step out in their breezy white and blue-striped home kit. Burnley are in their all-black away kit. We're almost ready!
Unfortunately, with Brighton and Burnley being two of the most defensive sides in the Premier League, this match is unlikely to rain goals. There has been one measly goal in the last three Premier League games between these sides with Burnley the team to grab it. It's going to be tight.
Brighton make 11 changes to the side that beat West Brom 3-1 in the FA Cup earlier this week as Chris Hughton reverts to his first-choice XI. Striker Florin Andone misses out as he received a retrospective three-match ban for violent conduct from the FA after that game. Burnley, meanwhile, take the opposite approach - they're unchanged from their late 1-1 draw against Southampton last week.
SUBS: Matej Vydra, Peter Crouch, Joe Hart, Ben Gibson, Matthew Lowton, Stephen Ward, Kevin Long.
BURNLEY (4-4-2): Tom Heaton (c); Phil Bardsley, Ben Mee, James Tarkowski, Charlie Taylor; Jeff Hendrick, Jack Cork, Ashley Westwood, Dwight McNeil; Ashley Barnes, Chris Wood.
SUBS: David Button, Bernardo, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, Beram Kayal, Anthony Knockaert, Dan Burn, Yves Bissouma.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION (4-3-3): Mat Ryan; Martin Montoya, Lewis Dunk (c), Shane Duffy, Gaetan Bong; Pascal Gross, Davy Propper, Dale Stephens; Jurgen Locadia, Glenn Murray, Solly March.
Worryingly for Brighton, their opponents today are Burnley whose recent trajectory is very much upward. Sean Dyche's side have struggled this season but are now unbeaten in six league games, giving them hope that they can climb out of trouble. Will their recent run continue?
This match looked a very different prospect for Brighton a few weeks ago. Seemingly safe in mid-table at the end of last year, the Seagulls' form has slumped of late - they are now winless in five Premier League games and looking nervously back down at their relegation rivals. 
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League match between Brighton and Hove Albion and Burnley at the Amex Stadium.