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Bayern München v Arminia Bielefeld Live Commentary, 27/11/21

1 - 0
L. Sané (71)
Allianz Arena


That's all for today, goodbye!
That win lifts Bayern back to the top of the table, leapfrogging Borussia Dortmund who won earlier today, and that's who they are facing next time out. As for Arminia, they stay in 17th but are now four points adrift. They are coming up against Cologne in their next match.
Bayern are back to winning ways in the Bundesliga with a 1-0 victory over Arminia. The hosts dominated throughout, but couldn't find a breakthrough in the first half, with Ortega making some great saves to keep out Sane, Davies and Lewandowski after Muller saw an early header cleared off the line. They kept pushing in the second half and Sane scored the winning goal with a brilliant curling effort from the edge of the D to seal all three points.
90' + 2' Arminia have a late chance to put the ball in the box as they win a corner. It's played deep towards Hack at the far post, but Sule gets there just before him to clear his lines.
N. Süle
L. Hernández
Bayern München
90' Bayern are making a change as well, with Sule returning to action in place of Hernandez.
J. Serra
A. Schöpf
Arminia Bielefeld
90' Final change for Arminia now, with Serra coming on in place of Schopf.
88' Bayern have scored 102 goals in the Bundesliga in 2021 - the most goals that any team has managed to score in a single calendar year in the competition's history.
86' It's still all Bayern here as Gnabry goes out to take another corner for the hosts. Lewandowski tries to bring it down at the far post, but he has two defenders around him and can't control it.
84' Upamecano stayed down to receive treatment after being caught on the side of the head by Lasme. He's quickly back to his feet though and will be able to carry on.
B. Lasme
Yellow Card
Arminia Bielefeld
82' Lasme was trying to get the ball but ended up catching Upamecano in the head as the defender stooped to try and reach it. He's booked for the challenge.
80' Davies surges past Brunner down the left again before fizzing another dangerous cross into the box. The defenders were drawn to the ball leaving Musiala in space at the back post, but he can't get on the end of it.
78' OFF THE BAR! Bayern swing another corner into the box and Gnabry brings it down before having a shot from a tight angle on the left. Ortega is beaten as it flies over him, but it bounces off the bottom of the crossbar and back out.
E. Fernandes
S. Vasiliadis
Arminia Bielefeld
78' And Vasiliadis is the other player being taken off, with Fernandes coming on for him.
N. De Medina
A. Andrade
Arminia Bielefeld
78' Andrade is also going off, with De Medina on to replace him.
B. Lasme
F. Klos
Arminia Bielefeld
78' Triple change for Arminia now as they try to find a late equaliser. Klos is the first to make way, with Lasme on for him.
77' GOOD SAVE! Again, Coman gets away down the right, and this time he cuts into the box before having a shot himself. He fires it across goal, and Ortega tips it wide with a strong hand.
76' Arminia are enjoying a good spell of possession here and Prietl slides a good pass straight into Okugawa's feet. He gets in between the two Bayern defenders, but the offside flag goes up against him again before he can have a shot.
74' Tolisso ducked as the challenge from Klos came in, and the forward rolled over him, landing heavily on his back. He doesn't need any treatment though and slowly gets back to his feet.
S. Gnabry
L. Sané
Bayern München
72' That goal was Sane's last involvement in the game as he's taken off and replaced by Gnabry.
T. Müller
Bayern München
71' It's a good pick out from Muller as he spots Sane in a pocket of space just outside the box.
L. Sané
Bayern München
71' SANE SCORES! It's been coming, and Bayern have finally broken the deadlock! Muller lays it off to Sane on the edge of the D, and it's a brilliant hit from him. He curls it around the defender in front of him as well as Ortega, who rushed off his line, to score the opening goal. 1-0 Bayern!
70' Arminia have a rare chance to put the ball in the box from a corner here with Andrade taking a long throw-in. It's cleared by Hernandez to Schopf, but he can't sort his feet out in time to get a shot away.
68' Pavard lifts another good cross in from the left, but Muller can only glance it on to Sane behind him. His volley is blocked, but Davies is coming in behind him. He hits his shot first time, firing it high over the bar.
66' CHANCE! Andrade just can't cope with Coman, and the Frenchman drills another dangerous cross into the box from the right. Lewandowski slides in but just misses it at the near post.
L. Hernández
Yellow Card
Bayern München
64' Schopf flicks the ball over Hernandez, and the defender catches him with his studs as he went for the ball. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
R. Hack
P. Wimmer
Arminia Bielefeld
64' Arminia are making their first change now, as Wimmer goes off for Hack.
63' Bayern win a free-kick on the left and Sane whips a great cross into the near post which is glanced on by Lewandowski. It flashes across the face of goal, bouncing wide.
61' Muller steps away from Andrade before clipping a good cross to the edge of the six-yard box. Lewandowski rises above Pieper to meet it, but heads his close-range effort over.
59' Lewandowski slips in Davies down the left and it looks like he overran it as he pulled it back from the byline. Ortega throws himself forward to stop Sane from getting on the end of it, but the ball did go out of play, and Arminia have a goal-kick.
57' SANE! He's had some brilliant chances today, but he's wasted another one! Coman chips a cross onto the penalty spot and Muller misses it. Sane hits it first time behind him though, and slices it wide of the far post.
J. Musiala
L. Goretzka
Bayern München
56' Bayern are making the first change of the game here as Musiala comes on to replace Goretzka.
54' Another Arminia attack is cut out before they can get out of their own half, and Pavard slides it straight through to Coman. He curls an early cross into the box, but it's straight into Ortega's gloves.
52' Bayern are keeping the pressure on here as Coman switches it out to Davies on the left. He slips but manages to touch it into Sane, who blazes his shot high over the crossbar.
50' It's a lovely bit of play from Sane on the left of the box as he spins away from Brunner and floats a cross into the six-yard box. Lewandowski cushions it down for Muller, but it rolls through his legs and Ortega collects.
48' There was a clash of heads between Nilsson and Vasiliadis as they both tried to clear the ball, with the midfielder taking the worst of it. He's quickly back to his feet after treatment though and will be able to carry on.
46' SANE! It's a long ball upfield by Upamecano, which is knocked on by Tolisso, to Muller to Sane. Ortega rushes off his line to smother the shot, but the German lifts his effort over the keeper and it bounces just wide of the far post.
46' Arminia get us back underway for the second half!
Bayern are on top, and Nagelsmann will be urging them to keep up this pressure in the second half as his side look to bounce back from last week's league defeat. Arminia are still in this though and showed some of their attacking threat at the end of the half, so they could catch out Bayern on the counter.
It's goalless at the break between Bayern and Arminia. The hosts dominated the first half but couldn't find a breakthrough despite their continuous pressure. Muller saw an early effort cleared off the line by Andrade before Ortega made some great saves to keep out Davies twice, Muller, Sane and Lewandowski which has kept his side in it.
44' BLOCK! Arminia's free-kick is floated into the box by Vasiliadis and the initial cross is blocked, but it falls for Schopf. He hits his effort on the volley, but Upamecano gets fully behind it. Prietl follows in, but his shot also hits the defender and flies over the bar.
42' Upamecano's clearance goes straight to Schopf, and Arminia break quickly on the counter again. Wimmer drives through the middle and goes for goal when he gets to the edge of the box, but his shot hits the back of Okugawa.
40' Coman is still getting a lot of joy down the right and he slides it through to Muller. He can't get past Nilsson, so pulls it back to the Frenchman, who has a go from the edge of the box, but it's straight at Ortega.
38' Arminia are dropping deeper into their own box to close down the space ahead of Bayern, so Hernandez ventures upfield. He floats a cross into the box for Lewandowski, but he can't get any power on the header and it's straight at Ortega.
36' It's patient play from Bayern again as they pass it out from the back before Upamecano lifts it over the top to Coman. He makes another good run down the right before being stopped by Andrade.
34' SAVE! It's switched out to Coman on the right, and he leaves two Arminia defenders on the floor before he fizzes a low cross in. Davies gets it on the far side and drills a shot on goal, but Ortega blocks it.
33' CLOSE! Sane whips a good corner in this time and Lewandowski rises highest in the middle to meet it. He's leaning back though and his header ends up looping just over the bar.
32' Bayern try to be intricate again, with Davies touching it to Sane in the box. Instead of going for goal himself, he tries to pick out Muller, but once again, Arminia crowd players into their box and the attack goes to waste.
30' Tolisso switches it out to Coman on the right and he tries to pick out Pavard's overlapping run. Arminia are flooding back in numbers though and between Andrade and Nilsson, they manage to clear their lines.
28' CHANCE! Vasiliadis spins and plays a low ball through to Okugawa, who is one-on-one against Neuer. He tries to lift his shot over the keeper, but he rushes out to smother it just before the offside flag goes up.
26' Hernandez's misses the chance to win the ball and Arminia break on the counter. It's a lovely pass into Klos' feet from Brunner, but the forward then gives it straight to Upamecano.
24' GREAT SAVE! It's a great throughball from Coman to pick out Lewandowski's run down the far side of the box, and he drags it away from Brunner. He drills a low shot across goal, and Ortega tips it wide.
23' Arminia just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Bayern continue to put the pressure on. Muller's corner pinballs around in the box before Prietl hooks it clear, but he gifts it straight back to the hosts.
21' CHANCE! Hernandez picks out Sane's run in behind, and he pulls a good, low cross back into the middle. Muller flicks it on, and Coman shouts for Lewandowski to leave it. The Frenchman hits the shot first time, but a deflection takes it over the bar.
19' Davies drives down the left again and he pulls it back to the edge of the box. Lewandowski lets it run, with Muller coming up behind him, but Nilsson cuts it out before he can get there.
17' Bayern have only failed to score in one of their 18 Bundesliga home games against Arminia: 0-4 in March 1979. Since then, Bayern have scored in all 15 of their home league games against them.
15' SAVE! Brunner just can't get anywhere near Davies as he cuts inside from the left again, and he gets into a good space on the left of the box. It's a tight angle, but he forces Ortega to smother it at his near post.
13' Arminia break quickly on the counter, with Andrade knocking it past Tolisso to pick out Okugawa's run. Pavard pushes him down, giving away a free-kick down the left, but it comes to nothing.
11' GOOD SAVE! Goretzka takes a free-kick quickly, laying it off to Sane on the edge of the box, and the space opens up for him. He curls his shot towards the far post, but Ortega gets both hands behind it to deny him.
10' After a slightly shaky start, Bayern have gained control of this game. Goretzka holds off Prietl to get through the middle before knocking it out to Davies, but his cross is just too high for Muller.
8' GOOD SAVE! Bayern are keeping the pressure on here and the cross is whipped into the box with some pace by Sane. Muller gets to it on the volley, but his effort is held onto by Ortega on the stretch.
6' OFF THE LINE! Davies makes a great run down the left as he brushes aside Arminia's defenders. He picks out Coman on the right and his chipped cross is headed back across goal by Muller, but Andrade clears it off the line.
4' Schopf's interception ends up being a good throughball for Preitl through the middle. He drives to the edge of the box before trying to slide in Okugawa, but Davies steps in with a vital touch to take it away from him.
2' An interception in midfield knocks the ball out to Vasiliadis down the left and he makes a good run down the wing for Arminia. There's no one up with him in support though, and the attack fizzles out.
1' Goretzka gets the game underway for Bayern!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Bayern have lost their last two Bundesliga games against teams from the bottom half of the table - two in a row for the first time since March/April 2007. That's as many losses as in the previous 101 such league clashes combined.
Just the one change by Frank Kramer as well to his side after their draw with Wolfsburg. Andrade comes in for Laursen, who drops to the bench. Wimmer has also recovered from a knock to start against today.
Julian Nagelsmann makes just one change from the win over Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday. Tanguy Nianzou went off in that game after picking up a knock, so Upamecano is brought in for him. He can also welcome back Sule, Stanisic, Musiala, Cuisance and Gnabry onto the bench.
ARMINIA BIELEFELD SUBS: Guilherme Ramos, Stefanos Kapino, Jacob Laursen, Bryan Lasme, Nathan de Medina, Edimilson Fernandes, Robin Hack, Janni Serra, Fabian Kunze.
ARMINIA BIELEFELD STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Stefan Ortega Moreno; Cedric Brunner, Amos Pieper, Joakim Nilsson, Alessandro Schopf; Manuel Prietl, Sebastian Vasiliadis; Patrick Wimmer, Andres Andrade, Masaya Okugawa; Fabian Klos.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Niklas Sule, Omar Richards, Josip Stanisic, Christian Fruchtl, Jamal Musiala, Malik Tillman, Michael Cuisance, Serge Gnabry, Marc Roca.
BAYERN MUNICH STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer; Benjamin Pavard, Dayot Upamecano, Lucas Hernandez, Alphonso Davies; Corentin Tolisso, Leon Goretzka; Kingsley Coman, Thomas Muller, Leroy Sane; Robert Lewandowski.
Bayern have the chance to go back to the top of the league with a win here today but come into this game having suffered a shock 2-1 loss to Augsburg in their last league outing. They bounced back in midweek in the Champions League though with a 2-1 victory over Dynamo Kiev to continue their perfect run in that competition. Arminia sit at the other end of the table and have won just one of their 12 league matches so far this season (D6 L5) - that win did come in their last away outing in the competition though as they beat Stuttgart 1-0.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Bundesliga meeting between Bayern Munich and Arminia Bielefeld at the Allianz Arena!