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Bengaluru v Chennaiyin Live Commentary, 10/11/19

3 - 0
E. Paartalu (14)
S. Chhetri (25)
T. Haokip (84)
Sree Kanteerava Stadium


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Full time! Bengaluru FC thrash Chennaiyin FC 3-0. 
R. Anto
S. Chhetri
90' + 3' Substitution Sunil Chhetri Rino Anto
90' + 2' Chhetri takes the free-kick from the edge of the box but hits the Chennaiyin wall!
V. Kaith
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Yellow card Vishal Kaith
90' + 1' What has Vishal Kaith done! The Chennaiyin goalkeeper collects the ball outside the penalty box and gives away a free-kick to Bengaluru. 
90' Additional time: 3 minute.
E. Lyngdoh
Raphael Augusto
90' Substitution Raphael Augusto Santos Da Silva Eugeneson Lyngdoh
90' Dimas finds Semboi who does well to go past two defenders inside the box and takes a shot at goal but Kaith stops it from going in.
87' Chance for Chhetri but what has he done! Dimas squares the ball for Chhetri inside the box and the skipper fails to net an easy tap in. Chhetri is clearly unhappy with himself.
85' Paartalu sends a long ball down the middle for Semboi who was marked by Eli Sabia. The Brazilian defender who had to shield the striker fails to do his job as Haokip taps the ball past Kaith.
E. Paartalu
84' Assist Erik Paartalu
T. Haokip
84' Goal Thongkhosiem Haokip
84' GOALLL!! Semboi Haokip scores the third goal! GAME, SET and MATCH to Bengaluru FC.
83' Chance for Chennaiyin! Dragos sends a curling corner which Sandhu fists. Goian controls the ball and finds Dhanapal who tries to flick the ball in but it hits the post. Goian once again tries to sneak the ball in but blasts it above crossbar.
T. Singh
80' Substitution Rafael Schuler Crivellaro Khangebam Thoi Singh
80' Dragos sends a curling corner and Paartalu heads it away to avert any danger.
77' Chance again! Chhetri feeds Delgado with a juicy pass inside the box but before the Spaniard could pull the trigger Kaith comes out of his line and blocks him. Delgado is also given offside.
76' Chhetri follows a through ball from Delgado down the middle and enters the box but Vanspaul tackles him from behind to clear the ball. Chhetri appeals for a penalty but the referee books him for diving.
S. Chhetri
Yellow Card
75' Yellow card Sunil Chhetri
74' Augusto chips the ball to Udanta on the right side of the box who in turn sends a cross but Edwin Vanspaul heads the ball away.
72' Lucian Goian goes up with the ball and finds Chhangte on the left who sends a cross to Crivellaro at the edge of the box. Before the midfielder could pull trigger, Augusto tackles him from behind to avert the danger. Crivellaro demads for a penalty but the referee chooses to ignore his play.
T. Haokip
N. Kumar
71' Substitution Nishu Kumar Tashni Thongkhosiem Haokip
71' Crivellaro attempts a shot from distance but his grounder goes wide! Poor attempt.
69' Excellent coordination from Bengaluru players. Delgado finds Udanta with a through ball who backheels the ball to Chhetri from the edge of the box but the Bengaluru skipper fails to control the ball in the end.
66' Chennaiyin are trying hard to pull one back but Bengaluru's defence organisation has been on point/
64' Thapa runs down the middle in a quick counter-attack and finds Chhangte to his right who in turn squares the ball to Dragos but Paartalu blocks him. Augusto again makes a quick run down the middle from the counter-attack, goes past Sabia and sends a long ball to Udanta but the Bengaluru winger has been given an offside.
63' Tondonba brings down Udanta with a poor challenge on the right side and gives away a free-kick to Bengaluru in an advantageous position.
D. Firțulescu
A. Schembri
61' Substitution André Schembri Dragoș Petruț Firțulescu
D. Ganesh
Yellow Card
61' Yellow card Dhanapal Ganesh
60' Khabra finds Chhetri with a long pass at the centre of the pitch who in turns sends a through ball for Ashique but the winger fails to bring any danger in the Chennaiyin box as Sabia snatches the ball away from him.
59' Delgado finds Nishu on the left flank with a long ball who lays it off for Ashique but the winger fails to control the ball as Sabia and Vanspaul shields him.
54' Chance for Chennaiyin! Chhangte receives a long ball on the left flank and squares it for Crivellaro who in turn finds Valskis inside the box. Valskis instead of taking a shot himself gives the ball back to Crivellaro whose shot is saved by Sandhu. The linesman also signals offside.
L. Chhangte
R. Ali
53' Substitution Rahim Ali Lallianzuala Chhangte
51' Dhanapal Ganesh misses a sitter. The midfielder had an empty net in front of him as he tries to head the ball in from a corner but fails to keep it on target.
50' Chance!!! Edwin Vanspaul attempts a long ranger from distance but the ball takes a deflection off a Bengaluru player and goes above the crossbar.
46' Ashique gets an early chance as he tries to enter the box from the left but Sabia does well to tackle him and clear the ball for a corner.
46' Second half underway!
Half time: Bengaluru FC lead 2-0 against Chennaiyin FC. Stay tuned for more action in second half.
N. Valskis
Yellow Card
45' + 2' Yellow card Nerijus Valskis
45' Additional time: 2 minutes. Can Chennaiyin pull one back before the break?
43' First major chance for Chennaiyin as Schembri attempts a header from Vanspaul's cross but fails to keep his header on target.
42' Chennaiyin have regained some possession as they are keeping the ball ticking at the middle of the pitch but Bengaluru are pressing hard.
39' Crivellaro does well to go past Augusto and Delgado near the centre circle and sends a through ball for Schembri but Juanan shields him well as Sandhu comes out of his line and clears.
37' Rahim Ali displays some silky footwork and tries to go past Rahul Bheke on the left flank but the experienced defender blocks the youngster with ease.
36' Udanta comes close to score after following a through ball from Augusto but Kaith comes out of his line timely and clears the ball.
34' Anirudh Thapa forwards a brilliant through ball down the middle for Schembri but the Chennaiyin player fails to control the ball.
33' Schembri squares the ball to Crivellaro who forwards a through ball for Valskis but the Chennaiyin striker is given offside!
30' Bengaluru FC tearing apart the Chennaityin backline at the moment. The visitors look absolutely clueless.
27' Three players come close to score Bengaluru's third goal immediately after the second but luck does not favour them. Udanta sends a cross which Augusto receives and then goes past Sabia and takes a shot which Kaith blocks. Ashique attempts another shot from the rebound but it gets blocked again before Chhetri tries to nudge the ball in but once again the Chennaiyin defenders somehow blocks the attempt.
Raphael Augusto
25' Assist Raphael Augusto Santos Da Silva
S. Chhetri
25' Goal Sunil Chhetri
25' GOAALLL!!! Sunil Chhetri doubles Bengaluru FC's lead. From a counter-attack Raphael Augusto sends a long through ball for Chhetri who takes a first time shot and pierce the net with a piledriver. 
23' First chance for Chennaiyin! Tondonba sends a long throw-in inside the box and Sabia lays it off for Schembri but his strike goes above the crossbar.
21' Paartalu has gone down on the ground after a clash with Valskis in the air. Both players seem to have received a knock on their heads.
20' Nervous moments in the Chennaiyin box as Paartalu sends a long ball for Augusto but Kaith comes out of his line. In which was supposed to be a simple catch for Kaith, the Chennaiyin custodian fumbled initially and but somehow managed to make up. 
18' Bengaluru FC displaying complete domination so far in the match as Chennaiyin have hardly managed to cross the centre circle.
16' Crivellaro takes a free-kick from almost 40 yards and Gurpreet Sandhu collects the ball comfortably.
14' Assist Dimas Delgado Morgado
E. Paartalu
14' Goal Erik Paartalu
14' GOALLL!! Erik Paartalu gives Bengaluru FC the lead. What a comeback! Dimas Delgado takes a perfect corner and Paartalu heads the ball in! 
13' Another chance for Udanta as he follows a through ball down the middle and finds himself one on one with Kaith but his shot goes wide!
12' Chance for Chhetri! Bheke takes a quick throw-in and finds Khabra who sends a curling cross inside the box. Chhetri attempts a diving header but fails to keep the ball on target.
10' Chance! Nishu Kumar perfectly switches flank with a long ball for Udanta on the right who in turn sends a low cross inside the box. Unfortunately, neither Chhetri nor Augusto can bury the chance.
8' Dimas Delgado takes an intelligent corner as he finds Juanan at the edge of the box. The defender takes a touch and tries to score through the far post but the ball goes wide!
5' Chance for BFC! Bheke sends in yet another throw-in which Augusto receives inside the box and then goes past Dhanapal before squaring the ball which Juanan tries to tap in but Kaith denies him from scoring.
4' Another long throw-in from Bheke and Paartalu attempts a header but Kaith collects the ball comfortably. First real chance for Bengaluru FC.
3' Raphael Augusto tries to keep the control of the ball near the right corner flag but Goian clears the ball away for a throw-in.
2' A long throw-in from Rahul Bheke inside the Chennaiyin box which Dhanapal heads it away. The ball falls on Ashique's feet who tries to take a shot but fails to control the ball.
1' Kick-off! We are underway at the Shree Kanteerava Stadium.
India's U-17 World Cup star Rahim Ali, who joined Chennaiyin FC this season, makes his ISL debut today. What a match to make his debut!
The two finalists of 2017-28 season are yet to register a win in the ISL season six after first three matches. Both teams will be eager to pick up full points before the international break.
John Gregory too has made two changes in the Chennaiyin XI. Andrei Schembri and Rahim Ali replace Dragos Firtulescu and Lallianzuala Chhangte.
Carles Cuadrat made two changes in the Bengaluru FC lineup. Erik Paartalu and Ashique Kuruniyan replace Albert Serran and Manuel Onwu. The Australian midfielder returns to action for the Blues after nine months. Coincidentally his last match for the Blues last season was also against Chennaiyin FC on February 9 where he picked up an injury.
Chennaiyin subs: Karanjit Singh, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Masih Saighani, Dragos Firtulescu, Germanpreet Singh, Thoi Singh, Lallianzuala Chhangte.
BFC subs: Aditya Patra, Gursimrat Gill, Rino Anto, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Edmund Lalrdindika, Manuel Onwu, Semboi Haokip.
Chennaiyin XI: Vishal Kaith; Edwin Vanspaul, Eli Sabia, Lucian Goian, Tondonba Singh; Dhanapal Ganesh, Anirudh Thapa; Andrei Schembri, Rafael Crivellaro, Rahim Ali; Nerijus Valskis.
BFC XI: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu; Harmanjot Khabra, Juanan, Rahul Bheke, Nishu Kumar; Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado; Udanta Singh, Raphael Augusto, Ashique Kuruniyan; Sunil Chhetri.
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