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A. Lunin
Yellow Card
A. Diakité
2 - 1
Ramón López
Yellow 2nd/RC
José Solbes
Ramón López
1 - 1
Éder Militão
0 - 1

Match Stats

27% 73%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 11
Total Passes 321 857
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That's all for now, goodbye!
Zidane will need to rally the troops and get Madrid back on track against Deportivo Alaves on Saturday, while Alcoyano have a home game against Orihuela to look forward to on Sunday. It's a truly amazing accomplishment from Parras' men, who saw goalkeeper Jose Juan make 10 saves and Solbes make important contributions at both ends - the second-half equaliser and a block at the death in extra time.
WHAT. A. RESULT! Madrid are eliminated from the Copa del Rey by 10-man Alcoyano of the Segunda B! Militao put LaLiga's champions ahead on the stroke of half-time but Solbes equalised for the third-tier hosts with 10 minutes of regulation time remaining. It looked like Alcoyano would have to hold on for penalties after Ramon was shown a second yellow card, but Juanan's goal following a swift break sent them into the last 16 at the expense of Zidane's men.
120' + 2' FULL TIME: Alcoyano 2-1 Real Madrid.
120' + 2' HUGE BLOCK! Vazquez floats a cross from the byline to the back post and it sits up nicely for Valverde. He drills an effort towards goal but Solbes gets his body in the way! He scored the equaliser and has now stopped Madrid getting one in the final stages!
120' + 1' Vazquez slides a pass down the right for Benzema and the striker attempts a quick turn to get into a crossing position. His control is poor though and he inadvertently knocks it straight out of play. Alcoyano are on the brink of something truly special here.
120' Molto is down but the referee signals for play to continue. There are going to be at least two minutes added on.
119' Valverde receives the ball on the left and looks to stick it into the box but he overhits his delivery. It goes harmlessly out of play for a goal-kick and Alcoyano can take some precious seconds off the clock.
118' Madrid look for Benzema in the box but he is too eager to get in front of his marker and commits a foul. Alcoyano have just two minutes to hang on here. But they appear to be loving it - after some clever triangle passes on the right Juli is released, though his cutback is dealt with easily.
A. Lunin
Yellow Card
116' Lunin has been shown a yellow card for dissent.
A. Diakité
115' Diakite did well to spot the gap in the defence and pick out Juanan at the near post for what could be one of the biggest goals in Alcoyano's history.
115' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAL!! INCREDIBLE! ALCOYANO LEAD 2-1 WITH 10 MEN!! The hosts break with stunning pace and Diakite is played in by Anton and his ball to the near post is flicked in by Juanan before Lunin can make contact!
114' ALMOST A PENALTY! Javi Anton dives in on Vazquez recklessly and it is right on the edge of the box on the right wing. The referee takes a good look before signalling for a free-kick, and it's the right decision.
113' Vazquez drills a low cross into the middle from the right and Jose Juan manages to get a hand to it. Asensio darts in to keep the attack alive for Madrid but they cannot test the keeper again.
112' ANOTHER GREAT SAVE! Jose Juan has brilliant tonight. The goalkeeper is almost wrongfooted by a shot from the edge of the box by Marcelo but adjusts well to get his feet to it and kick the ball to safety.
111' Vazquez dinks a cross in from the byline and Benzema gets up to challenge Primi to it. The ball loops up onto the roof of the net, though Jose Juan did not look sure where it would land. A corner is given but it comes to nothing for Madrid.
110' RAMON IS OFF! A second yellow card for a late lunge on Casemiro sees Alcoyano reduced to 10 men for the final 10 minutes. Will they be able to hold on?!
108' Madrid are showing a bit more urgency now. Valverde feeds Benzema in the box and he works his way to the byline before cutting the ball back towards the penalty spot. It goes straight to Diakite, who has time to control it, get his head up and pick out a pass to get Alcoyano moving forward.
107' Lunin again makes a meal of coming off his line to claim a long ball but Madrid deal with the danger. Vazquez tries his luck from distance after the visitors work the ball up the other end but it's an easy stop for Jose Juan.
106' We are go in the second half of extra time.
Javi Antón
106' Mourad is off for Anton - Alcoyano's sixth change of the game.
Both teams have a quick drinks break before changing ends. It looks like Benzema may be getting some new boots on.
105' HALF-TIME IN EXTRA TIME: Alcoyano 1-1 Real Madrid.
105' Asensio spots the run of Hazard into the box and tries to pick him out, but Solbes does well to steer the Madrid winger away from it with his body.
103' GREAT SAVE!! Benzema slides a pass into the path of Asensio, who shapes to curl a shot into the bottom-left corner with his left foot. Veteran keeper Jose Juan gets his fingertips on it to sap the pace from the ball, before scrabbling back to smother it at the second attempt.
Ramón López
Yellow Card
103' Ramon is booked for holding back Vazquez. That was pretty blatant!
102' Asensio goes down in the box and appeals for a penalty. Raul had an arm across him but there wasn't much in it. Vazquez tries to keep the pressure on but gives away a free-kick in the corner.
101' CHANCE! Angel takes the corner short to Juli, who uses the better angle to pick out Juanan. His header is too close to Lunin, who doesn't have to move to get two hands on the ball and hold on.
100' The ball drops kindly for Molto on the right and he tries to stick a cross into the box. It's deflected behind for a corner and Alcoyano have a good chance to test Lunin here.
T. Kroos
98' Off goes Isco, with Kroos on to see if he can unlock the Alcoyano defence.
E. Hazard
98' Here comes Hazard, with Odriozola feeling his hamstring as he goes off. Vazquez will go to right-back now.
97' Marcelo sends a lovely pass over to Vazquez, who slips Benzema in behind. He tries to check back inside of his marker but the ball gets away from him and Alcoyano boot it to safety.
95' Madrid are yet to create anything of note in extra time. Kroos and Hazard appear to be preparing to enter the game after warming up on the touchline.
93' Finally Lunin makes his first convicing claim of an aerial ball as Alcoyano pump a free-kick into the box. That will do his confidence some good and that may come in handy if the match goes to penalties.
92' Madrid continue to pump long diagonals towards Vazquez. The winger has been chasing them all night - often fruitlessly, as is the case with the latest pass sent in his direction.
91' The first additional period is under way!
Vinícius Júnior
91' Asensio replaces Vinicius before the start of extra time.
We have another 30 minutes of football on the way at El Collao after substitute Solbes cancelled out Militao's opener in the 80th minute. Madrid really haven't been at it tonight and will need to up their game in extra time. They still have four subsitutions available, while Alcoyano have used all five available to them.
90' + 6' END OF 90 MINUTES: Alcoyano 1-1 Real Madrid.
90' + 6' Isco's free-kick is headed behind by Militao and that is it!
Primi Férriz
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Vinicius surges down the left and he goes down under minimal contact just outside the box. It's enough to earn the defender a booking.
90' + 4' Madrid don't look keen on pushing for a winner. They work a free-kick just inside their own half all the way back to Lunin, before a stray cross-field pass from Militao perhaps gives Alcoyano one more chance.
90' + 3' Play restarts and Chust and Mourad return to the fray for the final minutes of regulation time.
90' + 2' There's surely going to be a few more minutes add as Chust and Mourad are down receiving treatment after a clash of heads. Both players are able to walk off the pitch.
90' There are going to be a minimum of three minutes of added time at El Collao.
88' PENALTY? NO! Isco curls it to the back post and Madrid are unable to get a clean effort at goal once it drops. Militao tries an ambitious overhead kick as the ball loops up and the visitors claim he is caught by Angel, but nothing is given.
87' Angel lunges in on Casemiro when it really was not necessary and gives Madrid a great chance with a free-kick 25 yards out on the right.
86' WHAT A SAVE!! Marcelo clips a cross into the box that Vazquez nods towards the bottom-right corner. Jose Juan parries brilliantly and Casemiro's square pass on the follow-up is cleared by Angel.
85' Diakite is caught in possession by Valverde and the Uruguayan looks to lead a quick break. His attempt to find Vazquez on the right is poor, with the ball ending up closer to Jose Juan than the winger.
83' Juli lifts it into the box and again Lunin gets a poor punch on the ball. It pinballs around before Madrid can finally hoof it to safety! Surely Alcoyano couldn't steal a winner with extra time looming?
82' Alcoyano have another chance to put the ball in the box after Vinicius fouls Diakite on the right.
Ramón López
80' Ramon only got the slightest of touches on Juli's corner but it was enough to carry the ball to Solbes for a tap in.
José Solbes
80' GOOOOOOOOAAAL!! ALCOYANO EQUALISE! Juli's corner from the left is flicked on by Ramon and it finds Solbes at the back post, who is not marked tightly enough by Vinicus and stabs home. Incredible scenes at El Collao!
Yellow Card
78' Odriiozola effectively rugby tackles Ramon to stop a break and is booked as a result.
78' JOSE JUAN SAVES! Madrid storm forward after Juanan goes down in a heap under a challenge from Casemiro. Jose Juan races off his line and outside his box to try to keep Vinicius at bay and he does so. A chip from the Brazilian there could have settled the game.
A. Diakité
Jony Ñiguez
78' Jony's game is over, with Diakite on in his place.
77' Militao plays Casemiro into danger and his wayward pass is picked up by Mourad. He drives forward but Alcoyano are again unable to make the most of a rare opportunity to do some damage.
75' A push on Juli from Isco gives Alcoyano a free-kick near the halfway line. It's sent long and kept in play at the byline, with Lunin again failing to convince as he tries to claim an aerial ball at his near post. He can only paw at it and may well breathe a sigh of relief as his defence mop up his mess.
73' A short corner fails to come to anything for Madrid, who are really labouring. The fringe players that have been given a chance to shine tonight have failed to do that.
Ramón López
Alberto Rubio
72' Rubio is given a breather by Parras, with Ramon on in his stead.
72' Marcelo attempts an ambitious overhead kick but he mishits it straight to Raul. Fortunately for Madrid, the centre-back's clearance is skewed behind for a corner.
71' Madrid are still looking to play their way through a congested centre of the pitch 20 yards out. They manage to work the ball to Benzema but his attempt to feed Vazquez is cut out.
69' Mourad receives the ball on the right side of the box and his control loops it up into the air. After juggling it he tries to hook a pass over his head for the run of Juli, but Militao intercepts.
68' Casemiro runs at the Alcoyano defence in a bid to try to make something happen for Madrid. He ends up overrunning the ball and fouls Raul as the centre-back shepherds him away from it.
K. Benzema
M. Díaz
67' Mariano has had his last involvement in the game as he is replaced by Benzema.
67' Mariano is penalised for leading with his arm in an aerial challenge and he's lucky not to receive a second yellow card.
66' Casemiro feeds Vazquez with a delightful pass but the winger is unable to bring in under control quickly enough and Alcoyano swarm upon him. Goalscoring chances continue to remain few and far between for Madrid.
64' The free-kick is sent long and nodded in behind the defence by Molto. Juli latches onto it but his touch is heavy and he is unable to get his cutback in before the ball goes out of play for a goal-kick.
63' Isco gives the ball away by trying to play it through an opponents legs. He chases back to atone for his error and commits a foul on Rubio, who has been a bright spark for Alcoyano on the right.
José Solbes
J. Mejía
60' The third substitution sees Jona go off for Solbes.
Pablo Carbonell
60' The impressive Carbonell is taken off and replaced with Molto.
Jordan Sánchez
60' Jordan, who is on a yellow card, makes way for Juli.
59' Benzema has been sent to warm-up by Zidane. He scored a double in the previous Copa tie between these sides.
M. Díaz
Yellow Card
58' Mariano is into the book for a foul on Rubio, who did well to beat the striker on the right wing.
58' A shanked clearance from Chust goes out of play for a corner. Jordan pings it to the back post and Lunin meets it with a hugely unconvincing punch. Jona tries to hook the looping ball back towards goal but lifts it over.
56' Alcoyano look to break from a corner but Mourad's ball out to Angel is overhit and runs out of play for a Madrid throw. They work it over to Vazquez on the right but he again fails to get the better of Carbonell, who does well to win possession and then a free-kick.
54' GREAT STRIKE! Vazquez pulls the trigger from almost 30 yards out and produces a powerful drive that arrows towards the target. Jose Juan springs to his right and palms it behind for a corner.
53' Marcelo looks to set Vinicius on his way with a clever ball around the back but it is too heavy for the winger. Alcoyano look to break but an offside call halts them in their tracks.
51' Mariano drops a bit deeper to pick up the ball and shifts the ball onto his left for a shot from 25 yards. He gets plenty of power on it but it bounces kindly for Jose Juan, who gets his body behind it to make the save.
50' Mourad is set free on the break and attempts to dart through a gap between Chust and Casemiro. The midfielder makes an important intervention to keep him at bay.
49' Alcoyano are in need of a goal to keep their hopes alive but they have scored just six goals in their 10 Segunda B games this season. No player has scored more than once in the league.
47' Mariano is a bit overzealous in an attempt to win the ball on the edge of the Alcoyano box and barrels Primi over, resulting in a free-kick for the hosts. The former Lyon striker is yet to take his chance to impress.
46' We are back up and running!
The pitch at El Collao was really starting to cut up in the latter stages of the first half and that could make life difficult for Madrid if they try to keep the ball on the deck. Alcoyano have nothing to lose but if they can avoid shipping more goals they may fancy their chances of stealing an equaliser.
Madrid dominated possession throughout the first-half and looked set to go into the break level, but Alcoyano's defence was finally breached when Marcelo picked out Militao on the stroke of the interval. The hosts will need to be a bit more adventurous in the second half. They forced one decent chance for Mourad, although it would have been ruled out for offside if he found the back of the net.
45' + 1' HALF-TIME: Alcoyano 0-1 Real Madrid.
45' Militao's goal provides the perfect tonic before half-time, but it would not have been possible without an expert delivery from left-back Marcelo.
Éder Militão
45' GOOOOOOOAAAAL!! MILITAO BREAKS THE DEADLOCK! Marcelo plays a gorgeous pass into the box and Raul is unable to keep a track of Militao, who powers a header into the right corner with Jose Juan stood idle.
44' Vinicius slides a clever pass towards the byline for Valverde through Jordan's legs and receives the cutback 12-yards out. He goes for goal with a first-time shot but it's deflected behind for a corner.
43' Another Odriozola cross from the right is repelled, this time by Raul. Mourad does well to hold the ball up on the left before turning his marker and bringing it inside to try to stretch the Madrid defence. Rubio is unable to make the most of it, though, and the move breaks down.
41' Some more great defending from Angel! He is on hand to stop Odriozola getting a cross in after he knocked the ball between the legs of Carbonell.
40' Alcoyano attempt a high press but Madrid are able to work their way out of it. Marcelo looks to change things up with a cross-field pass to Odriozola but Angel gets to it first and knocks it out of play.
38' Vinicius cuts back onto his right foot and looks to curl a pass in behind for Marcelo. There's too much on it and the left-back is unable to get there ahead of Jose Juan. Madrid are really struggling to create decent openings despite dominating possession.
37' Vazquez is down after receiving a late kick from Raul, who gets a stern talking to from the referee. Vazquez is soon back to his feet and able to continue without requiring any treatment.
36' Vazquez turns Raul brilliantly in the box but Primi gets across to cover and deflect his shot behind for a corner! Alcoyano manage to get it to safety and Jose Juan is on hand to claim the ball when it is pumped back into the box.
Yellow Card
34' Signs of desperation are coming into Alcoyano's defending now, with a clumsy tackle from Juanan on Isco landing him a yellow card.
33' Isco floats a flat ball towards the back post but Jose Juan races off his line and claims it with ease. Alcoyano break well Jona picks out Mourad with a nice cross from the right that the striker steers goalwards with his head. Lunin tips it over expertly but the offside flag was raised.
Jordan Sánchez
Yellow Card
32' Alcoyano waste a great opportunity to break and Madrid come straight back at them, with Jordan going into the book for a trip on Vazquez.
30' Mariano tries to make room for a shot from 20 yards but he is closed down by three Alcoyano players and Mourad manages to pick his pocket. In his haste to regain possession, Mariano gives a way a free-kick that gives the hosts a breather.
29' Vinicius is double-teamed as he looks to dribble into the box from the left and is forced to recycle the ball. It ends up with Madrid attempting to release him again with another long diagonal but it's nodded out for a throw-in by Rubio.
27' Carbonell has been doing well so far at left-back, blocking a cross from Odriozola and following it up by shielding the ball from Vazquez in the corner. He can only clear as far as Casemiro, who has an audacious shot that rolls to Jose Juan at his near post.
26' Militao gets across to Madrid's left and manages to beat Mourad to the ball and win a free-kick in the process. Alcoyano have been feeding off scraps in attack, which is understandable given the stature of their opponents.
24' Lunin is making his Madrid debut and has had very little to do so far. At 21 years and 344 days old, he is the second-youngest goalkeeper to debut for Los Blancos under Zidane. The youngest was the coach's son Luca Zidane at 20 years and 232 days.
22' Odriozola surges forward on the right but nothing comes of his cross, with the ball going out of play for a goal-kick. He's been very active so far and will be keen to make an impression with his future at Madrid in doubt.
20' A lovely ball over the top finds Vinicius in behind but Jordan slides in with a brilliant tackle to dispossess the Brazilian and remove the danger! Alcoyano have done a fairly decent job of limiting the chances for Madrid so far.
19' Mourad gets a rare chance to stretch his legs down the right but he's bumped off the ball by Chust and his appeal for a free-kick brings no rewards. Madrid get down the other end but Marcelo loses the ball and is penalised for a late tackle on Rubio.
17' It's another low delivery to the near post from a corner and this time Casemiro is the player attacking it. He tries to glance the ball goalwards with the outside of his right boot but can only steer it into the side-netting.
16' Vazquez floats a cross into the middle but Primi nods it away. Madrid keep the pressure on with Vinicius and Marcelo combining with a one-two before Rubio steals in and sends it behind for a corner.
14' GOOD SAVE! Valverde has the first attempt on goal of the game, firing a powerful effort towards the bottom-right corner. Jose Juan gets down to it and turns it around the post, which it might have just snuck inside! The Alcoyano keeper stands his ground well from the ensuing corner and holds a header from Militao.
12' Casemiro breaks up an attack led by Rubio and then looks to exploit the space left by the Alcoyano man by picking out Vinicius on the left. He drives into the box before offloading to Marcelo, whose cross is punched away by Jose Juan.
10' Isco is dropping very deep to collect the ball off the centre-backs and hopefully look to spark an attack. A cross from Odriozola finds its way to Vinicius at the back post. He lays it back to Marcelo, whose attempt at a return pass goes straight out of play. He collides with Rubio in the process but the referee does not deem it to be a foul.
8' Casemiro launches a hopeful long ball from inside his own half, hoping to pick out Mariano in the box. He puts too much on it, though, and Jose Juan is able to collect comfortably.
7' Alcoyano look to release Angel with a high ball down the left but the winger shoves Lucas Vazquez as it drops and gives away a free-kick. You already get the feeling it is going to be very tough for the hosts to create anything in this match.
5' Madrid win a couple of throw-ins in quick succession on the right wing, but they fail to create anything from them and Odriozola switches the ball over to Marcelo on the halfway line on the opposite side of the pitch.
3' Isco swings the free-kick low towards the near post for Militao, but he is unable to make a clean connection and Alcoyano boot the ball to safety.
2' Alcoyano look happy to let Madrid control possession in deep areas, only beginning to press when they approach the final third. Isco tricks his way down the left wing and wins a foul following a challenge from Rubio.
1' We are under way at El Collao, with Madrid getting the ball rolling.
The teams are out on the pitch and kick-off will be upon us shortly.
This is the third time Madrid and Alcoyano have been drawn together in the Copa. Madrid triumphed 4-2 on aggregate in the 1945-46 quarter-finals and were 7-1 victors across two legs in the last 32 in the 2012-13 season.
Alcoyano boss Vicente Parras makes two changes from the 0-0 draw with Hercules at the weekend. Carbonell and Jona come in for Anton and Camacho. Captain Jony is the older brother of Atletico Madrid mifielder Saul Niguez.
Zidane has made nine changes, with Castilla player Chust handed a first-team debut after Nacho Fernandez dropped out of the squad after being deemed a close contact to a positive COVID-19 case. Sergio Ramos misses out through injury, while Raphael Varane and Luka Modric have been rested.
Real Madrid bench: Thibaut Courtois, Ferland Mendy, Antonio Blanco, Diego Altube, Toni Kroos, Marco Asensio, Eden Hazard, Karim Benzema.
Real Madrid (4-3-3): Andriy Lunin; Alvaro Odriozola, Eder Militao, Victor Chust, Marcelo; Federico Valverde, Casemiro, Isco; Lucas Vazquez, Mariano Diaz, Vinicius Junior.
Alcoyano bench: Jorge Molto, Javi Anton, Alejandro Satoca, Ramon Lopez, Ali Diakite, Jose Solbes, Juli, Victor Revert, Alejandro Camacho.
Alcoyano (4-4-2): Jose Juan Figueras; Jordan, Primi, Raul Gonzalez Valls, Pablo Carbonell; Alberto Rubio, Jony Niguez, Juanan, Angel Lopez; Jona, Mourad El Ghezouani.
Zinedine Zidane's team are back in action after their Supercopa de Espana semi-final defeat to eventual champions Athletic Bilbao. With just one win in their past four games in all competitions, Madrid will be keen to avoid a slip-up against Alcoyano. The Segunda B side are on a seven-game unbeaten run and defeated LaLiga Huesca in the previous round of the Copa.
Hello and welcome to live commentary on the Copa del Rey clash between the mighty LaLiga champions Real Madrid and third-tier side Alcoyano at El Collao.