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Key Events

M. Arnautović
K. Laimer
3 - 1
S. Lainer
Yellow Card
M. Gregoritsch
D. Alaba
2 - 1
G. Pandev
A. Trajkovski
1 - 1
S. Lainer
M. Sabitzer
1 - 0

Match Stats

62% 37%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 2
Total Passes 556 333
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Netherlands NED Netherlands 3 3 0 0 8 2 +6 9 W W W
2 Austria AUT Austria 3 2 0 1 4 3 +1 6 W L W
3 Ukraine UKR Ukraine 3 1 0 2 4 5 -1 3 L W L
4 North Macedonia MKD North Macedonia 3 0 0 3 2 8 -6 0 L L L


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So, Austria put the first points on the board in Group C, with Netherlands and Ukraine playing each other in the late kick-off. Next up for them is the favourites in the group, Netherlands. There are a lot of positives for North Macedonia to take out of this game as they prepare for Ukraine on Thursday.
Austria secure a first win at a European Championships after beating North Macedonia 3-1. It was 1-1 at the break with Lainer volleying them ahead from a tight angle before Pandev equalised after a series of mistakes at the back for Austria. Two substitutes then wrapped up the game, with Gregoritsch slotting home at the near post before Arnautovic added to it after a mix-up at the back let him in on an empty goal.
S. Ilsanker
X. Schlager
90' + 4' Another change for the leaders with seconds left on the clock here and Schlager makes way now for Ilsanker.
J. Baumgartlinger
K. Laimer
90' + 3' Austria are trying to run the clock down now as they make a change and Laimer is going off for the captain, Baumgartlinger.
90' + 1' GOOD SAVE! Austria still look like they want more here and Sabitzer is quickly in to nick it off Elmas. He drills it forward for Laimer, who is at a tight angle on the left of the box, but Dimitrievski sticks out a strong hand to push it away from him.
K. Laimer
89' Laimer manages to get a touch on the ball as Bejtulai goes to clear it which just helps it onto Arnautovic in the box.
M. Arnautović
89' ARNAUTOVIC MAKES IT 3-1! His first touch lets him down but Bejtulai makes a mess of his clearance which lets Arnautovic in on goal. He takes the ball around Dimitrievski and coolly slots it into the back of the empty net.
88' Alioski is standing over another free-kick on the right and he puts a great cross into the far post. Milan Ristovski is closest to it, but he can't sort his feet out quick enough to make contact and test Bachmann.
M. Ristovski
V. Musliu
86' North Macedonia are making another change and it's an attacking one as Musliu is taken off and replaced by another forward in Milan Ristovski.
S. Lainer
Yellow Card
85' Lainer doesn't attempt to play the ball as he blocks Ademi's counter-attacking run and is shown a yellow card.
84' Austria have equalled their goal tally at the European Championships from their first two participations combined (two across 2008 and 2016).
I. Trichkovski
E. Bardhi
82' Third change for North Macedonia now and it's Bardhi that's making way for Trickovski.
80' North Macedonia are struggling to keep hold of the ball again at the moment as Austria press them high upfield. Bejtulai has no options ahead of him on the right so he's forced to go back to his goalkeeper.
D. Alaba
78' North Macedonia were slow to get people across to Alaba on the left, but he whips an inch-perfect cross into the near post for Gregortisch to latch onto.
M. Gregoritsch
78' AUSTRIA LEAD AGAIN! It's a wonderful cross in from Alaba on the left and Gregoritsch times his run perfectly to the near post. Dimitrievski rushes off his line, but the substitute gets there just ahead of him to poke it across the line. 2-1 Austria! 
76' Austria look like they're out of ideas in the final third again as Schlager looks for Arnautovic's run down the right of the box. It's a very heavy pass from him though and Dimitrievski is happy to see it out of play.
74' North Macedonia break quickly on the counter again, with Ademi sweeping the ball out to Elmas. He carries it to the edge of the box before trying to pick out Bardhi, but it's cut out by Alaba.
72' Elmas intercepts Laimer's header and he cuts away from Schlager before switching play out to Bejtulai on the right. His whipped cross beats everyone in the middle and falls for Alioski, but he drills his shot against Leinhart.
70' Alioski has drifted into the middle of the field and he plays a great throughball forward for Elmas on the edge of the box. He can't control it though and his first touch goes straight to Alaba, who clears his lines.
68' North Macedonia are getting a bit sloppy in midfield and it's allowing Austria to keep the pressure on. Hinteregger intercepts Alioski's pass before laying it off to Schlager on the edge of the box, but he fires his effort high over the bar.
66' Alaba spots Arnautovic's run through the middle into the box and lifts a good ball over the top to try and pick him out. Dimitrievski spots the danger and flies off his line to punch it away.
E. Bejtulai
B. Nikolov
64' Nikolov is the other player to make way, with Bejtulai replacing him.
64' GREAT SAVE! Arnautovic curls a good cross into the box and Gregoritsch still manages to get his head on it despite being sandwiched between two defenders. He flicks it on and Dimitrievski manages to claw it away from his goal at full stretch.
T. Kostadinov
A. Trajkovski
63' North Macedonia are making a double change now and Trajkovski is the first to make way, with Kostadinov on for him.
63' CHANCE! North Macedonia break on the counter and Elmas plays a wonderful throughball into the box for Nikolov. He peels off the back of Ulmer to get on the end of it and hits the shot first time, but Bachmann is out quickly to smother it.
61' Austria do well to keep hold of the ball as North Macedonia pile players back into their own box. Sabitzer touches it out to Ulmer on the left, but it's a poor cross from him that Velkoski clears.
M. Arnautović
S. Kalajdzic
59' And Arnautovic is on in place of Kalajdzic.
M. Gregoritsch
C. Baumgartner
58' Austria are making a double change here and both of their strikers are coming off. Baumgartner makes way first, with Gregoritsch on for him.
57' Dimitrievski gingerly gets back to his feet here, but he's going to be fine to carry on as he now clears the ball from his box.
56' Hinteregger's cross is played straight into Dimitrievski's gloves, but the goalkeeper has gone down. It seems like he was caught in his ribs when he punched the ball away earlier and the medical team are on to give him some treatment.
54' Ulmer touches it onto Sabitzer and his throughball sets up Baumgartner to swing an early cross into the box. He dawdles on it though, giving Ristovski the chance to get back and clear the danger.
E. Alioski
Yellow Card
52' Alioski is booked after he crashes into Schlager with a late challenge. Austria think it should be a red and they're crowding around the referee to make their point, but it's only a yellow for the left wing-back.
50' Austria can't pass their way in behind North Macedonia, so Alaba tries to lift it over the top for Baumgartner. It's too heavy for him though and Dimitrievski rushes off his line to shield it out of play.
48' Sabitzer whips another good cross into the box from the left and it's cushioned down by Kalajdzic on the edge of the box. Baumgartner unselfishly tries to lay it off to Laimer, but it's cut out by Mulsiu.
46' North Macedonia get us back underway for the second half! 
P. Lienhart
A. Dragović
46' Austria are making the first change of the game at the break and it's Dragovic, who picked up a slight injury at the end of the first half, that goes off and Lienhart replaces him.
Angelovski will definitely be the happier of the two managers at the break as his side took their big opportunity and have kept themselves well in this game. Austria have looked out of ideas at times though and haven't troubled their opponents too much, which Foda will want to improve on after the break.
It's 1-1 at the break between Austria and North Macedonia. It was Austria that took the lead with a great finish from Lainer as he volleyed Sabitzer's cross back across goal and into the far side of the net from a tight angle. Just 10 minutes later, North Macedonia equalised after a horrible mix-up at the back for Austria. They couldn't clear their lines and Pandev capitalised by slotting in their first Euros goal.
45' + 1' Laimer nods the ball back to Lainer, who is in space on the right, and he swings a brilliant cross into the middle of the box. The goalkeeper isn't sure whether he should go for it and Velkoski gets ahead of Baumgartner to head it over.
44' Dragovic has stayed down holding his eye after being caught by Trajkovski and he's receiving treatment on it now. He's getting patched up, but it looks like he's going to be able to carry on.
A. Trajkovski
Yellow Card
42' Trajkovski is shown the first yellow card of the game after catching Dragovic in the face with his elbow during an aerial challenge.
40' Lainer spins away from Musliu on the right and does well to swing a cross into the middle of the box as he's off-balance. He's got no support up with him though and it's a comfortable clearance for Velkoski.
38' Elmas dances away from three Austria defenders down the left, but can't open up any space for a cross. He touches it back to Alioski, but a heavy first touch takes it away from him and he ends up fouling Dragovic in his attempt to keep hold of it.
36' Aged 37 years and 321 days, Pandev is the second-oldest player ever to score at the Euros, after Austria's Ivica Vastic (38 years and 257 days) for Austria against Poland in 2008.
34' Alaba goes across to take the corner for Austria and they have a lot of players crowding in and around the goalkeeper. The captain plays it into the danger zone, but Dimitrievski does well to get distance on his punch.
32' When North Macedonia do win the ball back, they're moving the ball quickly and putting Austria under pressure straight away. Alioski threads it through to Elmas on the left, but he runs into Dragovic.
30' North Macedonia have dropped deep into their own half and they're happy to let Austria just keep possession in front of them. Austria are slow to move it upfield though and aren't creating anything going forward at the moment.
A. Trajkovski
28' It's a clever touch from Trajkovski to get it back to Pandev under pressure from Bachmann and set up Pandev for the goal.
G. Pandev
28' PANDEV EQUALISES! Austria are all over the place at the back and it's a mistake by Hinteregger that sends the ball bouncing into his own box. Bachmann rushes out to get it away from Trajkovski, but the goalkeeper doesn't hold it and Trajkovski touches it back to Pandev, who slots in North Macedonia's first-ever goal at the Euros. 1-1! 
26' Alioski swings a free-kick into the box for North Macedonia and he's looking for Musliu at the far post. He has Dragovic tight to him though and ends up fouling the defender in his attempt to get on the end of the cross.
24' Austria have scored in the first half of a game at the European Championships for the first time - their two goals across Euro 2008 and 2016 were both in the second half.
22' SAVE! Sabitzer finds himself in a lot of space on the left again and he whips another good cross into the box. Kalajdzic manages to flick it on at the near post, but Dimitrievski gets behind it and holds onto it on his second attempt.
20' North Macedonia are going for a more direct approach now as Nikolov plays an early pass into the box for Trajkovski to chase. He's close to getting on the end of it, but it's just out of his reach and Bachmann comes out to collect it.
M. Sabitzer
18' Sabitzer has time to take a touch before he floats a great cross into the far post to pick out Lainer's run into the box.
S. Lainer
18' LAINER SCORES! It's a great cross from Sabitzer on the left and Lainer times his run perfectly around the back of North Macedonia's defence. He volleys his effort back across goal from a tight angle on the right and it's a great finish from him. 1-0 Austria! 
16' It's a loose pass out from the back by Alioski and Sabitzer is quickly onto it on the right. He lays it off to Kalajdzic on the edge of the box and he drills it on goal first time, but it's blocked by Velkoski.
14' Sabitzer is trying to pick out a forward pass, but he has his arms spread, asking his team-mates to make a run into the box. Nobody does though and he's forced to go backwards to Schlager again. 
12' Austria and North Macedonia's only two previous meetings took place in the Euro 2020 qualifiers, with Austria winning both by a 6-2 aggregate scoreline (4-1 away and 2-1 at home).
10' Sabitzer has time to get his head up before floating a great long ball into the box for Baumgartner. He's leaning back to get his head on it and his effort loops to Dimitrievski, who makes a comfortable save.
8' North Macedonia are still pressing Austria high upfield here and Elmas wins a free-kick after being caught by Schlager. Alioski takes it quickly to Trajkovski but he runs straight into Alaba.
6' Ademi stands his ground in midfield amid challenges from Sabitzer and Schlager before playing in Bardhi, who made a good run down the right. He tries to pull it back for Pandev, but it's cut out by Alaba.
4' Alaba overruns the ball in midfield and Ademi latches onto it before driving through the middle. He has Alioski in support on the left and lays it off to him, but his drilled cross is hooked clear by Dragovic in the box.
2' Elmas' weaving run down the left is cut out by Lainer and he instantly tries to set Kaladjzic on the counter with a long ball over the top. He brings it down well before Velkoski gets back to nick it off him.
1' Kalajdzic gets the game underway for Austria!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung and kick-off is now just moments away!
Austria have won just one of their last 15 games at major tournaments (D5 L9 - World Cups and Euros), a 2-1 victory against USA in the group phase of the 1990 World Cup.
Igor Angelovski also makes four changes after beating Kazakhstan in their last friendly. Darko Velkoski, Bardhi, Ademi and Trajkovski come in, with Trickovski, Ristevski, Spirovski an Kostadinov starting on the bench.
Franco Foda makes four changes to the side that drew their friendly against Slovakia last time out, bringing in Lainer, Dragovic, Laimer and Xaver Schlager. Trimmel, Lienhart, Grillitsch and Lazaro drop to the bench.
NORTH MACEDONIA SUBS: Milan Ristovski, Ferhan Hasani, Krste Velkoski, Tihomir Kostadinov, Daniel Avramovski, Darko Churlinov, Ivan Trickovski, Kire Ristevski, Stefan Spirovski, Egzon Bejtulai, Risto Jankov, Damjan Siskovski.
NORTH MACEDONIA STARTING XI (5-3-2): Stole Dimitrievski; Boban Nikolov, Stefan Ristovski, Darko Velkoski, Visar Musliu, Ezgjan Alioski; Enis Bardhi, Arijan Ademi, Eljif Elmas; Goran Pandev, Aleksandar Trajkovski.
AUSTRIA SUBS: Michael Gregoritsch, Pavao Pervan, Christopher Trimmel, Alessandro Schopf, Florian Grillitsch, Philipp Lienhart, Stefan Ilsanker, Julian Baumgartlinger, Valentino Lazaro, Louis Schaub, Marko Arnautovic, Alexander Schlager.
AUSTRIA STARTING XI (4-4-1-1): Daniel Bachmann; Stefan Lainer, Aleksandar Dragovic, Martin Hinteregger, Andreas Ulmer; Christoph Baumgartner, Konrad Laimer, Xaver Schlager, David Alaba; Marcel Sabitzer; Sasa Kalajdzic.
This is the first time that North Macedonia have ever qualified for a major tournament, after beating Georgia 1-0 in their play-off to confirm their place in the competition. They're unbeaten in their last four games (W3 D1) and recorded a famous win in their last competitive game when they beat Germany 2-1 in a World Cup qualifier. Austria finished second in their qualifying group, just above North Macedonia, but have struggled at the Euros. In six attempts, they've never won a game in the tournament, but they'll want to change that today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the UEFA Euro 2020 Group C clash between Austria and North Macedonia at the National Arena in Bucharest!