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J. Ramsey
L. Bailey
3 - 1
E. Smith Rowe
P. Aubameyang
3 - 0
45' + 6'
P. Aubameyang
2 - 0
45' + 6'
P. Aubameyang
Penalty Miss
T. Partey
E. Smith Rowe
1 - 0

Match Stats

53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 9 4
Total Passes 454 392
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That win lifts Arsenal up to ninth in the table and extends their unbeaten run to seven games in all competitions. Their attention now turns to the EFL Cup when they face Leeds United on Tuesday. Villa stay in 13th after losing their third consecutive game. Next up for them is West Ham a week on Sunday.
Arsenal's unbeaten run continues as they beat Aston Villa 3-1. The hosts dominated the first half and Partey broke the deadlock when he nodded in a corner. Aubameyang got the second on the stroke of half-time; VAR awarded the penalty but the captain saw his spot-kick saved before he netted the rebound. Smith Rowe added the third after a brilliant counter-attack and Ramsey curled a lovely shot into the top corner to pull one back, but it was too late for the comeback.
90' + 4' CLOSE! Bailey steps up to take the free-kick and he curls it around the inside of Arsenal's wall. He's trying to whip it back into the near-top corner, but it's just too high and sails over the crossbar.
90' + 3' Villa have a late chance to put the ball in the box here after Bailey is tripped by Tavares. It's a free-kick in a good position for the visitors just outside the box.
Gabriel Martinelli
P. Aubameyang
90' + 1' Last change for Arsenal now as we head into stoppage time. Aubameyang is taken off, with Martinelli on to replace him.
90' CHANCE! It's patient play from Villa as they switch it out to the left when Watkins can't find a way down the right. Targett squares it into Ramsey, who is in space in the box, but he drags at the shot and sends it wide of the far post. 
88' Tomiyasu picks out Saka with a long throw-in and he switches it to Smith Rowe. He sweeps it out to Tavares, who fizzes a low, first-time cross into the box. Only Villa players are in there though, and the visitors clear their lines.
86' Bailey drives down the right again and when he cuts inside, Gabriel sticks out a leg to try and trip him. He manages to touch it into McGinn before he goes to ground, but his pass is blocked by Odegaard.
Douglas Luiz
Yellow Card
84' Luiz throws the ball away in frustration after the referee chooses not to play the advantage to Villa. It's right in front of Craig Pawson and he's booked for dissent. 
83' WATKINS! Cash takes another long throw-in and it loops high over the crowd of players at the near post. Watkins makes a late run into the six-yard box and sticks out a leg to try and tap it towards goal, but it ends up bouncing wide.
L. Bailey
82' At least three Arsenal defenders try to stop Bailey's run along the edge of the penalty area, but he gets away from them all to set up the goal.
J. Ramsey
82' RAMSEY PULLS ONE BACK! It's great work from Bailey as he rolls the challenges from Arsenal's defenders on the edge of the box and when he loses control of it, Ramsey is there. He hits the shot first time, curling it out of Ramsdale's reach and right into the top corner. 3-1! 
79' Arsenal win a free-kick on the right after Odegaard was brought down, and he steps up to take it. He whips a cross into the six-yard box, but it's collected by Martinez.
A. El Ghazi
D. Ings
77' Final roll of the dice for Villa now and it's El Ghazi that's coming on to replace Ings. 
75' Tomiyasu is caught on the ball by McGinn and Villa try to break on the counter again. It's switched out to Bailey on the right, but he's forced to go backwards when nobody makes a supporting run up with him.
A. Maitland-Niles
A. Lokonga
73' Second change for Arsenal now as Lokonga makes way for Maitland-Niles. 
71' AUBAMEYANG! Arsenal go straight up the other end and the space just opens up ahead of Aubameyang on the edge of the box. He curls a great effort towards the far top corner, but Martinez stretches to push it away.
71' CHANCE! It's a sloppy pass from Lokonga on the edge of his own box and he gifts the ball to Bailey. He skips away from Gabriel before curling a low shot on goal, but it's a comfortable save for Ramsdale. 
70' It's another good sweeping move from Arsenal down the right, and Odegaard spots Aubameyang, who has space to run in behind. There's too much on the throughball though, and Martinez comes off his line to collect it.
J. Ramsey
E. Buendía
68' Villa are also making a change now as Ramsey comes on in place of Buendia. 
M. Ødegaard
A. Lacazette
68' Lacazette stretched to poke an effort towards goal and instantly signalled to the bench. He received treatment on the pitch, but goes straight off and is replaced by Odegaard.
P. Aubameyang
Yellow Card
66' Villa try to break on the counter and Aubameyang pushes Luiz down to stop it which earns him a yellow card.
64' Bailey slides in Cash down the right, but he has no one up in support and has to hold it up. Arsenal quickly get back into their shape and Villa can't open them up as they switch it out to the opposite flank.
62' GREAT SAVE! Arsenal are caught out at the back as Targett squares it to Buendia. He sprints into the box and Gabriel is trying to get back with him. Buendia keeps his shot low and Ramsdale gets down to keep it out with his legs.
M. Targett
Yellow Card
61' Targett slides in on Saka and takes him out without getting anywhere near the ball. He's booked for the challenge.
58' Villa are desperately pushing forward again as they try to get themselves back into this game, but their passing in the final third is still letting them down. Targett swings a cross in from the left, but White makes a good interception this time. 
P. Aubameyang
56' It's a great team goal from Arsenal as they play themselves out of trouble with a series of one-touch passes and Aubameyang just lifts the ball out to Smith Rowe from the centre circle.
E. Smith Rowe
56' SMITH ROWE SCORES! Smith Rowe starts the move when he intercepts McGinn's throughball deep in his own half. He drives down the left before being picked out by Aubameyang and he's got acres of space to run into. He takes his shot from inside the box and a deflection off Mings wrongfoots Martinez and sends it in off the inside of the near post. 3-0 Arsenal!
55' Partey has scored his first goal for Arsenal in his 40th appearance in all competitions, and from his 49th attempted shot for the Gunners.
53' Lokonga breaks forward through the middle for Arsenal and he plays a perfectly weighted throughball into Saka on the right of the box. He initially gets away from Targett, but the left-back recovers well to get back and block his shot.
51' BLOCK! Buendia just drifts past Arsenal's defenders on the left of the box and he pulls it back to Ings. He stepped back to get away from the defenders and hits a low shot on goal, but White gets down to block it.
49' Watkins gets away down the left again and this time, he does pull the ball back for Ings in the middle. He has his back to goal and goes to ground as he tries to turn. He claims Gabriel caught him, but there was nothing in it and the referee waves him back to his feet. 
47' SAVE! It's much better from Villa as Targett flicks a ball out to Watkins on the left. He drives down the wing, holding off Tomiyasu as he cuts into the box. Ings is screaming for it, but Watkins goes for goal himself and Ramsdale smothers it at the near post.
46' Villa get us back underway for the second half! 
L. Bailey
A. Tuanzebe
46' Villa are making a change at the start of the second half. Tuanzebe is going off, which means Villa will now be playing with a back four, and Bailey is on to replace him.
Arteta will be pleased with his side's performance, but they should be out of sight with some of the chances they had. They're in a strong position though and he'll be hoping they can keep this up. Smith was a frustrated figure on the touchline as his side didn't create anything in that first half. Something needs to change for Villa if they want to find a way back into this.
A bright first half from Arsenal sees them lead Villa 2-0 at the break. The hosts dominated from the first whistle and Partey nodded them ahead with a good header from a corner before Martinez made a good save to keep out Saka. There was late drama in the half as VAR awarded a penalty after Targett brought down Lacazette. Martinez saved the spot-kick but Aubameyang scored on the rebound.
P. Aubameyang
45' + 6' AUBAMEYANG SCORES! The forward is alert when Martinez pushes the ball away and he reacts quickly to get on the rebound. He lifts his shot over the keeper before he can react and hits the back of the net. 2-0 Arsenal! 
E. Martínez
Penalty Save
45' + 6' Martinez looked confident on his line as he was waiting for the penalty to be taken and he gets a lot behind it to stop it from going in.
P. Aubameyang
Penalty Miss
45' + 6' MARTINEZ SAVES! Aubameyang takes his run-up from the edge of the box and hits his spot-kick towards the bottom left corner. Martinez goes the right way and gets two strong hands to stop it from hitting the back of the net!
45' + 4' PENALTY TO ARSENAL! Craig Pawson has been asked to go over and have a look at the monitor to see the incident between Lacazette and Targett again. The defender did go through the back of Lacazette as the forward stepped in front of him, so the referee points to the spot.
45' + 2' PENALTY SHOUT! There are big shouts from the fans and Arsenal players for a penalty after Lacazette goes down in the box. Targett was trying to block the ball from getting to the Frenchman after Luiz made a block, and VAR is having a look at this...
A. Lokonga
Yellow Card
45' + 1' Lokonga slips and then grabs hold of McGinn's shirt to stop him from getting away. He gives away a free-kick and has his name taken by the referee. 
44' Partey turns away from McGinn and surges through the middle before picking out a good throughball to Lacazette. Tuanzebe gets across quickly to close him down, but Arsenal do get a corner out of it.
42' Villa just can't get on the ball and they're dropping deeper and deeper to keep Arsenal out. Saka has switched out to the right, but Tuanzebe does a good job to stop a cross from going into the box.
40' It's another quick break from Arsenal down the left before Smith Rowe picks out Lacazette through the middle. He tries to switch it out to Tavares, who has space on the wing, but it's intercepted by Konsa. 
38' Arsenal are switching it from right to left to try and open up Villa, who have dropped very deep in their own box to close down the space. Lokonga eventually decides to have a go from range but sends another effort sailing over the crossbar. 
36' Lokonga plays a clever throughball into Tavares on the edge of the box, and he just steps away from Konsa to open up space for a shot. He gets a lot of power behind it, but it's straight at Martinez, who holds onto it.
34' Still, Villa are struggling to keep hold of the ball and Arsenal push forward again. Gabriel slides it through to Partey, who quickly switches it out to Aubameyang on the left. He drives forward before seeing his cross blocked by Konsa.
J. McGinn
Yellow Card
32' McGinn loses the ball to Lokonga and then takes out the Belgian in his attempts to win it back which earns him a yellow card.
30' GREAT SAVE! McGinn gives the ball away this time and Smith Rowe breaks on the counter. Cash misses the chance to intercept the pass into Tavares, and he squares it to the unmarked Saka at the far post. He hits a low shot across goal and Martinez keeps it out with his trailing leg.
29' Targett's cross hits Watkins' back and Arsenal are able to break on the counter through Saka. The space opens up and he tries to thread it through to Tomiyasu through the middle. There's too much on it though and Tuanzebe gets across to intercept it.
T. Mings
Yellow Card
27' Mings stepped across Lacazette in an attempt to win the ball, catching the forward in the process. He's shown a yellow card.
25' Villa are trying to have an instant response here with Cash finding some space out on the right. He sees a cross blocked though and the visitors are still struggling to get into Arsenal's box.
E. Smith Rowe
23' It really was a good corner from Smith Rowe and it had just enough height on it to fly over the first man and onto Partey's head.
T. Partey
23' PARTEY SCORES! The goal has been coming, and Arsenal finally take the lead! It's a good corner from Smith Rowe and the first man misses it. Partey gets away from his defender and flicks his header into the ground. It bounces just in front of Martinez and into the bottom corner. 1-0 Arsenal! 
22' Villa just can't cope with Arsenal's pressure at the moment as Tavares drives forward down the left again. He cuts back inside before going for goal himself, but his effort takes a deflection off Konsa which takes it just wide.
20' OFF THE BAR! Saka floats a dangerous cross in from the free-kick on the right and Mings' flick-on hits Konsa which takes it bouncing to Partey. He hits the shot on the volley, but can only rattle the woodwork with his effort.
19' White lifts a great ball over the top to pick out Saka's run down the right and he does well to bring it down and hold off Mings. He tries to get away from the defender and eventually wins a free-kick when he's bundled down.
17' It's another good run from Tavares down the left before he picks out Smith Rowe, who cuts inside. His pass is touched on by Lacazette to pick out Tomiyasu on the edge of the box, but he fires his shot high over the target.
15' Buendia is down for Villa, but Arsenal carry on with their attack much to the away fans' frustration. He drives down the right, but can't get away from Targett, and his cross is blocked.
13' Villa are breaking forward on the attack, but it's pulled back after Lacazette stayed down holding his head. Mings accidentally caught him in the face during an aerial challenge, but he's back on his feet after a minute or so without needing treatment.
11' BLOCK! The initial corner for Arsenal is poor and Targett half-clears it at the near post. It bounces out to Smith Rowe on the edge of the box, who lets it drop before drilling a shot on goal, but it's blocked by Tuanzebe in the middle.
10' Villa's free-kick is lifted over the top to Watkins, but he can't turn away from Tomiyasu to have a shot, so squares it towards Buendia. He tries to switch it out to Cash on the right, but can only win a corner, which comes to nothing.
8' NO GOAL! The ball bounces through to Konsa and Lacazette has his arms all over the defender before he wins the ball back. He squares it to Aubameyang who fires it over Martinez and into the back of the net, but the referee says it was a foul by Lacazette and Villa have a free-kick.
7' Arsenal have made a bright start to the game and are on the attack again here. Smith Rowe has drifted out to the left and runs at Cash, but his cross from the byline goes straight into Martinez's gloves.
5' Tavares catches Cash on the ball and the space just opens up ahead of him as he strides into the box. He goes for goal himself, trying to catch Martinez out at his near post, but he fires it high over the bar.
4' CHANCE! Arsenal steadily work their way upfield down the right and Saka curls a deep cross into Aubameyang at the far post. He goes for a bicycle kick, that ends up going back to Saka, and he blazes an effort over the crossbar.
O. Watkins
Yellow Card
1' Targett went over the top to try and pick out Watkins, but Gabriel shielded it back to his keeper by backing into the forward. Watkins pushes him to the ground and is shown a very early booking.
1' Lacazette gets the game underway for Arsenal! 
The teams are out on the pitch, with kick-off just moments away!
Villa have won their last three Premier League meetings with Arsenal, as many as they had in their previous 36 against them in the competition (W3 D9 L24). They last won four consecutive league games against the Gunners in September 1962.
Despite the loss to Wolves, Smith has stuck with the same side that started that match. Villa are boosted by Bailey's return to the squad though after a thigh injury that he picked up against Everton. He starts on the bench.
Mikel Arteta makes three changes from the side that drew with Palace on Monday. Lacazette starts after scoring in that match, with Lokonga and Tavares, who makes his first Premier League start for the club, also being brought in. Odegaard and Pepe drop to the bench, while Kieran Tierney misses out with an ankle problem.
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Leon Bailey, Kortney Hause, Anwar El Ghazi, Marvelous Nakamba, Cameron Archer, Morgan Sanson, Ashley Young, Jed Steer, Jacob Ramsey.
ASTON VILLA STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Emiliano Martinez; Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, Axel Tuanzebe, Tyrone Mings; Matty Cash, John McGinn, Douglas Luiz, Matt Targett; Emiliano Buendia; Danny Ings, Ollie Watkins.
ARSENAL SUBS: Mohamed Elneny, Gabriel Martinelli, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Martin Odegaard, Bernd Leno, Rob Holding, Sead Kolasinac, Nicolas Pepe, Cedric Soares.
ARSENAL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Aaron Ramsdale; Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ben White, Gabriel Magalhaes, Nuno Tavares; Thomas Partey, Albert Sambi Lokonga; Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang; Alexandre Lacazette.
After a poor start to their season, Arsenal have turned things around and are now unbeaten in their last five Premier League games (W3 D2). It was a dramatic finish to their last outing in the competition, as Alexandre Lacazette's late goal snatched a 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace. There was late drama in Villa's last match as well, with Wolves coming from behind and scoring a stoppage-time winner to beat them 3-2. They've now lost back-to-back league games, with their last win coming against Manchester United at the end of September.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Arsenal and Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium!